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Guards N Retards
Valiant Witches Chapter 3Meanwhile, at the villain’s base...Erica Hartmann: (dazed; laughing) Truthfully, I’m not a good cleaner at all! I like to have garbage all around me! You know what I’m saying! Though Barkhorn, however, (laughs) She never gets how I act! (laughs loudly)Gertrud Barkhorn: (not amused) Oh my god… she really a mess, isn’t she? (Takami shrugs)General Warlock von Talon: (groans) Enough already!Erica Hartmann: (dazed) You've been jabbering for days. Who gave me the serum? You want me to talk? OK, I'm talking. I'm glad you did this. My Striker Unit sometimes breaks out which I almost used it as a garbage can in case I jammed the engines with a banana peel. I've got feelings. I want to express them. Like, I always used to think my favorite color was blue, 'cause it's for boys...General Warlock von Talon: Shut it! (slams his fist on the ground then flies to the cannon)Erica Hartmann: (dazed) I demand better treatment. I mean, the inklings don't treat us like this. You know, those Resistance squad kiddies, with their fabulous view over the harbor. The last time I was in the attic in Saint-Pierre… (realized then covers her mouth)Takami Karibuchi: (Gertrud facepalms in dismay) Hartmann!General Warlock von Talon: Saint-Pierre? That’s in Gallia! (chuckles evilly) Oh, the truth serum ist genius. (to the Wario Bros) Cover their cage!As the Wario Bros covered the cage in a black sheet...Wario: Oh, hey, what is your favorite color anyway?Erica Hartmann: (dazed) Yellow! Not like a hot yellow or a pastel yellow. Just a kind of... yellow yellow. You know what I mean. None of that gross liquid that come out of your…Takami and Gertrud: (offscreen) Hartmann!!!Wario squeals in excitement.Waluigi: Uh, excuse me, brother?Wario: (embarrassed chuckle) I like yellow too. I like gold, you know?Waluigi: So do I, brother. That’s why we got this job. (the bros chuckles)Back with the gang in the plane...Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Alright, ladies. We’re nearly there. When we get there, we’ll have to rendezvous out of the battlefield and to the church. (Gives them ear-coms) Here. This will help us contact each other in case we get lost.Francesca Lucchini: Cool!! (Puts it in her ear) Bzzt. Testing. Testing. (On com) One two! One two! (Clears her throat then sings offkey through the earcom which made them cover their ears; Perrine covers her mouth to stop)Perrine Clostermann: Shhh! Not a sound!Just then, an explosion was heard offscreen.Perrine Clostermann: I said not a sound! (Uncovers Lucchini’s mouth)Francesca Lucchini: It’s not me.Outside, cannons were going off, trying to blast the plane into pieces.Gundula Rall: (sees the cannons outside) We’re being spotted! Get ready to drop!Francesca Lucchini: I think I’ve dropped already!Charlotte Yeager: (in disgust) Ugh. Gross, Lucchini!Mario Pilot: Opening hatch!The door behind the plane was opened.Perrine Clostermann: (nervously) Aah! Are you saying… we have to skydive?!Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: With your Striker Units, yes, Perrine.Perrine gulps in fear.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Go, go, go! (Pushes Perrine and Lynne)Perrine Clostermann: But I wasn’t finally valued! (She and Lynne were pushed out of the plane in their striker unit; falls down while screaming)Francesca Lucchini: (runs off then jumps out) Geronimo!!! (Quickly puts on her striker unit) Yahoo!! (Turns on her striker unit)Yeager gets herself pushed out of the plane by doing a backward swan dive. She falls out of the plane and activites her striker unit. Soon, the main duo were next.Hikari Karibuchi: This is it, Yoshika! You ready?!Yoshika Miyafuji: ...I’m ready.Suddenly, the plane was hit. Minne was about to fall out but Rall grabs her hand and tries to pull her up. Yoshika and Hikari gasped to see them.Yoshika and Hikari: Wing Commanders!Gundula Rall: Go! Now! That’s an order!Yoshika and Hikari: But…Gundula Rall: We’ll be fine! Go!Hikari Karibuchi: Yes, ma’am! (To Yoshika) Come on, Yoshika! Let’s go before it blows!Yoshika nodded to Hikari and they both jump out with their units on. As they turn them on, Hikari wobbles a little bit till Yoshika keeps her still. Hikari’s glad to have Yoshika help her out. Soon, an explosion was heard. They see the plane ripped in pieces, engines burning, and wings breaking apart.Yoshika Miyafuji: Come on… come on...Then, the plane crashed offscreen, much to the two’s horror. Soon, the girls used their units to land inside the broken church.Perrine Clostermann: Well, now that was a rough landing, (adjusted her glasses) but it could’ve been worse.Soon, they hear screaming from above.Francesca Lucchini: (looks up) Incoming!Perrine Clostermann: (looks up; shocked with her eyes widen) I was wrong.Yoshika and Hikari crash into Perrine. They moan in pain.Yoshika Miyafuji: (in pain) Sorry, Perrine.Lynne and Lucchini helped them get up but Perrine was a bit upset.Perrine Clostermann: (groans in anger; upset) How very rude of you two to do the same thing like Lynne! It’s obvious that you’re acting like those perverts that are with us.Charlotte Yeager: (upset) Who are you calling perverts?! You talking about us?!Francesca Lucchini: Yeah!Perrine Clostermann: Yes, I was talking about you two! But I only mentioned it because of Yoshika and Hikari!Lynette Bishop: Uh,… girls? Where’s our Wing Commanders?Yoshika Miyafuji: (sad) About that… we saw them die when the plane go off.The girls gasped in horror.Francesca Lucchini: They’re dead?! (a beat; starts to sobs then puts her head on Yeager’s breasts)Charlotte Yeager: (pats her head) There, there, Lucchini. It’s alright.Hikari Karibuchi: Hey, hey, it’s okay, everyone! I'm sure they made it out. I heard Minna and Rall always make it out as a team. They’re going to come and find us and give us the plans for the missio… (an explosion was heard outside) Whoa!Suddenly, the plane explodes in the distance. The girls were shocked with their eyes widen but they were in horror to see plane destroyed.Yoshika Miyafuji: (then) That would have been a punch to the gut.Lynette Bishop: (scared) Does… anyone have a backup plan?Perrine Clostermann: (starts to panic) You want the backup plan?! Uh, we die! That’s the backup plan! And I’m too young to die! (Sobs) I’ll never be with the Major, I’ll never be with my family, and I’ll never be able to read so many books!As Perrine cries, Hikari then walks to her and slaps her silly.Hikari Karibuchi: Snap out of it, Perrine! We need a plan. The plan is... um… (gets an idea) is to find a safe location to plan the next move. Even if we don’t have any wing commanders with us…???: (offscreen) That won’t be necessary!Soon, they see the Wing commanders alive though it seems that Rall was injured by her rib. The girls cheered but also relieved except for Lucchini who’s still crying.Charlotte Yeager: (to Lucchini) Hey, Lucchini, look who’s alive.Francesca Lucchini: (stops crying and sees the commanders in excitement) Hooray! (Hugs Yeager) They’re okay!As the two land…Hikari Karibuchi: We thought you two died?Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Minor injury. We got out just in time before it exploded. Though Gundula Rall was almost hurt during the escape.Perrine Clostermann: But you have a plan for the mission, right?Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Yes, Perrine. But it won’t be easy. We have word that Warlock’s goons are closing in on us. Apparently, one of our witches has exposed us about our location. We’ll need to lay low until we get there.Yoshika Miyafuji: Uh… Commander Minne, permission to heal Rall?Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Hmm… what power do you possess, Miyafuji?Yoshika Miyafuji: Just… lay her down and I’ll show you.Minna lays Rall down and Yoshika used her powers to heal the wound. She was losing a bit of concentration. The girls were in awe to see her heal. Yoshika stops when she was about to faint. Hikari catches her from fainting.Hikari Karibuchi: All you alright?Yoshika Miyafuji: (groans) I’m fine, Hikari.Lynette gets out a first aid kit and wraps some bandage around Rall’s hips.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: (to Rall) Will you be okay with that?Gundula Rall: (groans in pain) I’ll be fine. (Minna gets her up and she flinched in pain) Right… we’ll have to walk on foot. No striker units till we get there. Understood?Witches: Yes, ma’am!Minna and Rall: Let’s move! (they start to walk)The girls start to follow them through the rough landscape of Gallia. They were in the forest walking for miles.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Just a quick update, girls. The road up ahead is dangerous to get us to the rendezvous.Charlotte Yeager: Unless you're counting guns, bombs, the warlock.Lynette was getting scared. The forest was full of trees that are bent or cracked during the war. Lynette starts to get worried while she’s scared. Yoshika noticed this. She walks to Lynette and holds her hand.Yoshika Miyafuji: It’s gonna be okay. We’re in this together. Come on, Lynne. I’ll help you.Lynette Bishop: Thanks… Yoshika.Yoshika softly smiles and guides Lynne back to the group. However, in the group, Lucchini starts to get bored.Francesca Lucchini: (groans) I’m bored! Are we there yet?Gundula Rall: We’ll be there when we get there, Lucchini. Be patient.Francesca Lucchini: (groans) It’s soooooo long! (gets an idea) I know what can pass the time?Perrine Clostermann: Your annoying singing?Francesca Lucchini: Nope. Watch this. (burps) A. (burps) B. (burps) C.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: (closed Lucchini’s mouth) Shhh! Quiet, Lucchini. You’re gonna get us caught by the enemy. Our intel says his goons, the Wario bros, are in the air looking for us. So we need to stay low. Got that?She nods but when Minna opens her mouth, Lucchini belched loudly. The girls groan in disgust.Perrine Clostermann: (in disgust as she backs away a bit when she flinched) Gross!Minna glared at Lucchini angrily. Lucchini glups and smiles nervously.Francesca Lucchini: Uh… excuse-moi?Gundula Rall: Let’s not waste any time belching or singing. We’ve got a mission to do. We have to met Agent M in the abandoned building in St. Perrie. Once we’re there, we’ll get the message. Now let’s move! (walks away)Minna gives Lucchini the “I got my eye on you” look and walks away. Yeager walks to Lucchini with her hand on her shoulder.Charlotte Yeager: Lucchini, that was kinda gross… but awesome. (she and Lucchini chuckles then high fives; walks away)Francesca Lucchini: Yeah! That’s my Shirley! (chuckles)Perrine Clostermann: (whispers to Hikari while walking) This is why those two are perverts. They’re nothing but disgusting perverts.Hikari Karibuchi: (shivers in disgust) Ugh. You don’t have to mention that to me twice.Cut to the sky, we see the Wario bros flying in their Neuroi striker units until Wario sniffs something.Wario: Hey, bro? Do you smell that?Waluigi: Was it you?Wario: No it wasn’t me. (sniffs) It smells like… (sniffs again until he realized) Witches!Waluigi: Witches?! Here?!Wario: Oh yeah, brother. They’re here. And one of them is gross as I am.Waluigi: No way. (he and Wario chuckles)Later, the squad arrived near the town of St. Perrie from the bushes.Gundula Rall: (quietly) There’s our destination. Let’s go, ladies.They sneak to the town where it’s occupied by a few enemies in their tanks. Minna used her magic ability to detect where to go. Minna's inherent magic is called Three Dimensional Space Understanding Ability. It’s also called Detection. Meaning it can sense the presence of matter/energy and possibly gain detailed understanding about the matter/energy they are sensing, including the amount/size of matter/energy they are sensing and whether it is hidden. After that...Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: This way.They followed Minna through her route. Kinda like a human version of an app called Ways. Soon, they have reached their destination: an old abandoned factory near the docks.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: This is where the resistance lives.Perrine Clostermann: In an old abandoned fish factory?Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: I’ll give them the “secret knock”. (knocks the door with the secret knock)The door almost opened but we peek a little bit to see two eyes inside the darkness of the factory.???: (offscreen) Who is it?Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: This is Wing Commander Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke. We came for the message.???: (offscreen) Password?Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: There’s no time. The enemy will come any moment.???: (offscreen) Baa, baa, Black Sheep. How do you say…Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Wine!???: (offscreen) Nope. That’s yesterday’s password.Charlotte Yeager: Cheese?Lynette Bishop: White Sheep?Perrine Clostermann: Petunias?Francesca Lucchini: (sees something behind her) Warlocks!Perrine Clostermann: (groans) How is that an answer, Lucchini?Francesca Lucchini: No! Warlocks!They see the Wario bros humming the Ride of the Valkyries as an opening charge song. The Rookies screams but the person inside the factory gasped to see them.???: (offscreen) Quick, in here!The door opened and the girls rushed in. As the Wario Bros got close, the figure comes out holds out a water pistol called the Splattershot. The figure looks like a young girl… with tentacle hair?! This is Meggy Spletzer. Meggy is an Inkling girl with long orange tentacles, orange ink color, light skin, and pink eyes. She wears the Studio Headphones over her Special Forces Beret. The rest of her gear set contains the Black Inky Rider and the Octoling Boots. The girl used her gun to fire orange ink at the enemy’s eyes.Wario: (eyes covered in ink) MY EYES!The wario bros lose their balance and falls to the ground. Meggy gets back in and closed the door. The wario bros got up and wiped the ink off of their eyes.Waluigi: I hate Inklings.Wario: Me too, brother.Suddenly, the Wario Bros noticed that…Wario Bros: They’re gone! (to each other) Let’s split up!They fly off in various directions though Meggy peeked through the door to see them gone.Meggy Spletzer: Heh. Suckers. They’re intelligence isn’t that smart. (closed the door; to the witches) You would have told me the enemy is coming.Gundula Rall: Forgive us, young inkling. But we have a mission to do.Meggy Spletzer: I thought you might say that. Name’s Meggy Spletzer, part of the French Resistance: Splatoon Division. (walks pass them) We Inklings and Octolings have been playing turf war and Splatfest in Gallia for years. Now with the Warlock and those enemies appeared, we were forced to hide underground til the coast is clear.Hikari Karibuchi: (to Perrine) You have Inklings in your country?Perrine Clostermann: Hph. I never watch that stuff due to their disgusting ink. (Meggy used her weapon to fire ink at her face; exclaim in surprise) Ahh!Meggy Spletzer: That was a warning, missy. (puts her gun away as Perrine used a handkerchief to wipe the ink off her own face.) Now, you girls came for the message right?Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Indeed. We believe you have it.Meggy Spletzer: Sure we do. But it’s underground. Come. (walks away) I’ll show you.They followed her to an old elevator where inside of it was a human Octoling named Desti. Desti had fuchsia tentacles, purple-colored ink, tan skin, and yellow eyes, with a silver heart tattoo beside her right eye. Her gear set consisted of Fake Contacts, a Shirt with Blue Hoodie and Neo Octoling Boots. The Shirt with Blue Hoodie has a unique design containing a light blue octopus wearing a Octoleet Goggles on its head on the left and light blue lines on the sleeves. Like many other Octolings, she also wore black, fingerless gloves. The gang enters the elevator.Meggy Spletzer: Witches, this is Desti.Desti: (not amused) Sup.Meggy Spletzer: She’s part of the resistance but also a rival we used to fight. One time, during the war, she was almost impaled!Witches: Whooooa!Meggy Spletzer: Desti, show them where it hurts.Desti: Eh… whatever. (shows them a mark on her chest)Meggy Spletzer: See. A sword almost hurt her. Fortunately, we Inklings and Octolings respawn. But we may die of age like you are.Witches: (in awe) Ooooh.Francesca Lucchini: (in awe) So cool!Desti then pushed a bush labeled “Woomy” and the elevator went down.Meggy Spletzer: Now quick FYI, Desti used to be an expert on Sabotage. You would have seen her skills with squad Octopusse! One grenade and Boom! Ink goes in on the inside, Tank goes out from the outside.The witches muttered in curiosity.Meggy Spletzer: Now before we get there, it is our national custom to...Charlotte Yeager: Break the bread?Meggy Spletzer: (holds a slice of cheese) And cut the cheese.Yoshika Miyafuji: Thank you but not one of us eats cheese. We’re on a healthy diet. But thanks for the offer.Hikari Karibuchi: (eats the piece of cheese from Meggy) What?!Meggy Spletzer: Right...Perrine Clostermann: Pardon, if I may, but how do you Inklings know we’re coming?Meggy Spletzer: Well, there was the plane and the explosion and screaming with some pleading.Perrine Clostermann: (nervous) Um…Meggy Spletzer: Not to mention, more screaming, begging, crying, whining, whinging, yelling, boohooing.Gundula Rall: (interrupts Meggy) Miss Spletzer, forgive me for interrupting but that was from our rookies here. They’re part of Squad F and these recruits are the only ones we can bring along.Meggy Spletzer: Squad F?! Huh. For a moment, I thought it would be Squad A, or B, or C, or D. But Squad F? I was expecting better. No wonder why there was screaming and pleading.Soon, the elevator stops. It reached its destination: Inkling HQ. It’s almost like Inkpoilous but it’s where they manufacture weapons and vehicles. The gang exits the elevator while Yoshika and Hikari and the rest of the girls expect for the Wing Commanders were in awe.Francesca Lucchini: It’s like a world of Meta Runners in here. Whatever they are.The inklings and octolings noticed the girls in curiosity then muttered about them. Even the Squid Sisters (Callie and Marie). Later, they approached an old inkling man. This is Cap'n Cuttlefish. As Meggy approached him, he was sleeping on the job.Cap'n Cuttlefish: (snoring; sleeping) Did I ever told you about the time I….Meggy Spletzer: Cap’n Cuttlefish!Cap'n Cuttlefish: (wakes up) Ah! Who’s there! Show your.. (sees Meggy and Desti not amused) Oh! (clears his throat) Agent Spletzer. I didn’t expect you to come on short notice. I thought you were on outside surveillance?Meggy Spletzer: Cap’n, these witches came from Britannia for the message. Do we still have it?Cap'n Cuttlefish: The message? You mean a massage? Can we make sure it's a full-body massage?Meggy Spletzer: (in disgust) Eww. No, Cap’n. I mean the Mes-Sage! The one that needs to be in Britannia! Our freedom depends on it.Cap'n Cuttlefish: Ooooooh. Why didn’t you say so? I couldn’t hear since my hearing is a bit off. You know how I am. I’m over 130 years old.Perrine Clostermann: (to Lynette; whispers) Is that how long an Inkling survived?!Lynette shrugs “I don’t know.”Cap'n Cuttlefish: Let’s see… (gets out his chest a la Legend of Zelda style and digs around) Where did that message lead to? Hmm… Ah-ha! (pulls out the rolled up message) Here it is! This will definitely change of history! Like the Great Turf War that happened a few years ago. I’s a little to remember that but who will carry this message to the leaders of your nation?Gundula Rall: (to the witches) Any volunteers?The girls were a bit nervous about getting the message. All except…Yoshika Miyafuji: (offscreen; determined) I’ll do it!...for Yoshika. The rookies gasped.Cap'n Cuttlefish: Right… give a message to a young middle schooler. Oh well. (gives Yoshika the message) Here you go, kid. You might need to hide it where no enemy will find it.Yoshika Miyafuji: Meaning… ?Francesca Lucchini: (grabs the message and puts it in Yoshika’s dress by the middle of her breasts) There! (taps Yoshika’s breasts) That will do. I knew she was a consolation prize like Hikari!Perrine facepalms in dismay.Gundula Rall: I don’t see how it will work but it will do.Hikari Karibuchi: Yoshika, may you fly straight and let our instincts guide us home.Yoshika Miyafuji: Got it, Hikari.Desti, not amused, snaps her fingers and an Inkling boy plays music on the Phonogram. However, it played the wrong music. He flips the record and it plays their national anthem.Meggy Spletzer: To the Valiant Witches, we salute you with all of our believe. May we wish you girls good luck and may god be with you all!Soon, all of the inklings and octolings salutes them.Perrine Clostermann: Just, uh, one tiny thing before we leave... (panicked) How are we gonna get out of here?! The Warlocks out there will come and tear us limb from limb unless they have Yoshika here with the message in her… her…Charlotte Yeager: Breasts?A beat was heard.Perrine Clostermann: (not amused) What Shirley said.Gundula Rall: Hmm… (gets an idea) We’ll need to create a diversion to exit St. Pierre with the message still in Yoshika. Minna, check for any possibilities.