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Metro Style Business Card Template

Metro Style Business Card Template

You can get it here:…

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Stunning style ! Love that business card !
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Ah thankyou I really appreciate that :) !
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I wonder: why would you make simplicity complex?
At front: why do you want a "take a look at my website" line at all?
At the back: why would you want large text fields for address, twitter and fb if that's the last thing (IMHO) a person will be looking for?

Please, dont take these questions as criticism. I honestly wonder: maybe there's a lot of context that I don't know of.
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Hi anton,

I would recommend you to take a look at this:
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PS: add "(design_language)" at the end of the link
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Yilmaz, thanks for your reply

I'm familar with the concept, but refreshed my memory a bit before writing this comment :)
I do like the way that grid is used and implemented in metro-styled designs, I love the simplicity and the color scheme in the business card template.
But if I do understand the whole concept of design in general - designing is about solving a task or a problem, which should be done at a certain rate of simplicity that varies depending on what the problem actually is.

Talking about simplicity:
A person takes the business card, and he or she is looking at the front of it.
Alright, let's skip "Hello I am" part - I could justify using this as well: the business card giver tries to be polite even at a distance from the card holder. The third line is a link to the website. The person who's put the link on the business card obviously intends to promote his website for some reason. Question is..

"Take a look at my website" is more of an instruction, and nobody likes instructions except the cases when they expect to see instructions. So it doesn't contribute to intended politeness. There's no valuable information in it: if I see a link - if follow it if I want to, and leave it to be if I don't. So why do you want to make the front of the business card 25% more complex? :)
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