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Reason #59. On Why Not To Trust Anything I Say

Okay so I was randomly making a bounce/wave/hello emoticon for my new preview files which BTW are finished and you can find here: Deviant ID Preview, Emoticon Template Preview. Anyways I was sitting there and I was wondering how to make the perfect bounce emotion, I mean there have been many made some work others don't...

...basically what I want is just comments and the like on how I could improve on this making the bounce more realistic and make it all around better looking. I was going to post this in Scraps but I don't know how many people watch my scraps. I really should make a journal but I've typed it all here anyway and that would be a lot of work moving it.

BTW Comments on the preview pictures here as well. Did they manage to grab your attention...

P.S. Bounce Hi.... Bounce... High Geddit? Man I crack myself up with my minature puns.

== INFO ==
Time Taken: N/A
Dimensions: 20w x 35h
Size: 3.664KB
Frames: 13

• 27 September 2006
:doh: I can't believe I actually left the shadow out...
Just trying out now what *czarp said having posted it in yet though wait for confirmation from another deviant.

• 29 September 2006
Ok I added a side by side comparison of the two the first one and the one with some changes as suggested by *czarp I don't know if the side by side comparison actually works, but it looks cool :giggle: anyways continue with the suggestions now with added favorite number picking scheme.

• 29 September 2006
Added a mouth and that should now wrap it up and it's all done... Thanks for you help everyone BTW Feel free to comment still if you don't like it :D
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I can't possibly give you advanced advice because I suck at this stuff, but I really love this emote! it's awesome! and a fav :)
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oh he's cute. i like him very much.
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Hehe Thanks :D
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welcome. :D

(yeah i know it's an aesully late you're welcome..)
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Yay bounce squishy emote! Can't really give any advanced critique, but I just love the way you've conveyed the bouncy feel through the emote compressing slightly.. great stuff!
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Hehe, I find myself staring at it hypnotic powers sometimes :D
Thanks for the :+fav: and your flattering comment :glomp:
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great animation, it looks very interesting.
cool, really ;)
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ringshadowHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hee. I don't know why but I love this. Great emote.
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Looks great! :clap:
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Why thanka you :D
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You're welcome! :hug:
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Original idea with the whole bouncing craze.
Great animation, too =)
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Original idea with the whole bouncing craze.
Great animation, too =)
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fadedfuturesHobbyist Artist
Number 2 easily.
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BoffinBrainProfessional Interface Designer
Number 2 looks the best. The bouncing physics are very convincing. The squashing part is very cute. :)
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Personally i find 2 more natural and more fun =D.
Nice job on both of them mate =P
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tsemalonHobbyist General Artist
somehow 2 looks more natural-
btw, could it be the eyes of 1 are longer just when he jumps up?
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Make IT/him/her Have a mouth. With an awesome expression?
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This is really good!

Though if you want to make it betted, I think you should make the hitting-the-ground-bouncing-up-part shorter thang the falling-back-down-again-part!
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So thats like add some more frames at the bit from where he's at the top of the jump waving till where he hits the ground and take away some of the length at the bottom of the jump like where he completly flatterns out?

:P...Yup I can see how that would work now to try it out :D

BTW Sorry I'm always this slow :slow:
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Ok I added the side by side comparison with your changes on the second one was that what you had in mind? Anyways I'm off to bed now :giggle:...
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Side note: I did make a version with a fence to hide my attempt at a bounce if anyone wants it. Note Me

P.S. Cannot be bothered with editing the description
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