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Got it.She starts to use her power in standby while the others mutter about what to do. However, Hikari sees a sidecar near the shoe store. Hikari thinks about what to do with it then gets an idea.Hikari Karibuchi: Wing Commander Rall!Witches: Huh?Hikari Karibuchi: I have an idea!Gundula Rall: What is it, Miss Karibuchi?Hikari Karibuchi: What if me and Yoshika drive on that?! (points to the sidecar)Meggy Spletzer: Huh. You mean that broken junk? We found it in the scrapyard and we can’t let it go to waste. So we inklings brought it here to know how it works.Charlotte Yeager: It’s a sidecar, Spletzer. And I think I might tune it up to get that baby going.Hikari Karibuchi: Great! Me and Yoshika will distract the Wario bros while you girls get out while you can!Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh?Gundula Rall: Karibuchi, I do appreciate your idea but…Suddenly, Minna finished using her power.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: It might work.Gundula Rall: Huh?Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: I have done calculated every possibly to escape but seems Hikari might be one to something. Having Yoshika as our bait, will have the warlocks chase after them while we get our units on and fly off. That will give us enough time to escape.Gundula Rall: You sure?Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: (nodded) Positive.Gundula Rall: Right. (to Hikari) Well, Miss Karibuchi, seems we’ll go with your little diversion after all. You get the enemies away from us while we leave the town.Hikari Karibuchi: Yes!Gundula Rall: (to Yeager) Shirley, fix that sidecar.Charlotte Yeager: Yes, ma’am! (runs to the sidecar)Gundula Rall: The rest of us will have to find an escape route in this Inkopolis hideout.Meggy Spletzer: I might know the way out. But it may be a little gross since we have a sewer system breath the factory so….Perrine Clostermann: (groans) Great…. Just great.Hikari Karibuchi: Alright! Time for Operation:... Warlock Distraction… to get to work!Witches: Roger!Later, outside…Wario: Where are they?!Waluigi: Patience, brother. They’ll come out… eventually.Wario: Alright then. Wanna play come poker?Waluigi: Why the hell not?! Ha-ha!Suddenly, they heard noises in the factory.Wario Bros: Heh?They heard banging and cranking from the hanger door. They flew over there to inspect it. When they slowly got closer…. BANG! Yoshika and Hikari broke though the hanger door with their sidecar and squash the Wario bros flat as a pancake. Yoshika was on the driver’s seat of the side car while Hikari is in the sidecar of the side car. Yoshika drives off through the street.Hikari Karibuchi: (offscreen; laughs) We got the message! Come and get it, creeps!Waluigi: THE MESSAGE?! (gets up and gets back to normal) Brother, they have the message! The general will not be pleased!Wario: WHAT?! (gets up and gets back to normal) No one makes a fool out of Wario! Let’s get them!They flew after them but unaware that the witches escaped through a sewer pipe that leads to the ocean. The witches flew off one by one while Meggy salutes them. Cut back to the main heroes giving chase from the Wario bros.Yoshika Miyafuji: Are they following us?Hikari Karibuchi: (sees the Wario Bros mad while chasing after them from far away) Yep! They’re after the bait. Which would be you, Yoshika. (chuckles; then) Right! We’ll also need to stop them if they find out about our plan?Yoshika Miyafuji: Well, look for something?! Is there any weapons in here?Hikari Karibuchi: Hmm… Only our units in the back and a mini gun attached in the front. I don’t see… (sees an RPG) Ah-ha! (gets out the RPG) Bingo!Soon, the Wario Bros were getting close. Hikari aims the RPG at them.Hikari Karibuchi: Keep her steady, Yoshika!Suddenly, they drove through a bump and as it shook, Hikari lost her aim and she fires the missile at a building. Hikari’s eyes were widened.Yoshika Miyafuji: Did you hit anything?The building comes down and it then crashed on the Wario Bros, damaging their unit in the process.Hikari Karibuchi: Um… (throws the RPG away; nervous) Kinda.Cut to the Wario Bros getting out of the rubble…Waluigi: Now how are we gonna catch them?Wario then sees a sidecar near a tank. He gets an idea. Later, the witches were riding through the streets.Yoshika Miyafuji: Any sign of them, Hikari?Hikari Karibuchi: (looks behind them) Nope. All clear!Suddenly, the Wario Bros came back in their side car.Hikari Karibuchi: (looks behind them) On second thought, not clear. Definity not clear!Yoshika Miyafuji: Hold on!They ride through the streets of St. Perrie through tight squeezes to narrow pathways. They even rode downhill. The girls scream until they stopped going downhill. Soon, they see a tank coming at them.Hikari Karibuchi: Uh… Yoshika! Turn right!Yoshika turns the side car right but for the Wario bros…Wario: Turn left, brother!Waluigi: Okay! (accidently pulled the wheel off) Uh, oh. Scream and panic?Wario: Why not.They screamed and they crashed into the tank. They moan in pain. The girls, however, laughed in joy as they escaped the town unharmed.Yoshika Miyafuji: We did it!Hikari Karibuchi: Hey, it worked like a charm. They'll be teaching that one at the academy.Yoshika Miyafuji: I just hope the others are okay.Hikari Karibuchi: Me too.Soon, in the town, Waluigi gets up and noticed a spare striker unit was unharmed. He picks it up and it says “In case of an emergency, you owe Wario 1 million bucks. -Wario.” Groaning in anger, Wario gets up but Waluigi bonks his head.Waluigi: You have a spare?!Wario: Whoops.Later, the girls were riding to the church.Hikari Karibuchi: Rendezvous, dead ahead!Yoshika Miyafuji: Yes! We’re halfway done! And now, warlocks in sight!Waluigi: (offscreen) Don't count on it!Suddenly, Yoshika was grabbed by Waluigi in his striker unit. Yoshika screams while Hikari exclaimed in surprise.Hikari Karibuchi: Yoshika!Soon, the sidecar has no driver and crashed into a tree with the side car unharmed. Hikari sees him carrying Yoshika away. Hikari groans in anger and would use the minigun to fire at her. But… he still has Yoshika. And the message. She needs her alive to complete the mission. Hikari then looks at the striker unit and gets an idea. Later, Yoshika struggles to escape from Waluigi, but Waluigi noticed something below him. He sees Hikari come in fast in her strike unit, screaming her battle cry and punched Waluigi in the face, making him let go of Yoshika to fall down into the prickly vines.Yoshika Miyafuji: (in pain) Ow.Hikari Karibuchi: (gasped) Yoshika! (flies to her)Waluigi: (groans in anger) Stupid little brat! (flies after her)Cut to Hikari near Yoshika as she gets her out of the vines and onto the ground. She then helps Yoshika put on her striker unit just in case.Hikari Karibuchi: There. Sorry about that. I don’t wanna kill you since, well… you’re still a team player.Yoshika Miyafuji: Thanks, Hikari.Hikari Karibuchi: And I don’t wanna shoot you down with the message in you.Yoshika Miyafuji: Right…Suddenly...Waluigi: (offscreen) WAAAAAAH!They looked up and saw him coming down.Hikari Karibuchi: Evasive action!The girls fly off, making Waluigi crash to the ground. Waluigi gets up and sees them flying to the clouds. He then flies after them. Cut back to the girls…Yoshika Miyafuji: That was close, Hikari.Hikari Karibuchi: Way too close. (gets grabbed by Waluigi) Whoa!Yoshika Miyafuji: Hikari!Hikari struggles to escape from Waluigi.Hikari Karibuchi: Let go!She tries to fight back, but it was no use.Waluigi: You can do better than that, little witch!Soon, Yoshika comes at him and attacks him from above him.Yoshika Miyafuji: Let go of her! I’m the one you want! (Waluigi noticed the message sticking out of her breasts) It’s me that you need to get.Waluigi: Ah, well now… (lets go of Hikari and grabs Yoshika) Why didn’t you say so?! (laughs and flies away with Yoshika as a hostage)Hikari Karibuchi: (gasped) Yoshika!Hikari chased after them to the villain’s base. She was far from behind using all of her magic to boost her to the base.Hikari Karibuchi: Come on, Chidori Jr. Stay with me!Soon, Waluigi enters the base with Yoshika in his hands…Waluigi: Now, brother!...and Wario pressed a button, which shuts the opening closed.Hikari Karibuchi: No!Hikari was too late. The doors were closed. Inside, the Warlock was looking at the giant bullets like a mirror but noticed the Wario bros’ return. Soon, he flies over to them while Walugi holds Yoshika by her striker unit attached to her legs.Waluigi: (holds her by her leg) It was not easy, Herr General, But I have... (sputtering and spitting; shows Yoshika to him) ...captured their leader!General Warlock von Talon: Zome leader.Waluigi: Well, perhaps their assistant leader?General Warlock von Talon: (groans in anger)Waluigi: But more importantly, Herr General,…General Warlock von Talon: (upset) Get on with it!Waluigi: (shocked) Oh, oh. (then) May I present you with... (gets the message from Yoshika’s dress in her breasts and tossed her away on the floor; shows the message to him) ...the MESSAGE, Papa?!General Warlock von Talon: Givez me… (takes the message from him) …dat! (reads it and gets impressed) Oh, oh. The high commander will be pleased! (laughing) There will be medals… Und photographs…. Commemorative stamps. (laughing) I will personally deliver it to him unlike… this so-called witch! (used his robotic claw to grab Yoshika by her dress; brings her to him) They must be desperate, indeed, to give der message to this middle school reject. (drops her on the ground then she tries to get up)Yoshika Miyafuji: (groans in anger) Listen here, you… you German creep! I’m part of the Royal Valiant Witch Services even if I came all this way to find out about my father and save the world from the likes of you! (punches his armor but almost hurts her hand) Ow! Okay… I did not think that though but still! I’m gonna get that message back to base even if my name isn’t Yoshika Miyafuji!General Warlock von Talon: (shocked; eyes widen) Miyafuji?! Hmm… where havez I heard of dat name before? Hmm… (realized) Ah, yes! I remember! Seems Mr. Miyafuji did not mentioned that her daughter would be involved in this so-called delivery. (cackles evilly)Yoshika Miyafuji: (gasped in fear) My.. father? (then; upset) What did you do to him?!General Warlock von Talon: Did to him? Why, young lady, that father of yours build this Warlock suit when he was still around. Before the Neuroi war, your father would have used the Neuroi to build him a defense program called… The Warlock. He said that it was too risky and that he decided to make this so-called Striker Unit, in case dat’s what you are wearing. Having this “Major Zakamoto” test it while his Warlock is nothing but a reject! But… after the war, those who’z lead by our High Commander took the blueprint, killed your father if he tried to stop us, then modified it into a work of art you see before you. (starts to laugh evilly)Yoshika Miyafuji: You… (upset) YOU MONSTER!!! (Tries to attack him but Wario and Waluigi grabs her; struggles to get out) Let me go! Let me get my hands on him! (groans in anger)General Warlock von Talon: My… she seems to be feisty little one, isn’t she? On second thought, she may prove useful.Waluigi: What do you want her to do? Dance on a stripper pole and do a lap dance?General Warlock von Talon: Oh, nien, my henchmen. I was thinking more along the lines of a celebration dinner.Wario: Oh, good think, general! We can make her cook for us! (laughs)General Warlock von Talon: Not exactly. I think the menu for today will be… Witch under glass, with a lovely Liebfraumilch reduction. (cackles evilly; then) Take her away!Wario Bros: Yes, General!Yoshika Miyafuji: (as they drag her to the cage) You won’t get away with this, you… you murderer! My friends will save me… and you’ll be sorry!General Warlock von Talon: Those foolz? Ha! I despise them. (cackles evilly)Later, they tossed Yoshika into the cage with the others. Warlock closed the cage and locked the door. Yoshika gets up and sees the three witches alive.Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh? You girls are not dead?Gertrud Barkhorn: (not amused) Well… not almost.Barkhorn points to Erica resting while giggling.Yoshika Miyafuji: (to Warlock) What did you do her?!Warlock chuckles and flies off. He then puts the message in a box and flies off. Yoshika glared at him then groans in anger.Takami Karibuchi: (offscreen) She was drugged.Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh? (looks at Takami)Takami Karibuchi: By a truth serum. Hartmann exposed our resistance by mistake.Yoshika Miyafuji: So that’s why… (flies to her in her striker unit; to Hartmann) Uh… hello?Suddenly, Erica, still drugged, wakes up and grabs Yoshika!Erica Hartmann: (drunk) Wait a minute there! It's the Feng Shui! (points the bell on top of the cage) That little bell should be over there. (points to where the bell is and then chuckles)Yoshika Miyafuji: (groans) Can you please snap out of it?! (slaps her hard and Erica lets go of her making them fall down to the ground in pain) Ow!Takami Karibuchi: I suppose you’re Squad A?Yoshika Miyafuji: Long story. (moans in pain)Back outside, Hikari was sad about what she has done. Having her plan backfired by a Wario brother.Hikari Karibuchi: What have I done? Maybe Mia is right. I am a complete loser.Charlotte Yeager: (offscreen) There she is!Soon, Hikari sees the witches flying to her in excitement.Perrine Clostermann: Hmpf. That was a bit of a muddle for all this. But at least you’re in one piece.Hikari Karibuchi: (sad) Not quite.Lynette Bishop: Where's Yoshika?Hikari Karibuchi: (sad) She’s… captured by the enemy.Witches: (to Hikari) What?!Francesca Lucchini: (shocked) What do you mean she’s captured?!Hikari Karibuchi: (sad) She sacrificed himself to save me. The Warlocks got Yoshika and the message.Gundula Rall: Karibuchi, which way did they go?Hikari Karibuchi: (points to the enemy’s base) That way.The witches gasped in fear.Gundula Rall: Then I'm guessing you’re right about the Warlocks have acquired the message.Minna activites her power in standby mode while the witches talk.Hikari Karibuchi: I’m afraid so.Gundula Rall: Right. You witches sit tight. I'll fly in, avoiding the various clever booby traps, and deadly ambushes, then subdue any resistance and secure the message.Soon, as the rookies cheered…Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: (turns off her power; interrupted) That won’t be necessary...Witches: (stopped cheering) Huh?Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: I used my power to check the surroundings of the enemy base. No various clever booby traps or deadly ambushes. I'm afraid it's not as simple as I thought. This is a highly-fortified bunker, stuffed to the gills with enemy warlocks. There's only one opening though, just a small hatch open through that cannon. None of us would be able to go in. It’s dangerous with the Warlock inside. He’ll kill us if one of us goes in. Only a brave one would go and get it without being killed.Charlotte Yeager: I’m not going.Francesca Lucchini: (not amused) We’re dead.Perrine Clostermann: I’m with those perverts on this one, Wing Commander Minna.As the witches mutter, Hikari didn’t mutter. She was sad about what she has done. Looking at the enemy base, it’s clear what she needs to do. With pride, she then rides off away from the group, only for Lucchini to see Hikari flying at the base.Francesca Lucchini: Look! Hikari’s heading to the base!The girls gasped to see Hikari leaving.Gundula Rall: (on com) Hikari! Turn back now! It’s too risky!Cut to her near the cannon...Gundula Rall: (on com) You’ll be killed! Hikari!Soon, Hikari turns off her ear com and gets through the cannon in a tight squeeze. Hikari then got in and turns off her striker unit. She takes it off and holds it in her arm. Hikari turns to the opening and slowly opens it with all of her strength. As she got in the base, she puts the Striker Unit on the ground and looks around. She sees a highway that shows portraits of Warlock’s handsome faces. Hikari flies down to goes through the highway. She’s a little creep out about what he’s doing. Just then, up ahead, she sees the big bird cage where the girls are in a fancy room.Hikari Karibuchi: (gasped in surprise; quietly) Yoshika!She gets her unit on and flies quietly to them. Meanwhile, Warlock was heading to the showers.General Warlock von Talon: I will bathe now.He takes off his cape in suspension and his unit and gets in the showers with his clothes off.General Warlock von Talon: Bring me my best cape!Wario Bros: Yes, general!As the Wario bros get his cape from suspension and go to his closet, Yoshika was looking below from the cage. She sighs in sadness till…Hikari Karibuchi: (quietly) Yoshika!Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh?She sees Hikari near the entrance. Yoshika gasped in surprise.Yoshika Miyafuji: Hikari!Hikari Karibuchi: (quietly) Shh! Keep it down!Yoshika Miyafuji: (quietly) Sorry. The message. (points to the box nearby) It’s in there.Hikari Karibuchi: (quietly) Got it! (she flies to the box and opens it to get the message) Yes! (grabs the rolled up message and hides it in her dress by her breasts; Yoshika facepalms in dismay) Right. (flies to the cage) Time to get you out of… (gasped to see Takami in the cage) Sis!Takami Karibuchi: Huh? (sees Hikari) Hikari?!Hikari Karibuchi: (quietly) Shh! I came here to rescue you! Hold tight! I’ll bust you out as soon as…Takami Karibuchi: (quietly; upset) What are you doing here?! I thought you were supposed to be at home?!Hikari Karibuchi: (quietly) But I came here to rescue you so I can be a great witch just like you!Takami Karibuchi: (quietly; upset) Do you know how worried our mom is?!Hikari Karibuchi: (quietly) Look, I’m sorry, but a few Marios recruited me and…Takami Karibuchi: (quietly; upset) You were recruited?! Oh, for crying out loud!Yoshika Miyafuji: (quietly) Hey! Could you leave her alone? She’s with me. I’m her partner.Takami Karibuchi: (quietly; then) Huh?Gertrud Barkhorn: (not amused; quietly) Oh, goodie. A plot twist.Yoshika Miyafuji: (quietly) I was with her when those mario boys recruited me. I was recruited to find answers. And when I did… I have to not let her down. She’s the nicest… yet, stubborn like I am, greatest witch I ever met. And now, you’re worried that she would rescue you?! Do you know how long it is for her to come and get you?!Gertrud Barkhorn: (not amused; quietly) She does have a point, Takami.Yoshika Miyafuji: (quietly) Hikari is my friend. (then) Well, second. (chuckles) Lynne’s kinda now my first while Mickino is third, but still! Are you gonna let her free us and get us out of here? Or let us stay here while the enemy is on the brink of winning?!Takami Karibuchi: (quietly; groans then sighs) Okay, okay. Fine. She can free us.Hikari Karibuchi: (quietly) Yes!Takami Karibuchi: (quietly) But Warlock has the key. (points to where the key is) You’ll have to do with or without your striker unit.Hikari Karibuchi: (quietly) Got it! I’ll be back! (flies off)Gertrud Barkhorn: (not amused; quietly) If she doesn’t make it back, we’re doomed.Cut to the Warlock in the showers…General Warlock von Talon: (offscreen; in the showers as the Wario Bros hold his capes) Nien, nien, red. Red says "strong and decisive." Red it ist.Wario Bros: Yes, general.As they start to leave….General Warlock von Talon: (offscreen) Nien, nien, wait. The blue with the eggshell trim.They groan in dismay. The general sure couldn’t make up his mind. Soon, Hikari was flying, but she noticed the Wario Bros coming. She has to think fast. Hikari then pretends to be one of the dead witches statues. Wario and Waluigi walk pass her but didn’t notice her eyes moved. Once they left, Hikari moves and heads over to the showers where the key is hanging on to a few big bullets near her. She tries to lift the key over the bullet, but she nearly stumbles and it made a small clinking sound.General Warlock von Talon: (offscreen) Huh? Wario?Hikari Karibuchi: Um...General Warlock von Talon: (offscreen) Wario?Hikari Karibuchi: Um… (pretends to be Wario while being German) Ja, Herr General?General Warlock von Talon: (offscreen) My back washer!Hikari Karibuchi: (pretends to be Wario while being German) Ja, Herr General.She flies to the wash accessories and picks out his back washer to give it to Warlock without him noticing.General Warlock von Talon: (offscreen; singing in a tone of Ride of the Valkyries) Pin on my medals, Pin on my medals, Pin on my medals on my cape!She then flies back to pull the key out when...General Warlock von Talon: (offscreen) Waluigi?Hikari Karibuchi: (stops pulling; pretends to be Waluigi while being German) Ja, Herr General?General Warlock von Talon: (offscreen) My nail clippers!Hikari Karibuchi: (pretends to be Waluigi while being German) Ja, Herr General.She picks out the nail clippers and hands them to the showering general. Soon, the Wario Bros are heading back with red and blue capes.Gertrud Barkhorn: (quietly) They’re coming back!Yoshika Miyafuji: (quietly) Come on, Hikari.Takami Karibuchi: (quietly) Get out of there, sis! Before it’s...The Wario Bros spot Hikari trying to get the key out.Waluigi: What the?!Hikari Karibuchi: (sees them) Uh, oh. (chuckles; in a German accent) Hail Hydra?Cut back to the cage as the girls were gasped in fear while Takami facepalms in dismay.Takami Karibuchi: (quietly) ...too late.Cut back to Hikari...Wario: Get her!Waluigi: Stop her!Hikari pulls the key out and the giant bullets fall down to squish the Wario Bros flat. She then flies off to open the cage. In the showers...General Warlock von Talon: What’z going on?! (sees Hikari opening the cage) What da...?!Soon, Hikari opens the cage and Yoshika flies to Hikari to hug her.Yoshika Miyafuji: You did it! (stops hugging her) I knew you could.Hikari Karibuchi: Come on! We gotta bail! (she and Yoshika fly off with Takami)Gertrud Barkhorn: (to the resting Erica) Hey, Hartmann. Hartmann. (groans; yells at her ear) HARTMANN!Erica Hartmann: (wakes up) Owww! What was that for?!Gertrud Barkhorn: We’re leaving! (gets in her striker unit and flies off) Let’s go!Erica Hartmann: Oh, right! Squad A came! Finally! (gets in her striker unit and flies off)As Warlock gets out of the showers with his bathrobe on, he sees the girls escaping and screaming in anger.General Warlock von Talon: (picks up the Wario Bros) You idiotz! (drops them) Stop them!Soon, as the girls reach to the blocked entrance...Yoshika Miyafuji: We’re still trapped!Gertrud Barkhorn: Out of my way. (moves pass Yoshika and flies to the wall) I’ve been waiting for this since we got captured!Barkhorn used her magic to super punch an opening for them. The witches outside backed away after they came. After that, Barkhorn smirked and blows her fist like she fired a bullet out of her gun.Gertrud Barkhorn: Thanks for the calvary, Wing Commanders. (the five fly off to the witches) Been waiting for a rescue party.Lynette Bishop: Yoshika! Hikari!Gundula Rall: Takami!Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Barkhorn! Hartmann!The rookies cheered.Perrine Clostermann: (then) That’s great and all, but what about the message?Hikari Karibuchi: Safe and sound. (pats her breasts)Francesca Lucchini: That-a girl! (Perrine facepalms in dismay) Ah-ha!Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Alright, girls. We have a message to deliver. Let’s make wind back to base, ladies.Witches: Yes, ma’am!The girls fly in a double V formation heading to Britannia over the ocean.Francesca Lucchini: Those warlocks are gonna think twice before they try to mess with us!Gertrud Barkhorn: (looks behind her) Uh, girls, I wouldn’t count on it.Soon, the Wario Bros chased after the witches in their striker unit. The bros chuckled evilly.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Enemy flyers! Lucchini, Shirley, figure 8! Disperse.Lucchini and Yeager: Yes, ma’am!Charlotte Yeager: (to Lucchini) You ready, hotshot?Lucchini smiles and gives Yeager a thumbs up with a chuckle. Soon, the two girls finally did a figure eight, which made the Wario bros crash into each other. The witches cheered, but the Wario bros aren't done. They come charging at them till Lucchini gets an idea. She whispers Yeager about her idea and her friend likes it. They both nodded as Yeager grabs Lucchini’s hand and swings her around until she throws her at the enemy. Lucchini then used her magic to concentrate energy into a point in front of her and released it in a powerful burst, making the Wario bros almost spun out of control. Though, after they stop spinning, the bros are dazed a bit from her attack. Lucchini stops near the water and sees the Wario bros dazed. She laughs it then flies back to the group. However, Minna and Rall were impressed of that attack as a distraction for them to attack the enemies.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Very impressive skill, Lucchini. (Lucchini smiles and gives her a thumbs up after Yeager appears near Lucchini)Gundula Rall: Now’s our chance! Everyone, attack formation, now!Witches: Yes, ma’am!As the girls were about to form an attack formation...Takami Karibuchi: (stops Yoshika and Hikari) Hikari, Yoshika, get the message to Major Sakamoto back at base! That’s an order!Hikari Karibuchi: But, sis…Takami Karibuchi: We’ll stall them! You two go, now! Understood?Yoshika and Hikari: Yes, ma’am!Takami Karibuchi: Good! You know where to go. (flies away; offscreen) Complete the mission, girls!Yoshika and Hikari: (nodded) Right!Soon, the other witches went into battle formation.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Keep it tight, now. Let's go, ladies!Witches: Charge!!The girls fall down to the Wario Bros and battled them in a fight cloud.Yoshika Miyafuji: Come on, Hikari!As Yoshika and Hikari flies off and left, the Warlock came in all dressed with his Neuroi Striker Unit Pack on and sees the mess the bros are in but saw the two girls leaving. He chuckled evilly and flies after them. Back with the girls as they were in the English Channel, it starts to get foggy.Yoshika Miyafuji: We’re almost there!Soon, Yoshika starts to get tired. Her striker unit is almost about to run out of magic.Hikari Karibuchi: Yoshika…?Suddenly, the Warlock appeared behind them.General Warlock von Talon: You look tired, little girl. Wouldn't you like a rest… in my belly?!The girls screamed and flies away from him but he catches him in his Neuroi Striker Unit Pack.General Warlock von Talon: (chuckles evilly) You two are de elite, huh? The best of de best? (laughs)Yoshika Miyafuji: There's more to me than meets... your eye!The Warlock groans and tries to attack them. They dodge a few til they noticed a few battleships coming. It was an entire fleet of them! The girls moved out of the way and escape from the Warlock from the fog. Soon, the two were almost there to the white cliffs of Denver.Hikari Karibuchi: I hope we’re gonna make it. I think we’re gonna make it. We’re going to make it!As they got over the cliffs, The Warlock appeared behind them and was still chasing them. The girls saw him then screamed. The girls start speedup their striker units through the state of Britannia. The Warlock groans in anger.General Warlock von Talon: You can’t escape me, Witches!The warlock activated his turbo engines on his striker unit and blast off after them. The girls see him catching up.Hikari Karibuchi: He’s coming in hot!Yoshika Miyafuji: Faster, Hikari!They soon entered a town that almost looks like London. At a bar…Bar Sailor: (singing) Oooh…. What do you do with a drunken sailor? What do you do with a drunken sailor? What do you do with a drunken sailor? Early in the morning. (stops singing when he sees the girls flying at high speed) What on earth? (sees the Warlock; then gasped) Warlock! Sound the alarm! (rings the bell) Sound the alarm!Bell: Cussing ring, ring, ring!Soon, the Warlock was almost there to catch them but his turbo engines run out. He groans in anger and instead used his claw to capture Hikari to take the message from her. Hikari screams in pain as the claw was squeezing her tight.Yoshika Miyafuji: Hikari!The claw then pulls back to Warlock as he starts to scratch around her.General Warlock von Talon: Where ist dat message, you little...?!As she was struggling, Hikari bites his finger and starts to get her hands free.General Warlock von Talon: Ooooooow!!!Hikari Karibuchi: Let me go, you big creep!As she slams her fist on the armor, her eyes flashed red. In her POV, her view changed to an infrared-like field only to see a 3D core in his armor. Out of her POV, Hikari was shocked. Her magic power appeared. But it didn’t last much long. Her power faded away and the only thing she sees is Warlock’s angry face. Hikari gulps nervously then smiles nervously. Warlock glared at her and starts hurting her with his robotic claw. Hikari screams in pain and that the message is exposed from her dress in her breasts. Warlock stops hurting her when he sees the message.General Warlock von Talon: The Message! It’s mine…As he was about to grab it, he hears screaming as he sees Yoshika coming at him with a sucker punch to the face! Soon, the claw released Hikari with the message and she starts to fall. Yoshika gasped in fear.Yoshika Miyafuji: Hikari!...and flies after her. She then catches her and flies off to a Big Ben-like clocktower. As for the Warlock, he gets his head together as he lost the message from Yoshika. He groans in anger then screams in rage. Soon, inside, Yoshika enters the clock tower through the glass windows and puts Hikari down on a platform. Hikari was unconscious from the claw’s grip. Hikari’s mouth shows a little bit of blood. Yoshika gasped in horror.Yoshika Miyafuji: No! (kneels down and shakes her) Hikari, don’t die on me! (sobs) Please! We’re still a team right?! Come on! Wake up!Soon, Yoshika realize what her father met and she now knows what to do. A voice was heard in her head from the past.Ichirō Miyafuji: (flashback; in Yoshika’s head) Yoshika, know that you have a great power inside of you, just like your mother and grandmother. Promise me that you would use your power to protect everyone. (echoes)Yoshika puts Hikari down laying front face and puts her hands on her chest.Young Yoshika: (flashback; in Yoshika’s head) Okay! I promise! (echoes)Yoshika’s eyes were closed and takes a deep breath. Her aura glows blue as an energy field around her turns on. Yoshika struggles to heal.Yoshika Miyafuji: (to herself) Come on, Yoshika… stay calm… easy does it… concentrate... concentrate!And so,... Hikari’s wounds start to heal. Hikari starts to open her eyes slowly.Yoshika Miyafuji: Don’t move, Hikari.Hikari Karibuchi: (weak) What…? Yoshika...? (coughs in pain)Yoshika Miyafuji: You’re bleeding on the inside, so I have to heal you.Hikari Karibuchi: (weak) Yoshika… you need to go without me. Take the message… and give it to Mio.Yoshika Miyafuji: ...No! (sobs) I’m not leaving you! We’re a team! Team players gotta look out for each other! You and the Marios helped me find my place…. And I can’t just stand around while people die. Even if I had to stick around in this war… I never met a friend like you to show me what I’m good for. I’m not abandoning you… I wanna protect as many people as I can.Soon, Yoshika was finished. She was about to faint, but Hikari catches her. Yoshika groans like she’s tired. Knowing that she saved her life, Hikari softly smiles and a moment was born…. For a while.General Warlock von Talon: (offscreen; upset) WITCHES!!!Yoshika and Hikari: Huh?Outside, Warlock was waiting for them to come out from the tower.General Warlock von Talon: (upset) You can’t hide forever, witches! This ist where it ends! You two are nothing but a couple of loowly middle schoolers! You are no match for a Warlock ruler!The two see him through the glass window.Yoshika Miyafuji: (tired) We can’t go anywhere with him around.Hikari Karibuchi: You’re almost right. You’re too weak to fly. You might have used too much of your ability to… (realized) Wait!Yoshika Miyafuji: (tired) What is it?Hikari Karibuchi: I think I saw something in his armor when I hit it. It felt like my eyes were red and… I see some core inside that armor. In there! (points to where the core is in his armor) We have to take it out!Yoshika Miyafuji: (tired) But we’ll need a weapon.Suddenly, Hikari gets out her pistol she got. Yoshika was surprised she still has it.Yoshika Miyafuji: (shocked) You had it with you?!Hikari Karibuchi: This is a good time to use it in case of an emergency.Yoshika Miyafuji: You know I hate guns, right?!Hikari Karibuchi: I know. But I might have a plan. It’s risky… but it’s a longshot. You think you buy me some time?Yoshika Miyafuji: Uh… I’ll try. Though my magic needs to be recharge for a bit. I don’t know how long my striker unit can handle.Hikari Karibuchi: Well, you have to try. At least just trust me on this. We’re a team, now. Got it?Knowing that Yoshika did say that they are a team, she decides to go for it.Yoshika Miyafuji: (nodded) Roger!Outside of the tower…General Warlock von Talon: Witches…. Come out, come out, come out! Come out and I might spare your puny little livez! (chuckles evilly)Soon, Yoshika was seen through the hatch of the glass window, preparing her jump on the Warlock. She may be scared to jump… but she has to do it with confidence and courage.Yoshika Miyafuji: (to Warlock: upset) Hey, bully!General Warlock von Talon: (looks up) Huh?Yoshika jumps off the hatch and while she screams out her battle cry, she falls straight down and down using her striker unit to tackle against the Warlock. Her striker unit starts to run out of magic.General Warlock von Talon: You little pipsqueak!Soon, Hikari jumps off the hatch and falls down and down using her striker unit to get onto the Warlock’s back. She lands on his back while Yoshika tackles him.General Warlock von Talon: (noticed Hikari on his back) What da...?! What are you two doing?! Ist this what you two are planning?!Hikari touched the armor and her eyes flashed red. She sees the core and aims her gun at it.Hikari Karibuchi: Nope… (transfers a little bit of her magic to the gun) This is.Soon,... she pulled the trigger and the gun fired a round of magic shaped like a bullet to break through the core, shattering it into pieces. The armor breaks apart and the warlock starts to fall down til Yoshika’s Striker Unit has powered down. Yoshika starts to fall down and she and the villain both start to scream. Hikari gasped in fear to see her friend fall to her fate.Hikari Karibuchi: Yoshika!As Hikari rushed down in her striker unit to save her, in slow motion, the Warlock was below Yoshika, trying to kill her without his armor. He soon grabs on to one of the legs of her striker unit till Yoshika hears a voice from above.Hikari Karibuchi: (offscreen) Yoshika!!! (echoes)Yoshika looks up and sees Hikari coming. Yoshika then pressed the button on her striker unit and it releases