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Metro Inspired Clean Resume Booklet (8 Pages)

Your going to apply for a job, but don’t have a resume to impress your future
employer with it.. Well I know that! This very clean and professional looking CV
booklet will definitely impress your employer! That first impression is very
important and will definitely count in his/her decision.

Every color on any page can be changed.

You can get it here:…
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i love this... so much you have no idea.

also You're* 

you typed your in the description 
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Elegant and clean piece of design work here! xxx
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It's beautiful!
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I actually made my CV with a "fake leather" cover and people love it so much- they end up keeping it and I have to continue going out buying new covers. While they are relatively cheap, it would be nice to do something like this and have a custom cover and make it more like a book rather than the way I have been doing the CV. Then again a lot of companies where I am don't want in depth resumes, often all they want are plain text documents with one page. So I rarely ever get to showcase my own CV resume.

Thanks for the inspiration! I like many of the concept you added in here, it looks so clean and modern which is a look I really like. Looks great- the presentation is wonderful as well! Fantastic work.
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Hey you're welcome! I appreciate that :)
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That's actually a great idea! One thing that I would probably worry about is showing the websites possibly. But then again you could just use a full page for showing the web layouts.
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Thankyou Enquilo! You can get it via the link in the description if you are interested!
anton-matyulkov's avatar
I am, I'll keep an eye out :)
SMHYLMZ's avatar
sure ^_^ I'll let you know
anton-matyulkov's avatar
That's actually... a great idea Oo
Never thought of making a brochure instead of writing a doc
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Thanks man! In 2 days I will put a link where you can get it if you are interested :)
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