her legs, causing him to lose her.General Warlock von Talon: (in slow-mo) Nien!!!Soon, the Warlock fals down and crashed onto a car with the unit exploded, killing him in the process. The Warlock is dead. Yoshika was pushed up by the explosion until Hikari caught her by grabbing Yoshika’s hands with her hands.Hikari Karibuchi: Gotcha, Yoshika!HIkari flies off while the crowd in the town cheers for them.Hikari Karibuchi: (to Yoshika) Told you to trust me!Yoshika Miyafuji: (chuckles) Sure did. (high fives her) Yeah!Soon, they were heading to where the base is at.Hikari Karibuchi: (offscreen) Now let’s go deliver that message!Back at the base, at the watchtower…Sadako Shimohara: (to Georgette) So when I tried to taste Minna’s cooking, it was awful.Lemare Georgette: (to Sadako) I know, right? Our cooking was better when I arrived.Sadako Shimohara: Oh, yeah. Sign up for the army, they say. It’s simple, they say. Hpfh. Ha! More like sign us up for cooking duty. At least that’s something to fight for. (she and Georgette chuckles til she noticed something) Hey… what is that?Sadako used her power to detect what was far from them. Far away, they see Hikari carrying Yoshika to the base.Sadako Shimohara: Oh, wow!Lemare Georgette: What is it?Sadako Shimohara: It’s from Squad F! (on mic) All witches at base, come in! Squad F has returned from their mission in Gallia. Clear the runway. I repeat…In the hanger...Sadako Shimohara: (on speaker) Clear the runway! Over!Mario: Holy shit! They’re back!The Marios and the Witches gasped.Enzo: You heard her! Move it! Hup, hup!Soon, they start to get to work as Mio and Hattori come in noticing the crew moving.Shizuka Hattori: What on earth is going on? Have they gone insane? (she didn’t see Mio noticed something) Don’t they know we’re in the middle of the war? It’s not like an enemy would come.Mio noticed something far away. She opens her eyepatch up and it may look fine, but her right eye inherits a power she can use. She used her power to see what’s going on far away, only to see Yoshika and Hikari coming back.Mio Sakamoto: I don’t believe it. (covers her right eye with her eyepatch) It’s Yoshika and Hikari.Shizuka Hattori: Huh? Squad F?!Mio Sakamoto: They’re coming back!Enzo: Hit the symbol on the runway, pronto!SMG4 pulls the lever and the symbol appeared, ready for them to land. Cut back to Yoshika and Hikari as they were almost to the base.Hikari Karibuchi: There it is! We’re almost there, Yoshika!Suddenly, Hikari’s striker unit was about to wear out.Hikari Karibuchi: I’m almost out of magic!Yoshika Miyafuji: We’ll never get there!Soon, Hikari gets an idea.Hikari Karibuchi: Not yet we’re not. Hop on!Yoshika hangs on to Hikari by her back...Hikari Karibuchi: (to her striker unit) Sorry about this Chidori Jr....and Hikari pressed the button on her unit to let her go. Yoshika was shocked.Yoshika Miyafuji: What are you doing, Hikari?!Hikari Karibuchi: Trust me!The unit was dropped into the water. The crowd on base gasped in fear.SMG4: What is she doing?Mario: I’m guessing she’s gonna do what she did.SMG4: You mean the… (realized) Oh, no… (starts to pray) Please Meme God be with them!Soon, Hikari starts to fall while Yoshika screams in fear. A small green symbol appeared on the ocean from Hikari. She gets on the magic symbol…Hikari Karibuchi: One,……then hops to the next…Hikari Karibuchi: ...two,…...and then she hops to the last one.Hikari Karibuchi: ...three!She hops off high near the end of the runaway, about to grab on to it. Hikari and Yoshika were getting close as Hikari was about to grab on… but missed and fell down to their doom… or did they? Leaving some suspense, we see Hikari’s hand grabbing on to the edge of the runway and used her strength to pull herself and Yoshika up. They got to the ground all tired like. The crowd was shocked… but cheered. The two girls were laying on the ground exhaling from the rush they been though.Hikari Karibuchi: ...told you… to trust me… twice! (chuckles)Yoshika Miyafuji: Yeah… (chuckles as well)Hikari Karibuchi: (realized) No way...Yoshika Miyafuji: What?Hikari Karibuchi: I did it.Yoshika Miyafuji: Did what?Hikari Karibuchi: No way! (laughs in joy and hugs Yoshika; excited) I finally did it! I FINALLY CROSSED THE WATER! Ah-ha! Thank you, thank you, Yoshika!Yoshika Miyafuji: (muffed while her head is between Hikari’s breasts; in pain) Any… time.Cut to the crowd…Mario: Ha-ha! (hugs SMG4) That’s our girls!SMG4: Oh! Okay! This is gay as hell.Cut to two girls (Nikka Edvardine Katajainen and Kanno Naoe from Brave Witches) in the crowd….Kanno Naoe: Yah! Alright! (punches Nikka’s arm)Nikka Edvardine Katajainen: Ow! (rubs her arm) Geez! What’s your deal?! I didn’t break a striker unit already.Kanno Naoe: (shocked) Oh! Sorry! (chuckles nervously)Cut back to the two girls after Hikari stops hugging Yoshika as Mio and Hattori walks to them.Mio Sakamoto: So… you two made it back? (gets them up) Without getting killed?Yoshika Miyafuji: That’s… a long story. (chuckles)Hikari Karibuchi: But at least… (gets the message out of her breasts in her dress) We have the message. (chuckles)As Hikari gives Mio the message, she salutes her and then faints back. It spooked both Mio and Hattori.Yoshika Miyafuji: I think… I need to lay down as well. (faints and lands on Hikari)Cut to the Marios...Mario: Hey, I realized something. I wonder what’s the message for anyway?In the war room, the message was delivered.Man: Certainly, yes.Messenger: (offscreen) Message from the Valiant Witches, sir.General A.S.Swipe: Just one moment. (looks at the message) Gentlemen, a change of plan. We now land in… Normandy.Man 2: A change of plan.General A.S.Swipe: Normandy. Repeat: Normandy.Moments later, a ceremony was held. Perrine, Lynette, Yeager, and Lucchini have all got silver medals.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: (on mic) And so, for not only completing the mission, but for defeating the terrible Warlock by striking back and attacking him using courage and bravery. I hear by award two of our finest witches that served well to our unit and promoting them as… Sergeant Yoshika Miyafuji, of the Strike Witches, and Sergeant Hikari Karibuchi, as a new member of the Brave Witches. Let’s give a big round of applause to them as we give them the gold medal of the Valiant Witches!The crowd cheers as she awards Yoshika and Hikari with gold medals.Mio Sakamoto: (to Yoshika) I’m proud of you, Yoshika. You’re a credit to the union and the witches.Yoshika Miyafuji: (bows peacefully to Mio) Thank you, Major.In the crowd, the witches’ Marios applaud to them with Hikari’s sister.SMG4: (to Takami) Sorry that your sister took your place as a new member of the 502nd Unit Fighter Wing.Takami Karibuchi: Ah, don’t worry about it. It seems my sister really got the credit she serves… as a great witch like me. (then) Besides, I was thinking about joining the 508th Unit Fighter Wing. They are better than what I have.Erica Hartmann: (to Barkhorn) Welp, we’re gonna be back to Wing Commander Minna, are we?Gertrud Barkhorn: (to Erica) At least that’s the only truth you can say, Hartmann. (chuckles)Back with Yoshika as she shakes the Major’s hand, Mio leaves as Hikari hugs Yoshika from behind. Yoshika was spooked from that but glad that it was just her. They both laugh as their Marios and their witch friends come to them.Mario Photographer: (offscreen) Say cheese!All: CHEESE!!!Suddenly, Hikari belched as the group flinched from her til the photo was taken. Must have been the cheese that cuts.(Cue-Shoo Shoo Baby by Mis-Teeq)Later, a Mario Party was held in the hanger.Mario: To our witches! The greatest witches that got us famous!Marios: To the witches!They toasted while they dance.SMG4: Who knew they threw parties like these?Enzo: Well, even though the mission is complete, this is kinda like a... graduation party if you wanna call it that.Mario: Hey, we’re already graduated! Let’s dance!The Marios start to boogie around, doing dances like the ones on Fortnite. Even FM is dancing with his penguin like it’s a lady he’s dancing with.FM: I’m glad we could have adventures like this again…Cube: Feed… me!FM: I agree, my pet… I agree...Soon, Mario realized something.Mario: Hey! Where are our witches at?SMG4: I heard they probably went to that gravestone on a cliff near the sea where Yoshika’s father is resting.Mario: Oh, that’s cool! Hey, let’s go see them!SMG4: Alright fine. (then) one last drink to hit the road.Mario: Come on, Meme-bro! (drags SMG4 away)SMG4: Wha! (offscreen) No my drink!(end song)Meanwhile…Yoshika Miyafuji: (voiceover) Dear mom and grandma,... I have decided to stay with the Valiant Witches to help the people around the world in this awful war we’re in. Even though I’m scared, I did learn about what happened to my father… but I’m pleased to say that I’m happy to help make his promise come to life.We then see Yoshika putting a few flowers near her father’s grave.Yoshika Miyafuji: (voiceover) I may not know this, but even though I promised him to come back, he would have been with me. But after I learned about his death here… I realized that… it’s not the answer we’re looking for...Soon, Hikari walks near Yoshika for comfort.Yoshika Miyafuji: (voiceover) It’s the way to keep on and never give up on what you believe in most.The two kneeled down, looking at the sunset from this cliff.Yoshika Miyafuji: (voiceover) Protecting your friends… and your family. Signed… Yoshika Miyafuji.Hikari Karibuchi: (sighs) Just like the one on the ship.Yoshika Miyafuji: You know,... Lynette likes her favorite spot on the runway at night but here… I think it’s my favorite spot to be… to be close with my father. Knowing that I’m gonna be a good witch… like you.Hikari Karibuchi: (softly smiles to Yoshika) Thanks…SMG4: (offscreen) What the hell are you two staring at?Yoshika and Hikari: Huh?They turn around to see Mario and SMG4 arriving.Mario: We’re here!SMG4: Okay everyone, clam down. We’re here.Mario: The backup has arrived!SMG4: So, uh… what did we missing?The girls were shocked, but they chuckled.Yoshika Miyafuji: Nothing, guys.Hikari Karibuchi: You wanna come sit with us?SMG4: Eh… why not? (walks to them) I had a little drunk in me waiting to get it out of my d…The girls groan in disgust.SMG4: Sorry. (sits next to Hikari) There was a party at the hanger you know. Everyone love you girls now! You’re heroes! And for us,... we got the stuff we needed.Mario: (walks near Yoshika) And all the babes we can get! (then) Besides you girls, of course. Hey! Can I sit down with you girls.Yoshika Miyafuji: Well, sure but…Mario: Thanks! (sits on Yoshika’s lap)Yoshika Miyafuji: (in pain) Mario,... you’re crushing me.SMG4: Mario, get your fatass off of her!Mario: Hey! For you info, I’m not fat! I'm just big boned.SMG4: That’s an excuse, retard!Mario: Why, you… (gets off of Yoshika and tackles SMG4 away from the girls)The girls laughed to see them fighting.Hikari Karibuchi: I’m glad you decided to stay here until the war is over. Might be a year, but at least we’re together.Yoshika Miyafuji: Yeah. As long as there are no surprises coming at us.Suddenly, they saw something in the sky and starts to crash into a bush.Amaki Suwa: (offscreen) Ow!The two Marios stopped fighting to hear the noise.SMG4: What was that?Mario: It sounds like it’s coming from over there! Let’s-a go! Yahoo! (runs to the bush)As Yoshika and Hikari get up, they looked in the bush to see the witch from the prologue!Amaki Suwa: (groans in pain) I have got to learn how to land better.Yoshika Miyafuji: Who are you?Amaki Suwa: (gets up; sees Yoshika) Oh… are you Sergent Miyafuji?Yoshika Miyafuji: Uh-huh?Amaki Suwa: What a relief. I’m Amaki Suwa of the 47th Army Aviation Company.Mario: 47th? Is that a unit?SMG4: I don’t know, man.Hikari Karibuchi: Why did you came here?Amaki Suwa: Well… (holds a letter) I came here to deliver this from Dr. Miyafuji.The gang gasped.SMG4: You mean it’s from… (then; not amused) Oh, boy. Here we go again.Yoshika gasped and then screams as the camera zoomed to her eye, transitioning us to black.THE END?!
Valiant Witches Chapter 2Back at the base, we see the girls running to get some exercise. They were pretty tired except for Hikari. The girls were in awe from her. Mio noticed this and is impressed by how Hikari uses her stamina. Later, the girls stop running.Mio Sakamoto: Impressive running, Miss…Hikari Karibuchi: Hikari. Hikari Karibuchi, Major.Mio Sakamoto: Ah, I heard of that. You’re sister was in the 502nd, is that right? (Hikari nods) Well now, maybe you would step into her shoes one day to join the 502nd. The rest, however, will be for the 501st. Since they look like a few witches that need to strike back on working out.Charlotte Yeager: (groans) Is there a nickname for that?Mio Sakamoto: Why yes, Miss Yeager. 501st is known as the Strike Witches while 502nd is known as the Brave Witches. A while back, during the Neuroi war, "Strike Witches" is known as a specialist unit comprised of several of the greatest aces of the time as the first established Joint Fighter Wing while "Brave Witches" is known for their work in Orussia. I was part of the Strike Witches but after the Neuroi war, it’s time to pass it on to a few recruits that will be able to strike back at the enemy. Even some would be brave enough to fight back.Hikari nods in pride.Mio Sakamoto: Now then… fall out and report to the doctor immediately! It’s time for your flu shots!Girls: Yes, ma’am!The rookies had to where the doctor lives. However, the doctor… was a Mario!Dr. Mario: Oh-ho! Hello, ladies! I been waiting for you girls.Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh? Mario?Dr. Mario: Mario?! Who’s this Mario? For… (sings) I am Dr. Mario and I am saving lives!Charlotte Yeager: (interrupts him) Hey, doc! cut the singing will ya? This isn’t a musical you know!Francesca Lucchini: Yeah! Do you have something for a brave witch about to go into battle or not?Dr. Mario: Oh, it just so happens I do have something for you.Francesca Lucchini: Yes! (to the girls) Do you hear that?! Ah-ha!Lynette Bishop: Um… what did the Major met by flu shots?Dr. Mario: (pulls out a big syringe with the flu remindy) Is this what you girls have in mind?Yeager, Lucchini, Perrine, and Hikari screamed when they see the needle then faints on the ground. Yoshika and Lynette were startled by them.Dr. Mario: I think they said yes.Yoshika Miyafuji: My… it’s awfully big.Dr. Mario: Not as your breasts yourself. Now then, show me your behind.Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh?Dr. Mario: Your ass!Yoshika Miyafuji: Oh, um… isn't that necessary.Dr. Mario: Hey, where else can I stick this up to? Your vag-in-a?Yoshika Miyafuji: (nervously) Uh… No thank you.Dr. Mario: I thought so. Now then. Turn around and let’s see that ass.Yoshika Miyafuji: Okay…She turns around and bend down to show the doc her ass.Dr. Mario: Oh, very nice. My weiner is getting a little funny. Now hold still… (gets ready to poke her ass with the syringe) This won’t hurt a bit.As he sticks it in her, it was aimed for her buttcheek. Yoshika exclaims in surprise while Lynette flinched in fear.Dr. Mario: (offscreen) NEXT!Later, the girls were rubbing their behinds after their flu shots. They were in the halls following Mio.Charlotte Yeager: Man, giving a flu shot in the keiser in the worse!Perrine Clostermann: I’ll say. Ouch! I’ll never sit again.Francesca Lucchini: I regret coming here. This place sucks! Ow!Mio Sakamoto: I know you girls have had a tiring day. What you need is a nice, relaxing shower. The spa is open for witches only.Charlotte Yeager: Now we’re talking!Francesca Lucchini: Forget my regret! This place rocks! (she and Yeager runs pass Mio to the spa) Wahoo! (laughs)Perrine Clostermann: Finally! Some place to wash up. (walks away)Hikari Karibuchi: Come on, Yoshika! Last one there is a broken striker unit! (runs off while she laughs)Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh? Hikari, wait! (runs off after them)Lynette Bishop: Um… Mayor Mio?Mio Sakamoto: Huh?Lynette Bishop: Permission to speak freely, ma’am?Mio Sakamoto: Hmm… alright just this once, okay.Lynette Bishop: What about the Marios? Are they getting the treatment as we are?Mio Sakamoto: Oh. I’m sure Enzo is guiding them well in their new base.Cut to the Marios at the hanger…Enzo: And part of our tour is the hanger where the witches launch themselves with their Striker Units. So far, in our base, there’s probably around 10 hangers so far for each squadron. You’re assigned to be on Squadron F with your witches.Mario: What the F is Squadron F?Enzo: I think that means the flyers of the future. Or far future perhaps. Right now, let’s get you guys cleaned up.The Marios, except Enzo, muttered in excited.Geo: Are we gonna go swim with our girls?Enzo: Oh, no, no, no, no. The spa is for witches only. We Marios have a more gender equality-like thing for our hygiene.Later, the Marios were over a few watering cans full of water over their heads. We see the Marios, except for Enzo, in their underwear.Enzo: Now, we Marios are not that bright on this due to budgets and all. But it’s the least idea we have.Mario was about to sneak off but Enzo grabs him without looking and tossed him back in his position. The Marios were in awe to see that.Enzo: I had a lot of training to be prepared. Right then! (grabs a cord) Let’s get cleaned up!He tugs the cord and the watering cans poured on the Marios’ heads while Mario, however, was screaming and shivering.Mario: Cold water! Cold water!Enzo chuckles. After that, each one has a towel to cover themselves. Mario was shivering.SMG4: Are you okay, Mario?Mario: “Luxury Mario Baths”, they say. Go to war, they say. Yeah, right. (sneezes; then sniffs)Cut to the girls, now clean and dressed, in the dining room…Mio Sakamoto: We Witches need to be healthy if we need more fat and quickly. But not too much though. We had a few that has some… overweight problems.Yeager and Lucchini chuckles.Mio Sakamoto: So in order to be healthy, what you girls need is a fancy dinner by our finest witch chefs in the world.She snaps her fingers and a few chef witches appeared with trays of glorious food. Cooked turkey, Burgers and Hot Dogs, etc. You name it.Sadako Shimohara: (serves the meal) Dinner is served.The rookies were in awe. As the chefs puts the food on the table, Yeager and Lucchini starts to chow down while Perrine eats her food like a gentle lady. Cutting a steak with a knife and a fork. Perrine see the two feisty girls eat like pigs. She flinched in disgust from them eating unmannerly.Perrine Clostermann: Some people have no civil manners. (eats her piece of steak)Yoshika Miyafuji: You know, Major, I can cook if you want. I happened to be a good cook back home.Mio Sakamoto: Ah, very good info, Rookie. We’ll have you be our substitute in case one of our chefs are ill or can’t make it to work today. That or they might be dead but still. Thanks for the offer, rookie.Yoshika Miyafuji: Well… anytime. (chuckles nervously)This made Perrine a bit jealous of Yoshika. Cut to the Marios as all the Mario engineers were at their cafeteria eating only nothing but…Mario: SPAGHETTI!!! (eats his spaghetti rapidly)SMG4: This is the only eat we can eat?Enzo: Hey, it’s what Marios eat. Either that or we have to eat Pizza for lunch. And we’re almost italian to be honest.After Mario eat, he belched then sighs in relaxment. Cut to the girls picking out some Striker Units.Mio Sakamoto: A witch must have a Striker Unit act all times. You need to pick one that matches your style.Yoshika picks out a Miyabishi Heavy Industries Type 0 Model 22 A6M3a Striker Unit. She shows it to Mio then nodded yes as an answer. Later, the girls have found a few that matches their style. Yeager picked out a North Liberion P-51D Mustang Striker Unit, Lucchini picked out a Farotto G.55 Centauro Striker Unit, Perrine picked out an Arsenal VG 39 Striker Unit, Lynette picked out a Ultramarine Spitfire Mk IX Striker Unit, and Hikari picked out a N1K4-A Shiden Kai 4 Prototype Striker Unit.Mio Sakamoto: Miss Karibuchi, you sure you wanna pick that? It’s only a prototype, you know?Hikari Karibuchi: What? You said it matches my style so… yeah. I think so.Mio Sakamoto: Very well then.Hikari Karibuchi: Yes! I’m gonna call it Chidori Jr. since my sister name her unit after it.Yoshika Miyafuji: Chidori?Hikari Karibuchi: It’s the name she gives to her striker unit. Thing is, before she got kidnapped, all striker units have a voice in them. Well… only one. But i know this one does.Mio Sakamoto: (chuckles) At least we’ll learn to fly by tomorrow with our Striker Units on.The rookies was shocked.Perrine Clostermann: Tomorrow?!Francesca Lucchini: No way! Cool!Charlotte Yeager: Great! Now i can tune this baby up to see how fast it can be. Might be able to break the sound barrier with this.Hikari, however, was shocked as she remember, the last time she tries to fly, didn’t go as she thinks. She starts to get nervous about it. Yoshika noticed Hikari’s nervousness.Yoshika Miyafuji: You alright, Hikari?Hikari Karibuchi: Um… yeah? I think so. (gulps nervously)Cut to the Marios as they were getting some helmets for their construction gear.Enzo: Now to set you guys up for some helmets. (gets rid of SMG4’s cap and puts a safari hat on his head) Hmm… nope. (Throws the hat away and puts a pilot's hat on SMG4’s head) Hmm… still now. (takes it off of him and puts a war helmet on SMG4’s head) Perfect-doh!FM: (he and X are wearing their war helmets; hits X’s helmet) Does it hurt?X: No. Does this hurt?! (hits FM’s helmet hard)FM: (groans; upset) That’s it! (removes X’s helmet and bonks his head)X: (upset) Oh it’s on now! (tackles FM in a fight cloud)Later, it was night time as Mio is showing their rooms.Mio Sakamoto: This is where you’ll be sleeping. Two of you will each get a room. (to Lucchini and Yeager) You two will be in room 830.Charlotte Yeager: Yes!Francesca Lucchini: Roomies! (high fives Yeager) Alright! Woo-hoo! (She and Yeager runs off you their rooms while laughing)Mio Sakamoto: (to Perrine and Lynette) You two will be in room 520.Perrine Clostermann: Hph. ABout time we get our bed. Come along, Lynne. We got a lot of rest to do. (drags Lynne away to the room they need to go)Mio Sakamoto: (to Yoshika and Hikari) And you two will be in… 315.Hikari Karibuchi: Cool! (to Yoshika) Guess we’re room buddies now, huh, room bud?Yoshika Miyafuji: Oh yeah but… Major, can i now…Mio Sakamoto: Not now, rookie. You’ll chat with me when you have permission.Yoshika Miyafuji: But permission to speak to you now?Mio Sakamoto: Maybe tomorrow after training. Like I said. Now then. To your room, ladies.Hikari Karibuchi: Okay. Come on, Yoshika! (laughs and drags her away from Mio; leaves with Yoshika)Mio Sakamoto: Yoshika? Hmm… so that’s what the rookie’s named but… what was her last name? (then) Oh, well. I’ll figure it out later.Cut back to the Marios as they head for their cabin.Enzo: This is where you boys will sleep in for the night. (opens the door to see their cabin a mess)Geo: So this is where the smelly, rotten bits of disgusting refuse are dumped. And our sleeping quarters would be where?Enzo gets out the beds were broken.X: Guess I'm not sleeping here.SMG4: I don’t know. (gets on the mattress) This isn’t so bad. (a spring from the mattress launched him to the roof; his head gets stuck) Uh… a little help?Mario: Just like home! Yay!Onyx facepalms. Later, In Yoshika and Hikari’s room, Hikari was getting her stuff ready from her bag and puts them on the shelves.Hikari Karibuchi: Can’t you believe it, Yoshika! We’re finally in the Witches club now! The elite of the elite. Fighting the heroic battle to save the world from the enemies! Isn’t this exciting, Yoshika?! (sees Yoshika in her bed) Huh? (noticed Yoshika is a bit nervous) Yoshika? Hmm… I guess you know what you’re feeling about tomorrow huh?Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh? What are you talking about? Is it that you know about the Major?Hikari Karibuchi: Huh? Oh, no. The fact is that I won't fly a striker unit.Yoshika Miyafuji: You can’t?Hikari Karibuchi: Well… it did fly once just to show off but… it didn’t go so well. (holds her pistol) But at least I have this.Yoshika Miyafuji: Could you put that away before you shoot something. You know I don't want to use a gun, right?Hikari Karibuchi: Relax, Yoshika. The Wing Commander saids we may only use these in case of an emergency. You should learn that by now.Yoshika Miyafuji: I know but… I just came here on a mission and that is that.Hikari Karibuchi: You mean your super secret mission you made up?Yoshika Miyafuji: (worried) If that’s what you think then yes. I just need to know about…Hikari Karibuchi: About that?Yoshika Miyafuji: Uh… nothing. Just… put that gun away.Hikari Karibuchi: Yoshika, it’s empty. It only uses magic like we have. Well, I don't know if I have any magic abilities but we have magic you and I. I mean, what magic abilities can you do.Yoshika Miyafuji: Well… I can heal people like my mom and my grandma… but it’s hard concertate on using it. They say that “If I don't learn how to direct these energies they possess, I may overextend and paying with my life.”Hikari Karibuchi: Meaning…Yoshika Miyafuji: (sad) ...I’ll die. If I use that ability.Hikari Karibuchi: Oh…. (feeling a bit worried for her, she puts the gun away and walks to Yoshika) Hey, cheer up, Yoshika. Tomorrow will be a new day. I’m sure we’ll make it… eventually. But aside of that, we’re gonna be best witch pals in the war against the enemies. Even if you don’t like being part of it anyhow so…Yoshika Miyafuji: Okay, i get it, Hikari. I get it.Hikari Karibuchi: I’m just saying, Yoshika. This is our first time coming here from Fuso. And if you wanna chat with the Major so badly… then i’ll support you no matter what since i’m the bravest… while you strike back.Yoshika Miyafuji: (chuckles) Thanks,... Hikari.Hikari Karibuchi: Anytime for a friend.Through the window, we see Mario launched out of the cabin through the roof to the sky then crashed into their room as he lands on Yoshika again. Hikari exclaimed in surprise.Mario: Wow! I knew it’s just like home. (hears Yoshika groaning in pain) Hmm? There’s that sound again.Meanwhile, back at the enemy base, after listing to german music…General Warlock von Talon: (groans) I've had enough! (goes to the witches as they were dazed from hearing the songs; upset) Speak!Takami Karibuchi: (salutes; at the same time) Takami Karibuchi, part of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing!Gertrud Barkhorn: (salutes; at the same time) Lieutenant Gertrud Barkhorn, part of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing!Erica Hartmann: (salutes; at the same time) Lieutenant Erica Hartmann, part of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing!Waluigi: Wow. These witches are good.General Warlock von Talon: Hmm… it’s time to bring in de secret weapon. Bring me de truth serum!The Wario bros gets the truth serum.General Warlock von Talon: Come on, come on, come on!Waluigi: We’re on it! (gives him the truth serum in the syringe) Here you go.General Warlock von Talon: There… One shot of this, und we will know everything.The girls gasped.Gertrud Barkhorn: We’ll never talk!General Warlock von Talon: Oh, you two won’t… but de blonde one will. (cackles evilly)The Wario Bros gets Erica out of the cage and holds her still. She starts to struggle.Erica Hartmann: Let me go! You creeps!As the main villain cackles, the bros shows him Erica’s behind and he then pokes her with the serum. Cut outside to hear Erica scream loudly which cuts to Yoshika panicky woke up from her bed. She exhales in fear while Hikari yawns. It was morning already.Hikari Karibuchi: (rubs her eye) Man, Yoshika. Maybe try to not be like a clock next time. (yawns) I had a nice dream for once.Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh? Oh! Sorry, Hikari. It’s just that… I heard screaming in I was sleeping… and then…Suddenly, air sirens are playing outside.Mio Sakamoto: (on speaker) Attention, Rookies! Report to me outside the hanger immediately! This is not a drill! I repeat! This is not a drill!The two quickly got up, got dressed, and run out the halls to the hanger. Outside, the rest of the girls were waiting outside until Yoshika and Hikari crashed into them when they got outside. The girls were now like a pile of dazed girls. They were moaning til the air sirens stops. Mio arrives near them but when the girls looked up to see her. Mio was calm and drinks her coffee.Mio Sakamoto:’re late.Girls: What?Mio Sakamoto: That was just a drill. The next one will be not a drill. Remember that now.Perrine Clostermann: (upset) Are you kidding me, Major?! After all of this, we came outside just for a lousy prank!Mio Sakamoto: No, Ms. Clostermann, this is no prank. It’s just an exercise.Rookie Girls: Huh?Yoshika Miyafuji: For what exactly?Mio Sakamoto: To see how well you girls get ready for the big day.Yoshika and Hikari: Huh? (to each other) The big day?Later, we see 20 witches outside in their striker units ready to be launched but a machine strapped to their units. It’s probably a Striker Unit launcher. We see Mio flying near them in her own striker unit.Mio Sakamoto: Alright, ladies. Listen up! Today, you will be able to fly like witches! Those Striker Units are your only chance of transportation. Without it, you need to choose an more better motive when moving to the enemy. But I should warn you, we haven’t got the jinks out of it. If there’s a rain advisory today, well as you all know, Witches cannot fly in the rain. So be careful. A waterproof Striker Unit is in the works by Ursula Hartmann.Yoshika Miyafuji: Ursula?Hikari Karibuchi: Oh yeah! She’s Erica’s twin sister! My sister told me about her a while back before she got captured.Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh. What did she look like?Hikari Karibuchi: Hmm… same as Erica but with the glasses like Perrine over there.Yoshika Miyafuji: Ahh…Mio Sakamoto: As always, you need to be careful about where you go. Even if you're shot, killed, blown up, or even crash in a root beer store. I got a couple of reports one of our witches crashed into a root beer store and that she’s in a home because of it, babbling like a cicada!Hikari Karibuchi: That’s awful.Mio Sakamoto: As a reminder before we take up, you must always be with your partner selected by the rooms. Even if your partner is from Strike, Brave, Storm, or even Luminous!On two girls (Nikka Edvardine Katajainen and Kanno Naoe from Brave Witches) in their striker units in the group...Kanno Naoe: (quietly) Or maybe Breaker. (coughs) Nikka! (coughs; then chuckles)Nikka Edvardine Katajainen: (shocked) Aww… Dang it.Cut back to Mio…Mio Sakamoto: Alright, Witches. Prepare for launch!Witches: Yes, Ma’am!As Mio flies out of the way,...Hikari Karibuchi: You ready for this, Yoshika?Yoshika Miyafuji: Yeah. Yeah, bring it on.Lyudmila Andreyevna Ruslanova: Wind, (checks the wind) check!Geena Preddy: Animal ears, check!Charlotte Yeager: Boobs, check!Waltrud Krupinski: Striker Wings, check!Anabuki Tomoko: Animal tail, check!Yoshika Miyafuji: (scared) Scared out of my dress, check!Mio Sakamoto: OK, ladies, let's move it out!Soon, their striker units start to warm up as a big witch symbol appeared from the ground near the witches.Mio Sakamoto: Take off in 3,... 2,... 1!The machines released them as the girls flies off into the sky in their striker units. Yoshika was in awe but has a little trouble trying to keep her balance.Hikari Karibuchi: You alright, Yoshika?! You look like you’re flying! Sort of.The group of flying witches formed a flying V formation with Mio leading them.Mio Sakamoto: Alright, ladies, this exercise will teach you how to fly and maneuver in your striker unit! You’re be the witches of the future, but my job, somehow, is to make you the witches of today!Soon, Yeager and Lucchini start to have fun in their striker units. They tried to make a figure 8 but failed as they crashed into each other.Mio Sakamoto: Ah, nice try, ladies. (to the group) You see, this is what I meant. Now, follow me! We’ll go around the base and back!Witches: Yes, ma’am!They start to fly around the base through the landscape of the base. Yoshika was in awe. She never flies in this before.Yoshika Miyafuji: Wooow…Soon, they were over the trees, above the river, in which Yoshika starts to touch the river while flying, then they fly through a field of dandelions. The petals of those dandelions start to blow off from the wind of the group. Yoshika gazed upon them like stars. It was beautiful.Yoshika Miyafuji: Incredible.Mio Sakamoto: Evasive action!The witches flew away but Hikari noticed Yoshika still gazing. That is until she noticed something coming at her.Hikari Karibuchi: Yoshika, look out!She flies at her and moves her away as it was a cannon ball that almost killed her. They looked down to see cannons aimed at them, piloted by a few Marios.Hikari Karibuchi: (shocked) Oh, boy.Mio Sakamoto: (offscreen) Girls! Try to keep up! This is only a practice course!Hikari Karibuchi: Come on, Yoshika. (a cannonball almost hit her) Whoa!The girls dodged various cannonballs except a sponge was fired at Yoshika’s face. Hikari giggles.Mio Sakamoto: (offscreen) Girls!Hikari Karibuchi: Oh! Let’s go, Yoshika! (grabs Yoshika’s hand and flies her away)Later, they were flying at the center of the base. The castle is been seen. Yes, it almost looks like the one from Disney but it’s more ancient than what it seems. The witches flies around the castle until they reach the top of the view. Yoshika was in awe to see the top but around her was the whole landscape of the world. It may be breathtaking, but the world around her is nothing but ocean outside the base, and land far from the base.Yoshika Miyafuji: This is… amazing.Hikari Karibuchi: (flies near Yoshika) Come on, bud. We need to keep up!Yoshika Miyafuji: Uh? Oh, right! (the two flies down)They were flying down fast till they hit the brakes. Later, they caught up by the group as the runway was cleared.Mio Sakamoto: Alright, ladies, stand by for re-entering!Witches: Yes, ma’am!A Mario pulled a lever near the runway and the big magic symbol appeared. All the witches are about to land but Hikari wants to do something before she lands.Hikari Karibuchi: (to her striker unit) Alright, Chidori Jr. I need to do something very quick so… (glups) Here goes!Hikari does the maneuver again like she did at school except she starts to lose balance again.Yoshika Miyafuji: Hikari?Suddenly, Hikari crashed into Yoshika and the two were about to crash! Mio noticed this and gasped.Mio Sakamoto: Everyone, evasive action!They moved away except for Lynette.Lynette Bishop: Huh?She turns around and sees the two about to crash! Lynette screams and the two crashed into her by mistake. Later, the three were moaning in pain.Yoshika Miyafuji: Hikari…Hikari Karibuchi: (in pain) Sorry…Later, at the doctor’s office, Dr. Mario was putting some bandages on their heads.Dr. Mario: This is the second time this week you came to good ol’ Dr. Mario. You were lucky Mio didn’t suspend you two from doing… whatever it is you do.Yoshika Miyafuji: Hey, it’s not my fault.Hikari Karibuchi: Well… it’s kinda mine. It’s that… before I came here, I wanna do just what Mia did.Yoshika Miyafuji: Mia? Who’s Mia?Hikari Karibuchi: That hotshot in my school.Yoshika Miyafuji: So, you want to school like I do?Hikari Karibuchi: Well,... it’s more of an aviator school with the same striker units… but a bit more practice. Besides, where I come from, danger is our business. Oh, yeah. We spit danger in the eye. If they can dish it out, well, I can take it.Yoshika Miyafuji: Hmm… where are you from?Hikari Karibuchi: Probably Saskeo. It’s a good city there. That’s where my family is. But… where do you live exactly?Yoshika Miyafuji: Um… maybe far from where you live. I live in Yokosuma with my family right now. So… I'll write a letter to them some day… if i get to talk to Mio about something I needed.Hikari Karibuchi: You mean Fuso? Oh, cool! I’m from Fuso too!Yoshika Miyafuji: You are?!Dr. Mario: Ah… two Fuso girls who have difficult past life experiences. You know, back in my day, I…While Dr. Mario explains his past life, Yoshika noticed Lynette a little bit in pain outside the office. She looks a bit worried. Seems that accident they did almost hurt her. Yoshika feels worried about this new recruit. Later that night, we see Lynette outside looking at the sea. Soon, Yoshika came out and went to her. She then sits next to Lynette at the end of the runaway.Yoshika Miyafuji: Uh… hey.Lynette Bishop: Huh? (sees Yoshika) Oh… hello.Yoshika Miyafuji: I’m sorry that me and Hikari almost hurt you on purpose. Though it wasn’t my fault, I swear, I…Lynette Bishop: It’s okay…Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh?Lynette Bishop: It would be my fault for listening to her orders but at least you did almost warned me a little.Yoshika Miyafuji: Oh, um… yeah. Kinda did. (chuckles nervously)Lynette Bishop: (giggles) You know,... out of all the things during training, this would be my favorite spot on the island.Yoshika Miyafuji: Really? Well, it does look beautiful, to be honest. Though, when I was flying, It felt like... I can see the whole world from above.Lynette Bishop: You think so?Yoshika Miyafuji: Kinda… but at least I’ll try harder next time.Lynette Bishop: Yeah… me too. Though… I’m a little jealous of you…Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh? Why would be jealous of me? What did I do wrong?Lynette Bishop: Well… it’s that… ever since we got here… I wanna try to be a witch like you but… you seem to be liking being one better than I thought. I was gonna introduce to you but… after we arrived, I guess I would keep my mouth shut until the end. I don’t have any redeemable qualities, though.Yoshika Miyafuji: How come?Lynette Bishop: It’s hard to explain. But I wonder if you or your friend would have been here.Yoshika Miyafuji: Well… it’s not my fault I came here.Lynette Bishop: How come?Yoshika Miyafuji: Those Marios want me to be a part of their new jobs and… after I got something from the mail, I had to come here and find out more about… well, that’s on a me-to-know basis though. I’m having trouble talking to the Major by the way. She’s probably a clue to my past.Lynette Bishop: Huh. No wonder why… my Mario wants to bring me here just to impress my family in Gallia. He said that my skills are the best and that i would use them here to help fight against the enemy.Yoshika Miyafuji: Wow. You are very good.Lynette Bishop: No, that’s not true.Yoshika Miyafuji: But your Mario likes it.Lynette Bishop: Only when I wanna be alone. Or during training at least.Yoshika Miyafuji: Maybe that would be good. Show off your skills in training.Lynette Bishop: And end up like you two? I don’t think so. (then upset) I’m nothing like you two! You two managed to fly without any training at all! (shocked) Oh, um… sorry. Maybe tomorrow will be a new day for me. (gets up) And I would recommend you leave before you and your friend cause any more damage. (walks away then runs back to the castle)Yoshika Miyafuji: Oh… (sighs)She pulls out the photo from her dress and looks at it, only to see her father in it near Mio. Yoshika isn’t giving up until she finds out about her father’s disappearance. The next morning, about three weeks after their first day…Mio Sakamoto: (to the rookies) As witches, it’s our duty to be sent into battle behind enemy lines. In the worst of conditions: wind, rain, sleet, snow. Bombs exploding, bullets flying! As if that weren't enough, Mankind has the audacity to create a little something called... the Warlock.The rookies and the marios gasped to see a slide that shows a pic of Warlock von Talon shown by Sanya.Mio Sakamoto: Twenty pounds of man-eating muscle, measuring five of your striker unit’s wingspans. His origins are unknown but, this beast likes to blindside their prey at speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour. But not to bite, not yet. The first strike is merely for impact. He'll let you drop a bit, making sure you're defenseless, then scoop you up in his striker unit’s modified razor-sharp talons.The Marios hide behind the girls in fear.Mio Sakamoto: And in the dark of the night, you'll have but a split second to recognize friend from foe. (Sanya switched slides to show a silhouette of a witch) Friend or foe?Marios and the Witches: (in unison) Foe!Mio Sakamoto: No, you idiots. It's a witch! (Sanya switched slides to show a silhouette of a warlock) Friend or foe?Marios and the Witches: (in unison) Friend!Mio Sakamoto: No! It’s a foe.Marios: Oooh!Mario: Oh, boy. You got Mario so confused.Mio Sakamoto: (Sanya switched slides to show a silhouette of a messy drawing) Friend or foe?Mario and the Witches: (in unison) Huh…?However, when Sanya switched slides, it shows a picture of a sexy Princess Peach, which the Marios like it very much.Marios: (in unison) Friend! My Friend! Yes, my friend! Definity my friend like there.Mio noticed this in shock then groaned in anger. Later, after the Marios were beaten up, the girls were doing push ups.Mio Sakamoto: 99,… 100,… 101,… 102,...Yoshika Miyafuji: (quietly; to Hikari) Psst. Hikari.Hikari Karibuchi: (quietly; to Yoshika) Huh?Yoshika Miyafuji: (quietly; to Hikari) That little stunt we did about three weeks ago from today, it made Lynette jealous.Hikari Karibuchi: (quietly; to Yoshika) What? Of us?Yoshika Miyafuji: (quietly; to Hikari) Of me. I feel bad for her.Hikari Karibuchi: (quietly; to Yoshika) Well, maybe you can offer her something after today like… flowers?Yoshika Miyafuji: (quietly; to Hikari) Hmm… you sure?Hikari Karibuchi: (quietly; to Yoshika) Maybe?Yoshika Miyafuji: (quietly; to Hikari) I’ll try.Later, they start to do some dumbbells to get some strength. Perrine tries to lift it but as she holds it up, she starts to lose her balance and falls down while the dumbbell hurts Lynette’s foot.Mio Sakamoto: To survive the battle throughout the world, a witch must have the strength to carry their striker unit.Later, we see them flying in their striker units but they seem to be getting better.Mio Sakamoto: (voiceover) It must have the speed to fly like the wind.The rookies went through an obstacle course through the base. Perrine was trying to think on how to fly though, but Lynette accidentally pushed her through. Mio facepalms.Mio Sakamoto: (voiceover) It must have the agility to outmaneuver the enemy.Yeager and Lucchini were doing the Figure 8 again but failed. Later, we see Yoshika in her striker unit, flying near a giant fan while pushing her.Mio Sakamoto: (voiceover) And it must have the endurance to battle the elements, flying long distances over raging seas.The rookies and Marios watched until Mario, who yawns, accidentally leans on a lever and sets the fan to “Surrender, Dorothy!” Yoshika was then blown away from the fan at maximum speed and made her crash into a wall. She moans in pain. Mario noticed he leans on the lever.Mario: Whoops. (sees Mio glaring at him; he chuckled nervously) Uh… I can explain.Meanwhile back at the enemy base…Erica Hartmann: (drunk) So the witch says, "How about we do a loop de loop?" I said, "I can't do a loop de loop." (laughing) He says, "Why ever not? I say, "Why, I'm afraid of heights."He says, "You? Afraid of heights? That's ridiculous." and then I said. "Maybe to you, mate, but not to me." (laughs)Gertrud Barkhorn: (groans) She’s been talking for weeks spilling the truth to the enemy, Takami!Takami Karibuchi: I know, Barkhorn, but she won’t last much longer. The truth serum would last out by now. Our only hope is for backup to arrive. And in the meantime,... we cover our ears.Gertrud Barkhorn: (sarcastic) What a plan! (she and Tikami covers their ears) Simple… yet stupid.Takami Karibuchi: I would believe you would try to bust out with your strength but remember was Talon said a few days ago? This cage with witch proof. Our powers are useful here.Gertrud Barkhorn: (sarcastic) Thanks for the uplifting trivia, madam.Back at the witches’ base, in Lynette and Perrine’s room. Lynette was in her room alone in her bed when a knock came.Yoshika Miyafuji: (offscreen) Lynne? Lynette? Are you there? It’s me, Yoshika. I wanna talk.Lynette sighs and gets up to go near the door. She doesn’t want to open it however. Yoshika Miyafuji: (offscreen) Listen, Lynne, if you’re in there…Outside the room, we see Yoshika holds some flowers for Lynette.Yoshika Miyafuji: I know how it feels to be recruited. But even though you think you’re jealous of me… I wasn’t making you jealous. Truth is,... like you, i can’t fly straight, I can’t use a gun, and i even don’t wanna fight against the enemy, either. I know it’s tough to think… but i thought you something to cheer you up. My friend, Hikari, recommend i should use some flowers to give it to you. As like an apology for making you feel bad. (puts it on the floor) Please forgive me after what i did. I know you wanna make a good impression like I do… but I would believe that… even though I don’t wanna be in the war, I’ve tried my best to be in one that I don’t like. (leaves)As she left, Lynne opens the door and sees the flowers Yoshika offers her. Lynne gasped in surprise. She never knew Yoshika was a good friend. She picks them up without anyone looking and closed the door. In her room, we see her getting in bed. Looking out the window to see the island far from her. It’s actually Gallia. Her home. She missed it when she got in. But looking at the flowers… reminds her of home. She breathes in then sighs in relief. Lynne softly smiles. The next day, the rookies were trying to do an attack formation.Mio Sakamoto: That's it, that's it.Suddenly, Hattori comes in with her striker unit on her. She lands near Mio.Shizuka Hattori: Evening, Mio.Mio Sakamoto: (sees Hattori) Ah, you must be the one that escorted these recruits in. Miss Shizuka Hattori, welcome back to Britannia. Now what being you here?Shizuka Hattori: I have some news about our squad.Mio Sakamoto: What news?Shizuka Hattori: Not good, I’m afraid. We just lost Squadron E over Belgium.Mio Sakamoto: What?! Already?!Shizuka Hattori: I’m afraid so. Which means… these new recruits are our only chance. The Wing Commanders will take charge of the mission by tomorrow. So, they will lead them to the mission.Mio Sakamoto: Impossible! But… but, they’re nearly done training!Suddenly, the rookies’ attack formation fails and they fall on the ground. The rookies moan in pain.Shizuka Hattori: (to Sakamoto) I’m sorry but orders are orders. Have them ready at 1800 tomorrow, Miss Sakamoto. (flies off)Mio Sakamoto: (sighs)Francesca Lucchini: (offscreen; in pain) MEDIC!!At the doctor's office…Dr. Mario: (while wrapping around the bandage on their heads) My, going on a mission tomorrow?Hikari Karibuchi: I know, right! This is the biggest chance I ever had! Huh, Yoshika! (nudge her by her side)Yoshika Miyafuji: Yeah, but… what if it’s dangerous?Dr. Mario: Girls, the world is dangerous these days. You two are gonna be shipping out by tomorrow! I'd like to be part of what you come home to. I don't care if you girls are heroes. You’re a team, both Striker and Braver! Just concentrate on getting back in case you need to bail. (cuts the bandage up) All done!He accidentally used the bandage to wrap their heads together.Yoshika Miyafuji: Uh, Dr. Mario… before we leave, are you good doctor besides being a good wiseman?Dr. Mario: Oh, yeah. Definitely. (shows them a drawing of his diploma) I got my diploma to prove it. What do you think, girls?Yoshika Miyafuji: Uh….Hikari Karibuchi: Yeah, I don’t think you’re not a good doctor.Yoshika Miyafuji: What she said.Dr. Mario: (offscreen) NEXT!Later, in the briefing room, the rookies and their Marios were there in their seats waiting on something. Soon, Mio arrives near a projection screen.Mio Sakamoto: Ladies,... you need to understand something. Our losses have been heavy. Catastrophic. You're all we've got. And so, today, we fight for our country. Tomorrow, our hair may be plucked from our lifeless bodies, our insides spread like jam on toast, and our bones fed to rabid weasels. But never mind that. On this day, in this place, Iet it forever be known that you witches did your part in the heroic battle for…Mario: (interrupts her) Spaghetti!The rookies and the Marios looked at Mario in confusion.Mario: Hmm? What the hell are you guys staring at?Hikari Karibuchi: Oh! Oh! I know! Freedom!Mio Sakamoto: Correct, Hikari. Tomorrow, you girls will be supported by our wing commanders Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke and Gundula Rall.Soon, the Wing Commanders arrived.Mio Sakamoto: I expect you to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of their mission. Sanya, slideshow!Sanya, near the projector, was sleeping until Elia, who was near her, whistles nervously then nudges Sanya to wake up.Sanya V. Litvyak: (feeling tired) Huh? (sees Elia whinking to her) Oh… okay. (pressed a button then yawns)The room went door as the projector shows a map of a different version of what Europe looks like.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Right, few days ago, we received intel from the French Resistance: Splatoon Division that they have a message that needs to be sent to home base. The message we have been sent to carry is of the utmost importance. The outcome of the war could well depend on it. We witches have never been entrusted with a more critical or dangerous mission.Gundula Rall: Our mission is simple. We’ll be dropped behind enemy lines in occupied Gallia, to make contact with the French Resistance to get a vital top-secret message, and bring it back here by sundown tomorrow. Even if we have to avoid the Warlock while we’re there.Yoshika was shocked. She realized that she was right about this mission being dangerous, even if she has to be part of the war.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: (offscreen) May God be with you all for tomorrow. The fate of the freedom-loving world depends on us.At lunch time,...Yoshika Miyafuji: What did they met by dangerous mission?! I had to join here just to figure out what I’m looking for, not be apart of some mission that’s part of the war!Hikari Karibuchi: Yoshika, it’s gonna be okay.Charlotte Yeager: Yeah, cool off, Yoshi. It’s just a mission that’s all.Yoshika Miyafuji: (upset) A mission? A mission?! I am a witch of principle. (eats her food; while eating) And my number one principle is, don't get involved with anything called "highly dangerous." (shallows her food) And I will never violate my core beliefs. Do not ask me to violate my core beliefs. You're talking to the wrong witch here.Perrine Clostermann: Hph. It’s obvious that your core beliefs of eating are very rude.Charlotte Yeager: (groans) Tattletale.Yoshika Miyafuji: I only sign up to find the one thing i need and all of a sudden, I got sign up to be part of the war! Maybe this was a mistake. I should have stayed in Fuso if I have to talk to…Mio Sakamoto: (offscreen) Talked to what?Soon, Mio appears.Yoshika Miyafuji: (to herself) Oh thank god. (to Mio as she gets up and goes to her) Madam, point of clarification, please. Regarding the dangerous mission. I, uh… have a doctor’s note.Mio Sakamoto: I know it’s hard for you to quit but unless you be quiet, you would be punished for your actions on a major like me.Yoshika Miyafuji: Yeah, sure, I understand. And I truly regret that I have but one life to give for my country. I'd love to die. Love to die. Can't. Not Sunday. Bad for me.Mio Sakamoto: Are you finished?Yoshika Miyafuji: Not quite. Listen, maybe I'm not that conscientious, but I do object that there’s something I need to talk to you about…Mio Sakamoto: (groans in anger; upset) GET BACK TO YOUR ROOMS! ALL OF YOU!The rookies gasped and runs off to their rooms. However, Yoshika comes back to Mio.Yoshika Miyafuji: Wait, I wasn’t done….Mio Sakamoto: (upset) Rookie, if it’s the mission you’re concerned, I appreciate your offer but I can’t…Yoshika Miyafuji: (interrupts her; upset) It’s not that!Mio Sakamoto: (shocked) Huh?Yoshika Miyafuji: There’s something I have that you need to see.Yoshika then shows the photo to Mio and for Mio’s reaction… was surprised. She recognized it before.Mio Sakamoto: Incredible… (to Yoshika; upset) Where did you get this?!Yoshika Miyafuji: At home. You know something about my father right?Mio Sakamoto: Your father? Hmm… I didn’t know… (realized; then upset) What’s your full name, rookie?!Yoshika Miyafuji: Um… Yoshika Miyafuji?Mio Sakamoto: (realized) It makes sense. (then starts to laughs) I was about to get you at Fuso a few weeks ago and I didn’t expect you to drop on by to use your powers for the greater good, (slaps Yoshika by her shoulder) You sly dog!Yoshika Miyafuji: Ow! (Mio laughs while she rubs her shoulder) Hold on, you were gonna get me in Fuso?Mio Sakamoto: Well, there were a few major problems I have to fix here… but yeah. Kinda did wanna bring you here to train your powers to battle against the enemy.Yoshika Miyafuji: (groans then facepalms) You gotta be kidding me. (Then) Look, I just came here to know about my father. And I believe you may know about him.Mio Sakamoto: Well, he did own my life about 5 years ago… Hmm… I’m not sure what to say. Dr. Miyafuji has been gone since after the Neuroi war.Yoshika Miyafuji: (gasped; shocked) Gone… after the Neuroi war?Mio Sakamoto: Boy, you sure aren't even educated enough, huh? Come with me, Yoshika. (walks away) There’s something I need to show you.Yoshika Miyafuji: Show me what?Back at Hikari and Yoshika’s room, Hikari was waiting on Yoshika to come back but she sees something through the window. She sees Mio and Yoshika getting in a jeep to drive off. Hikari was surprised.Hikari Karibuchi: No way! (runs off)Outside, the Marios were muttering about tomorrow.FM: I can’t believe our witches are going to Gallia! Do you know how much crimes they do there?! That’s more than what New Orleans has!X: I heard they have good quality there. That's famous for people who do animation.Mario: I always wanna go to Gallia one day. I’ve been practicing how to speak French. Bonjour, (speaks gibberish).SMG4: Mario, that’s not French. That’s not even close to French.Mario: Really? I should really get a translator than.Hikari Karibuchi: (offscreen) Hey! Guys!SMG4: (sees Hikari coming) Hikari?Mario: Hey! It’s hickory!Hikari Karibuchi: (onscreen; near the Marios) I saw the Major! She has Yoshika! Where is she taking her?!Onyx: That’s odd? I didn’t know Yoshika is friends with the Major.Geo: Me neither.Hikari Karibuchi: (sees Enzo walking) You there! You’re with the Major, right?!Enzo: Huh? (sees Hikari) Huh? Uh… me?Hikari Karibuchi: (picks him up) Where is she taking her?Enzo: Uh… probably at the abandoned lab where her father works.Hikari Karibuchi: (shocked) Her father? (drops him then runs to the hanger)SMG4: Hey! Hey! Where are you going, Hikari!Mario: Hickory! Where are you going?!As she got in the hanger, she puts on her striker unit and flies off.FM: (whistles in surprise) That girl’s gonna violate some laws on her report card.Meanwhile, Yoshika and the Major arrived at their destination. It was appears to be remnants of a building long ago. Like it was burned out. Yoshika looked around and sees the address to it like in the letter she has.Yoshika Miyafuji: So is this… where my father is?Mio Sakamoto: I’m afraid so. Your father worked on the Strikers for 5 years… till the accident happened, which started another war. It was so unexpected… that no one can’t explain why.Yoshika Miyafuji: And you knew it all along?Mio Sakamoto: Mmm-hmmm. But there’s something else about your father.Yoshika Miyafuji: About what?Mio Sakamoto: ...I’ll show you. (walks away)Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh?Soon, we cut to Hikari looking for Yoshika…Hikari Karibuchi: Yoshika?! Yoshika?! Where are you, bud?We then cut back to Yoshika following Mio through a beautiful landscape of Britannia. It’s not much after the Neuroi war but it’s still beautiful as it is.Mio Sakamoto: I used to spend time here with the doctor. Being as the first to use a Striker Unit. I can only assume that your letter was sent back way then.Yoshika Miyafuji: My father does have bad timing. He left on my first day at grade school, until the notice of his death on my 10th birthday. I didn’t believe that because I didn’t know what happened to my father. I did have a little bit of hope when that letter came in…. But… I wasn’t sure if he’s alive or not.Mio Sakamoto: (stops then moves aside to show her his grave) I think you’ll find your answer here.Yoshika was shocked. She walked to the grave then kneels down to see it. Yoshika was speechless. It seems that her father was dead. She moves her hand on the gravestone, feeling it like her heart stopped.Yoshika Miyafuji: I guess… I guess all of this was for nothing. And I thought…Mio Sakamoto: I know you don’t wanna be a part of the war you are not meant to be. But you have a choice. Your father changed the course of history and he wants you to carry on that beacon of hope. I know it’s tough, but D-day is upon us. You can come join the witches on the mission to Saint-Pierre,... or quit to go back home. Like you wanted. I’ll leave that choice for tomorrow. I’ll leave you be to give you some time. (walks away)As Mio left in her jeep, we see Yoshika looking at the grave with tears in her eyes. She starts to sob then cry. Hikari, who was looking for her in the skies, found Yoshika near the gravestone. She lands on the ground recklessly and takes off the striker unit to runs off to Yoshika.Hikari Karibuchi: There you are! I been looking for… (noticed Yoshika sad) kept crying. Hikari thinks something is bothering her. With some confident in Hikari, she walks to Yoshika and kneels down to her. As Yoshika starts to sniff while rubbing her tears off...Hikari Karibuchi: Hey… Yoshika… (her hand starts to reach for her shoulder) Are you o….Yoshika Miyafuji: Don’t touch me! (pushed Hikari back until she realized that was Hikari; gasped) Hikari. Oh, I’m sorry. (gets up and helps her get up) I didn’t know that… how did you get here?Hikari Karibuchi: Not important. I saw with the Major. Where were you going with her?!Yoshika Miyafuji: I just needed to know… (realized) You know, maybe you need to go back to base right now!Hikari Karibuchi: What are you talking about?Yoshika Miyafuji: I don’t want you to know…Hikari Karibuchi: (ses the gravestone behind Yoshika) Hang on… what grave is that?Yoshika Miyafuji: That’s not important. I just don’t need you to…Hikari moves Yoshika aside and looks at the grave. She noticed that the grave is from Dr. Miyafuji.Hikari Karibuchi: So this is what you came here for? (then upset; walks to Yoshika) To search for a gravestone in the middle of nowhere?!Yoshika Miyafuji: It’s not that. I… (groans in anger; then sighs) I just came here to see if my father’s alive.Hikari Karibuchi: (shocked) Your father?Yoshika Miyafuji: I didn’t expect you to come along but… I just got the letter and… I had to know!Hikari Karibuchi: So let me get this straight, you came to find your father who’s actually dead?! I thought we were a team!Yoshika Miyafuji: (upset) Well, maybe we shouldn’t be a team in the first place. In fact, none of this would have happened if those boys haven’t brought me here so that I may figure out that my father is dead! Here I thought I was going to find some answers, but all I get is to join some awful war with you as a lousy and confident loser! (echoes)Hikari was shocked to hear this. She gasped. Hikari then remembered that a while back from her rival Mia.Mia Misumi: (flashback; offscreen) How pathetic! (flies near Hikari; onscreen) I can’t believe that a confident loser like you is related to someone like the great hero of Sasebo. (echoes)Out of her flashback…Hikari Karibuchi: Well… (upset) I’m not a loser as Mia is!Yoshika Miyafuji: (shocked) Mia?Hikari Karibuchi: (upset) I’m here to be a great witch and you backstab me cause I thought we were gonna be friends! Well, if you wanna be with your dad, then fine! I’m going! (walks away) And I’ll do the mission without you! Even if you don’t like being part of it!Yoshika Miyafuji: Hikari? (sees her getting her striker unit on) Hikari, wait! (Hikari flies off) Hikari!Hikari left. Yoshika felt sad about breaking up with Hikari. She sighs in sadness.Yoshika Miyafuji: What have I done, dad? (looks at her pinky promise) And here, I thought you were gonna return like you promise. (looks at the gravestone; glares at it) But you broke it. (sighs in sadness)As she was about to walk away, Yoshika noticed something on the gravestone. A small writing shows beneath his name. It says… “Use your power to protect many.” Yoshika didn’t notice that before but her mission was done. She found her answer. She decides to head home by tomorrow. As Yoshika left the gravestone… the next morning, the rookies were getting prepared for their mission. The clock struck at 6 A.M.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Ladies, take your places! Remember your mission!The girls geared up.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: (offscreen) Once we get to Gallia, we’ll rendezvous with the resistance and get the message to the nation.Witches: Yes, ma’am!The hanger door opened to show a big carrier airplane ready to be loaded. The girls entered the plane until Hikari stops and noticed Yoshika still not coming. Angered, she gets on the plane without her.Charlotte Yeager: Hey, Hikari! Where’s Yoshika?Hikari Karibuchi: (brow furrows) She bailed.Witches: What?!Lynette Bishop: Yoshika… bailed?Hikari Karibuchi: (brow furrows) She’s not coming. Let’s just go.Gundula Rall: (to the pilot) Prepare for take off.Mario Pilot: Yes, ma’am!The plane starts to fly off as the Marios waved her goodbye.X: Farewell!Onyx: Good luck, Perrine!SMG4: So long!Mario: Take care!Geo: Be safe, Lynne!Soon behind them, Yoshika appears with her bag. They stopped when they noticed her packed up.SMG4: Yoshika?FM: Holy moly. She’s not on the plane!X: What the hell?!The Marios muttered as she walks pass them to go to the docks. Mario feels worried and runs after her.SMG4: Mario? Where are you going? Mario!Later, cut to him walking near Yoshika.Mario: Yoshika, what in the hell-a are you doing-a?!Yoshika Miyafuji: I’m going home. I’m done here.Mario: Done?! What do you mean you’re done? (grabs her leg) You would have made Mario famous! Why would you leave now!Yoshika Miyafuji: (stops walking) Huh? Get off! (tries to shake him off)Mario: Mario needs to know why! I may have 4 IQ but I have a heart like the Tin Man!Yoshika Miyafuji: The Tin Man has no heart!Mario: They don’t? I knew that Oz book is a lie! But that doesn’t explain why! Why are you leaving?! Mario needs to know why!Yoshika Miyafuji: ‘Cause I found out that my father’s dead! (echoes)Mario: Your father?! (lets go of her and falls on the ground) Is that why you came?Yoshika Miyafuji: (upset) Yes! I came because I need to know about my father and after many weeks, I found out that he’s gone! (sobs) He even promised.Mario: Promised what?Yoshika Miyafuji: (upset) That he would be back! Now, he’s gone. I came all this way just for nothing.Mario: Oh no… Yoshika…Yoshika Miyafuji: Get away from me. I’m heading home. And not a single word to anyone!As she was about to walk away…SMG4: (offscreen) You mean all of this is to find your father?!Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh?She turns around to see the witches’ Marios shocked about what Yoshika said.Yoshika Miyafuji: (facepalms) Dang it.FM: Boy, you ain’t just doing it right. That almost hurt Cube’s feelings. (the Marios looked at FM in confusion; noticed them looking at him) What? Cube’s my penguin.Geo: Okay...SMG4: Yoshika, why are you leaving right now?Yoshika Miyafuji: Cause did we start this? No. Did we make those? (points to those bombs) Or those? (points to the other bombs) I've seen them fall and it's not a pretty sight. The truth is... I'm scared, all right? I didn’t wanna be here just because of this awful war going on.SMG4: But Yoshika, Hikari needs you. We all need you.Yoshika Miyafuji: I don’t need her anymore. Neither all of you! I only signed up to find answers, not to be killed by that!SMG4: But where do we go when they start dropping bombs there, huh?! We all came here for a reason. If you turn back now,... D-Day will come up and everyone we know… will die.Yoshika Miyafuji: (shocked) Die…?X: We all signed up for not only fame and glory… but for our lives!Onyx: You witches are the last defense the world has got!Geo: Plus if I die, I can’t eat cheesecake.Marios: Cheesecake?Geo: What? I love Cheesecake. I’m almost italian, am I right?A beat was heard.SMG4: (not amused) Just ignore him. (then; to Yoshika) Look, we all have reasons. All of us! But when this war came in, we’re all gonna die. And we can’t die because of that. If you bail now,… we might not see another day.Yoshika Miyafuji: Look, I've got an urgent business to take care of, and… I'd better catch the wind while it's blowing. All right?SMG4: (sighs) But, if this is about your father, then I hope you’re happy that one day, you’re gonna see him… when you’re dead. Come on, guys. Let’s leave her be. (walks away)Mario: But... she’s my witch. I can’t let her go! (hugs her leg)SMG4: Come on, Mario. If she doesn’t wanna come, that’s fine by me.Mario: But what about her power?! She would have used it in the battle!SMG4: (grabs Mario) That’s enough, Mario! (pulls him off of her; drags him away) Let’s go!Mario: Yoshika! Don’t leave! YOSHIKA!!! (echoes)Yoshika was shocked about the impact she did. But hearing what Mario said about her power… is this what her father met? Looking at her pinky promise, there was a bit more about what her father said than waiting for him to come back. We fade back to a flashback of young Yoshika saying goodbye to her dad sadly.Young Yoshika: (flashback) Where are you going, Daddy? You said you would take me to my first day at school tomorrow!Ichirō Miyafuji: (flashback) I’m sorry, Yoshika. But I got important work to do. If I can finally succeed, we can finally defeat the Neuroi! But… (kneels down to her) When I’m finished, I’ll never leave you again.Young Yoshika: (flashback) Really, Daddy? You’re gonna stay forever?Ichirō Miyafuji: (flashback) Yes, I promise.She and her father pinky promised.Ichirō Miyafuji: (flashback) Yoshika, know that you have a great power inside of you, just like your mother and grandmother. Promise me that you would use your power to protect everyone.Young Yoshika: (flashback) Okay! I promise!Out of the flashback, she realized the last part he met. There was a promise from her father. Yoshika now gets what she has to do. What she came here for. She drops her bags and runs pass the marios who saw her in confusion. The Marios muttered in confusion except for Mario who suddenly sees her running back. He gasped in excitement. In the hanger, she runs pass a few witches to her striker unit. Yoshika takes her shoes off while she runs. As she gets in her unit, her animal ears and tail magically appeared until she was ready.Yoshika Miyafuji: Clear the runway!Mario Workers: (in unison) Wha?!Mario Worker Leader: You heard her! MOVE!!The Marios moved out of the way as her striker unit starts to warm up. A giant witch symbol appeared near her. Mio and Enzo arrived to see Yoshika leaving in her striker unit. Enzo was in awe.Enzo: Holy cow. That’s so much magic energy right there!Mario Worker: Path is clear!Mario Worker 2: Wind is clear!Mario Worker 3: (offscreen as Mio was in awe) Her Striker Unit’s clamping bolts are off! All ready for takeoff!Yoshika Miyafuji: Take off!The machine released her unit and she flies off to the plane. Mio smiles.Mio Sakamoto: Heh. I knew that girl is perfect for the witches.Cut to her flying near the plane with everything she’s got. Hikari, in the plane, looks out the window to see Yoshika outside flying to her. Hikari was shocked!Hikari Karibuchi: Yoshika?!Witches: Huh?!Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: What do you mean about Yoshika, Miss Karibuchi?Hikari Karibuchi: It’s Yoshika! She’s outside! In her striker unit!Perrine Clostermann: What?!Charlotte Yeager: No way!Francesca Lucchini: You gotta be kidding me!Gundula Rall: Open the hatch!The plane’s door opened.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: (near the opened door) Yoshika, are you insane?! What are you doing?!Yoshika Miyafuji: I made a mistake! I wanna come to help the people I love! Even if I have to be with my partner!Hikari Karibuchi: Yoshika…Gundula Rall: (near the door) Get in! Miss….Yoshika Miyafuji: Yoshika!Gundula Rall: Huh?Yoshika Miyafuji: Yoshika Miyafuji, ma’am!The rookies muttered about her last name except for Hikari would is a bit proud that Yoshika came back.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: (holds her hand) Hop abroad, Ms. Miyafuji! (Yoshika grabs her hand) We have a mission to do in Gallia!As Yoshika gets in, Hikari hugged her in joy and the door was closed.Hikari Karibuchi: You came back! (laughs in joy; stops hugging her) I thought you don’t wanna come with us in this “awful” war you don’t like.Yoshika Miyafuji: I know… (takes her striker unit off) And I’m sorry, Hikari. Sorry for everything. My mission, our friendship, everything. But I realized my father promise me something after he died… I wanna use my powers for the greater good. Besides, Hikari, you can't go without me. I couldn't let you get all the glory by yourself as a great witch.Hikari gasped and was proud of her for calling her that then being a loser. The witches, excited for Perrine, gathered around Yoshika in excitement.Lynette Bishop: What happened to you, Yoshika?Yoshika Miyafuji: I almost left like you said I would, Lynne. But i’m not going out until I help out my friend.Perrine Clostermann: Hmph. Seems a bit extreme to come back and be killed.Francesca Lucchini: Who cares?! Can’t you believe we’re the first lucky witches to be sent in the most dangerous mission in World War 2 1/2?! I mean i believe it but man! She’s gets my memo!The witches, except Perrine, chuckles.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Alright, ladies. That’s enough laughing. Let’s focus on the mission at hand.Witches: Yes, ma’am.Soon, they got to their seats. Yoshika sits next to Hikari and Lynette. She feels proud of herself but she’s a little worried about being part of it. That is… until Hikari puts her hand on Yoshika’s shoulder and looks at her saying….Hikari Karibuchi: Thanks for coming back.Yoshika Miyafuji: (softly smiles) Anytime. To tell you the truth, Hikari… It's the first worthwhile thing I've ever done. But we're gonna be fine. Right, Perrine?Perrine Clostermann: Huh? Hmm… besides us about to be dropped into a battlefield to be killed, I would say yes.The girls were shocked about what Perrine said but Yoshika and Hikari are proud at each other that they got each others’ backs. No matter what obstacle gets in their way.
Valiant Witches Chapter 1The following morning, in the city of Sasebo in Fuso, we see a house with a mailbox saying “Mario & Luigi: Retarded Plumbers”. It said “Retarded” because it was actually gonna be called “Bestest Plungers” but someone scratched out “Bestest” to have it say “Retarded”. In the house, we see a naked small, fat italian getting ready for the big day.Mario: (skimming through his clothes) Red and blue, red and blue, red and blue. Ooh! Red and blue! Yeah! Let’s-a shake it up a little!As he puts on his clothes, he starts to use his spaghetti as a shampoo container, as a body wash, and use its sauce as toothpaste. At the kitchen…Luigi: Mario! Come get your breakfast!In his room...Mario: In a minute! (gets a phone call and answers it) Hello?SMG4: (on phone) Mario?Mario: Meme-bro?SMG4: (on phone) Can’t you believe it's today?!Mario: I can't. I'll pick you up. (hangs up and combs his mustache) Looking sharp. (walks down stairs to the kitchen)Luigi: Hey, Mario!Mario: Hello, my retarded brother!Luigi: I’m not retarded, Mario. You are.Mario: (Laughs) Oh, that never gets old.Luigi: It does. (as Mario eats his food) You excited about graduation?Mario: Mm-hmm. (gulps his food down) Had to join to get some sexy ladies!Luigi: Mario, they’re teenagers. You’re too old to bang on them.Mario: But i am small! About 60 cms from what they are. (checks his watch) Oh! I’m gonna be late. (gets up from the table and runs off) I’ll catch you later, bro!Luigi: Take care! (as Mario left) Welp, off to my work at the bar.Soon, on the streets, Mario was riding a red moto-scooter through the town and picks up SMG4, a different Mario with Blue and White clothes.SMG4: Hey, Mario.Mario: Hello, Meme-Bro!SMG4: (gets in the scooter) You hyped?Mario: Yep. Special day, graduation. Here we come! Yahoo!Mario drives off with SMG4.SMG4: Never thought I'd make it.Mario: Three days of grade school, three days of high school,...SMG4: Those were so awkward.Mario: Three days of college. I'm glad I took a day and hitchhiked around the town.SMG4: You did come back different after you took the extra classes to get on track. Oh! Hey, you’re going to that funeral for that dog who died a while back, right?Mario: Course not! Everyone knows you die during the war and I don't wanna die because of my sexy body. Plus I have my spaghetti wife to marry one day.SMG4: Yeah, you have a thing about Spaghetti are you, Mario.Mario: Yep.SMG4: Oh! There is it!They soon arrived at Graduation. The two Italians parked their ride and went to their seats.SMG4: Boy, quite a bit of pomp… under the circumstances that is.The two Marios got their graduation hats from their seats and put them on.SMG4: This is Mario. Today, we become men.Mario: Engineer, Man.SMG4: Hallelijuh!Mario: PRAISE THE LORD!SMG4: Oh! Shh! Mario, they’re about to start.Mario: Ooh! Right!IAmWildcat: (on speaker) Students, faculty, distinguished retarded italians, please welcome… Doug Bowser!Coming onstage is Bowser dressed as a businessman. The Marios cheered.Mario: What happened to our old principal? You know, Reggie?SMG4: He retired.Mario: Ahhh.Doug Bowser: Welcome, Fuso Mario Graduates of… Section F. (clears his throat; then) And that concludes our graduation ceremony.The Marios threw their hats in the air and were given construction hats by the goombas.Doug Bowser: And begins your career on taking part in the great war against the enemies!The Marios cheer but when Bowser walks off stage, a protection plays a video for the marios.Mario: Are we gonna pick our jobs today?SMG4: I heard it's just Orientation.Mario: Ooh. Maybe after.SMG4: Yeah, probably.The video starts to play as an old propaganda film.TV Narrator: Marios On The March! Across the nation and the globe, small and fat italians are taking flight in the fight for freedom. Repairing the most advanced technology of these fine witches who defend our nation from behind enemy lines, these fine-italian Marios are the pride of the Allied forces. It's the Marvelous Engineering Mario Equipment Services that leads the way, or for short... M.E.M.E.S.! Whether these witches are cutting through enemy lines, or just cutting wires on their striker units, these proud Marios are the model of witchhood. But don't count out on these girls. These sexy teenage girls play a vital role in helping the main troops. Wait a minute! Ahoy, mates! Sexy witches at two o'clock. Now, that's what I call a task force. Luxury Mario baths? Why not? These hearty heroes need to look their best. Of course, not just any Mario nor witch can make the cut. But there's always room for a few brave recruits. And there they go, off to another exciting mission. Valiant Witches, we salute you, and your repairers!The marios cheered and walked the building. They were handed papers by the koopas. Soon, Mario and SMG4 left the building and started to walk. Mario was hyped.Mario: Finally! After nine days, we’re finally engineers!SMG4: Mario, you do realize, we’re gonna go to war?Mario: Yeah, but, think about the hot babes. With these “Oofs” and these “Uhhs”.SMG4: They’re teenagers, Mario. You can’t just date teenagers and have sex with them.Mario: Ah, but you want a girlfriend right? After all, what i heard is that, you signed up to get yourself a girlfriend.SMG4: (shocked) Uh, what, no, I mean, huh? What are you talking about? (nervously chuckle)Mario: Eh, don’t be too jealous. At least we’re gonna be famous when the war is over.SMG4: Probably. (looks at the paper then get shocked) Uh,... Mario.Mario: Yes?SMG4: It says here, we need a witch to go in Britannia for our job.Mario: A what? (looks at the paper then crumbles it in anger) Son of a witch! We were so close to get that ass. It’s holy i say!SMG4: Well, sorry, Mario but its not like we would find a witch at this point.Suddenly, a few marios run pass them in a hurry.Mario: Hey! What’s going on here?Random Colored Mario: Some girl is trying to save a black cat off a tree and we’re gonna it from the top to look at her sexy ass. (chuckles then runs)Mario: Sexy ass! Mario likes sexy girl ass! Come on, SMG4. Let’s-a go! Wah-oo! (runs off)SMG4: Mario, wait up! You don’t i run that fast!Mario: (offscreen) Neither an I.Soon, they ran to where the girl was trying to save that cat. Though the reason why it’s that it was at Fuso Empire’s Yokosumo Girls Middle School #4 where a girl named Yoshika Miyafuji was trying to save a cat from a tree hanging off the rock wall. Yoshika has a petite build, standing as one of the shortest of the 501st and having one of the least developed bodies. She has short brown hair, with the sides curved distinctively outwards. Her usual outfit is a white sailor's uniform overtop a standard school swimsuit, a staple of most Fuso witches. The Marios were looking above her from the ledge chuckling like Beavis and Butthead while the female students were on the ground below her.Michiko Yamakawa: Don’t, Yoshika! It’s too dangerous! Should I go get the teacher?Yoshika Miyafuji: No! I-I’m fine!Cut to the Marios still chuckling like Beavis and Butthead, Mario and SMG4 moves pass the marios to get up front.Random Colored Mario: Hey! Wait your turn!Mario: Excuse me, but do you want me to kick your ass?Random Colored Mario: (shocked) I’m good.Mario: Thank you.Cut back to Yoshika almost getting to the cat.Yoshika Miyafuji: (in her head) I can do this!As she reached her hand to the cat, the marios lean to see her behind. They were in awe, especially mario drooling from seeing it. His drool was splashing on her behind. SMG4 noticed it.SMG4: Mario! Quit drooling on her ass! You’re gonna get her attention!Mario: I can’t. Her ass is… (in Aku’s voice) EXTRA THICC!Suddenly, one drop makes her almost fall off the branch. The marios and the girls gasped in fear but Yoshika is still okay though she’s trying to get back on the branch.Michiko Yamakawa: Yoshika! That’s enough! Get down here!Yoshika then gets back on the branch.Yoshika Miyafuji: Not yet! Just… a little bit further.As she was almost there, Mario was about to fall off the edge. The marios were shocked, even SMG4.SMG4: Mario!Mario starts to fall but SMG4 and the other Marios grabs him by his legs. They start to struggle by using their strength to hold him still.SMG4: I knew he should lose that fat italian weight!Cut back to Yoshika…Yoshika Miyafuji: Almost there…Michiko Yamakawa: Be careful.Yoshika moves to the cat without falling off.Yoshika Miyafuji: Its okay little guy. You’re gonna be fine right now.However, the branch breaks off.Michiko Yamakawa: Yoshika!Though Yoshika was hanging on to the broken branch by her uniform. The Marios were in awe.Michiko Yamakawa: Oh, Yoshika.Yoshika Miyafuji: That was close.She suddenly realized she’s stuck.Yoshika Miyafuji: Somebody help me!Michiko Yamakawa: Hang on! I’ll get the teacher!Cut to the Marios as SMG4’s grip was getting loose from Mario’s legs.SMG4: Can’t… hold… on.He then lets go of Mario to let him scream while falling. Yoshika hears him as she looks up then screams. He bumps into her, freeing her from the broken branch then the two fall on the ground. The girls gasped as when the dust cleared, Mario was okay.Mario: Huh? Yahoo! Mario’s-a okay! (hears groaning in pain) Hmm? Anyone hears-a groaning?He looks down to see that he was sitting on Yoshika by her behind but she was in pain with the cat safe in her hands.Mario: (shocked) Oh, shit.Later, after the school bell rings,…Bell: Cussing ring, ring, ring!...Yoshika was okay but her school day was over.Michiko Yamakawa: Did she yelled at you?Yoshika Miyafuji: Yeah… (then; upset) but what’s wrong about trying to save a poor kitten’s life?!Michiko Yamakawa: I suppose I like you so much. You’re always trying to do things as if you grow up. Even though a few Marios were peeping at you when saving that kitten.Yoshika was stunned with her eyes widen and her cheeks blushed in embarrassment. Yoshika chuckled nervously til Michiko sees someone coming.Michiko Yamakawa: (waves to her grandpa) Grandpa!Michiko‘s Grandpa: Hello! Michiko!Cut to Mario and SMG4 leaving Yoshika’s school.SMG4: I can’t believe to fall and landed on that hot girl’s ass, Mario. That was insane... yet spicy.Mario: I know, right! I’m the first Mario to landed on a teen girl’s ass while having the principal never letting me come here ever again! Next time, i wanna land on some boobs or even Spaghetti!SMG4: I think that’s too much, Mario. Huh?They soon saw the girl hitchhiking on the trailer of Michiko’s grandpa’s tractor then rides off.SMG4: Hey, that’s the one you sat on her with your fat ass.Mario: Yeah, looks like it. Hope she isn’t mad that I used her as a landing cushion.SMG4: Yeah, but you don't know her name. You have the lowest IQ in the world.Mario: A little. I’m starting to improve on my brain… (holds a file) ...and my skills.SMG4: Uh, Mario? What’s that?Mario: It's a file I got when we’re in the principal's office. (quietly to SMG4) I stole it just to read something awesome.SMG4: What?!Mario: Let’s-a go read it so we get to know about her! Yahoo! (runs off)SMG4: Mario, wai- (then) Ah, damnit. Wait up! (Runs after him)Back with the girls riding on the trailer full of watermelons...Michiko Yamakawa: Wow, Yoshika! That’s amazing!Yoshika Miyafuji: I know.Soon, they saw a battleship near town.Michiko Yamakawa: Wow! That’s huge! Its got to be the battleship that’s coming in Fuso.Yoshika Miyafuji: Battleship?Michiko Yamakawa: Yeah!Yoshika Miyafuji: The ship that was made for war. Don’t like it.Michiko Yamakawa: Because of your father?Yoshika Miyafuji: (nods yes) Hm-Mmm. He left when I was 6. It’s been ready hard without him after the Neouri threat was no more.We fade to a flashback of young Yoshika saying goodbye to her dad sadly.Young Yoshika: (flashback) Where are you going, Daddy? You said you would take me to my first day at school tomorrow!Ichirō Miyafuji: (flashback) I’m sorry, Yoshika. But I got important work to do. If i can finally succeed, we can finally defeat the Neouri! (kneels down to her) When I'm finished, I'll never leave you again.Young Yoshika: (flashback) Really, Daddy? You’re gonna stay forever?Ichirō Miyafuji: (flashback) Yes, I promise.She and her father pinky promised. Out of the flashback.Yoshika Miyafuji: And that was the last time I ever saw my dad. What did come back was his death certificate and his bag of personal effects about three years later. They said his cause of death was classified military information so we never know what happened. One thing i know for sure, if the Neouri didn’t came and attacked us, my dad would be home right now.Back with the two Marios as they put the file on the ground, they were in the forest looking at the file in awe.Mario: So there it is. Though I can’t read.SMG4: What?! I thought you can?Mario: Oh I do but my Japanese is rusty.SMG4: Why did you tell me that?!Mario: I don’t know. Hey, you almost spoke Japanese, maybe you can do it?SMG4: Mario, I’m half-Australis. Why do you think I can translate Japanese?Mario: Cause we’re both the same look from a Japanese video game company.SMG4: Good point. Wonder where we came from?Mario: Nah, that’s not important. Can you translate it for me? Pleaseeee?SMG4: (sighs) Fine. I’ll try. (reads the japanese words) Student… profile… Yoshika… Miyafuji?Mario: Hmm? I wonder what she looked like?They opened and their eyes widen, they see Yoshika in various pics of her.Mario and SMG4: (realized) OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!SMG4: Mario! This is the girl you landed on?Mario: It is?! It’s my lucky day! I landed on Yoshika! Yay! (a beat; then) Wait, who is Yoshika? She doesn't look special to me?SMG4: Well, saids here her academics are avenge. Her athletic abilities are avenge. Even her Athledecamathalon skills are avenge.Mario: There’s a sport for that?SMG4: Oh, yeah, the school made that sport up due to the school board buying that sweet warboat.Mario: Why not a yoat?SMG4: Never invented actually.Mario: Ooooh.SMG4: Ooh, she’s also a cooker.Mario: (shocked) WHOOA! Meme-bro, we have got to bring her with us!SMG4: What?Mario: She can come with us to Britannia so while we work on her striker unit, we can have her cooking food for us! Even make her cook spaghetti.He starts to daydream of him and Yoshika doing a kiss scene from Lady and the Tramp by using her homemade spaghetti to let them kiss then laugh. After that, out of the daydream…SMG4: Mario, don’t be retarded. She doesn't have a striker unit on. And it saids here her dislike is joining the war. How are we gonna convince Yoshika to come with us if she can’t join the army?Mario: Hmm… that’s a good question. Does she have any power in her teen years?SMG4: Hmm… the only thing here is that she can heal people. And animals like bears. No wonder why she was fine after you hurt her.Mario: Wow! I wish to see that in action.However, Mario was about to get his wish as a racoon shows up on the road and made Michiko’s grandpa turned away from it though he crashed it into a field while the girls were holding on but Michiko suddenly fell off!Yoshika Miyafuji: Michiko!Soon, the trailer crashed which made the marios hear it.SMG4: What was that?Mario: Let’s-a go take a look! (runs off)SMG4: Mario! Oh, god! (picks up the file and runs off) Wait up!Back on Yoshika as she was on the ground getting up while she rubs her butt in pain.Michiko‘s Grandpa: Michiko!Yoshika was shocked but as she gets up and finds Michiko, her friend was in pain as her body was bleeding.Michiko‘s Grandpa: Michiko! Wake up!Yoshika Miyafuji: (gasped) Oh, no! (runs to her friend) Michiko, no!She sees Michiko’s chest bleeding.Michiko Yamakawa: (not feeling well) Yoshika… please… it hurts… so much.Yoshika Miyafuji: Don’t try to talk!Yoshika then rips Michiko’s uniform to show that her friend is also wearing a japanese swimsuit under that uniform. Yoshika may have the same outfit as hers, but it's the Fuso way. Soon, Yoshika starts to use her powers and during this, her animal ears and tail spouts out of her head (for the ears) and the back (for her tail) of her uniform. Soon, the Marios then arrived at the spot but sees Yoshika far near them.Mario: Look! It’s-a that girl i sat on! Wonder why she has those animal ears and tail on her?SMG4: Mario, don’t you realize she’s using a healing spell? It's one of the most powerful spells in witchcraft.Mario: Oooh. Come on, Meme-bro. Lets go ask her..SMG4: Wait! Look, Mario. She’s having trouble controlling it.Mario: Oh please, it's not like she needs to learn to concentrate on her magic.Suddenly, Yoshika faints from using her magic. The Marios sees her then have their eyes widen.SMG4: (then) I’ll go get the ambience.Mario: Yeah, she definitely needs to learn some concentration.As the Marios walk away, later, at the Miyafuji Medical Clinic -- Treatments For All Ailments...Yoshika Miyafuji: (wakes up) Michiko!???: (offscreen) She’s going to be fine.Yoshika Miyafuji: (sees her mother and her grandma healing Michiko) Mom?Mrs. Miyafuji: We closed the wound so there won’t be any scaring.Yoshika Miyafuji: Well, that’s good news.Grandma Miyafuji: Apparently, you still haven’t figured out how to control your powers. Remember, your feelings mustn’t control you. (after Yoshika’s mom and her grandma stops using their powers) I understand you have an impulse to help everyone, (walks to Yoshika) but if you don’t learn how to direct these energies we possess, you may overextend and paying with your life.Yoshika Miyafuji: I’m sorry. I just wanted… I wanna learn how to save people’s lives like you two do it. I know that I can do it! Besides… (looks at her pinky) I made a promise.SMG4: (offscreen) Hey, cheer up, Ms. Miyafuji. Don’t lose your heart.Yoshika Miyafuji: Yeah… (shocked then sees SMG4; gasped)SMG4: Its okay. We called your parents to get medical help on your friend, that’s all. It's incredible that your powers are very well good and would be great for the war as a witch.Yoshika Miyafuji: Wait. A witch? And just who are you?SMG4: Oh, good piznos, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is… (then) you know, it's not important. Call me SMG4! The meme-bro! (Echoes; then) Its my nickname by the way. And that red and blue mario over there is… (sees Mario eating food) Well, Mario.Yoshika Miyafuji: (looks at Mario then recognized him from earlier; brow furrows) Wait a minute…Cut to Mario eating food till he belched.Mario: (reived) Oh, that feels good. (hears Yoshika clear her throat) Hmm? (turns around and sees Yoshika upset at him) Oh! Hello, sexy teen witch! You glad that you saved my live after you save that cat from the tree? (smiles)Suddenly, Yoshika slaps his face hard then kicked him out of the clinic.Mario: (in pain as he starts to get up) OW! Lady, what is wrong with you?!Yoshika Miyafuji: How dare you to hurt me like that!SMG4: (comes out of the clinic) Hey, hey, hey. Easy, kid, easy. He’s just my friend. He didn’t mean no harm.Yoshika Miyafuji: He hurt me!SMG4: Whatever. (runs to Mario) Mario, are you okay?Mario: I’m fine, Meme-bro. (rubs his face cheeks) Ow! Mario is gonna be okay. As soon as i get some mushrooms to heal.SMG4: You mean drugs?Mario: How did you know that?SMG4: Since college. You been smoking too much…Yoshika Miyafuji: (upset) Could you two explain what are you doing here?!Mario and SMG4: Hmm?SMG4: Oh, right! (clears his throat) We saw what you did back there and we, by Mario’s decision, have decided to take you with us to Britannia to work with the finest witches in the nation.Yoshika Miyafuji: You mean you want me to come with you two to join the war?Mario: And cook us Spaghetti. (gets bonked by SMG4) Ow!SMG4: What my friend is trying to say is that, we just graduated from our classes to join the Marvelous Engineering Mario Equipment Services and we need to bring a witch with us to head for Britannia for our jobs.Mario: So we can get the hot babes! (gets bonked by SMG4 again)SMG4: We also your powers at worked after we read your info but even though they may need some focus, it's just powerful for your age.Yoshika Miyafuji: Oh, thank you.Mario: So you wanna join with us to fight against the enemies?Yoshika Miyafuji: Arlight. (shocked) Wait what?!SMG4: Yeah, what Mario said is true. The battleship will depart by tomorrow if we can’t find witches to join so that they can fight the enemies in this war we’re in.Yoshika Miyafuji: (upset) Forget it. I’m not going. Thank you for your offer, boys, but I'm planning to take over this clinic when I graduate.Mario: But we’ll not get the fame and glory we need.Yoshika Miyafuji: (upset) Still not going. So why don't you two take you little mustaches of yours and take off without me. I’m not gonna be part of some war and i’ll not come just to impress you guys. Newsflash! Not going anywhere! (walks back inside the clinic) End of story. (raspberries them then slamly shuts the blind doors)A beat was heard.SMG4: Well, that’s it. We’re done. Come on, Mario. Let's go find another witch.Mario: Wait, Bro. I wanna try something.Mario knocks at the door then Yoshika answers it.Mario: Can you please come with us? (gives her the puppy eyes) Pleaseee…Yoshika, not amused, shuts the blind doors in front of her.Mario: (then) Well, I've done all I can do.SMG4: (sighs) Come on, Mario. I’m sure finding a witch isn’t that hard.As the Marios walks away, cut back inside the clinic...Mrs. Miyafuji: (sees Yoshika walking to her room) Yoshika, who was those boys that brought you here?Yoshika Miyafuji: Not important. (slams the door in her room; offscreen) What’s their deal really?Grandma Miyafuji: That girl is gonna get creamed later on.Cut in her room that night as she lays on the bed.Yoshika Miyafuji: (in her head) They want my power… just to get them famous? But if i do what they want, then I'll be part of that awful war. (then upset) Absolutely never! Not in a million years!The next morning, in Sasebo, we see another young girl running through her hometown. From the bridge to the town, we see this girl to be another school student, but in different clothing. This girl is Karibuchi Hikari (Hickory). She’s is a fit girl with short, dark brown hair with a green barrette holding back her bangs. She has pale skin and chestnut brown eyes, and average chest size that’s almost the same as Yoshika’s. She wears a navy blue sailor uniform and white tie. As she arrives at the Fuso Imperinal Navy Hario Transceiver Station, she enters it as it buzzed.Hikari Karibuchi: Good morning!Inside, we see a man, her father, working on the radio until Hikari arrived.Hikari Karibuchi: Hey dad!Mr. Karibuchi: Hmm? (sees Hikari holding his lunch)Hikari Karibuchi: Here! I brought you lunch.Mr. Karibuchi: (gets his lunch from her) Thank you.Hikari Karibuchi: Well? Did you fix it?Navy Worker: Of course he did. He had it working in no time!Hikari Karibuchi: Great! I know you can do it, dad!Navy Worker: There’s no important thing telling what message would come in. Good thing your father was on the job.Hikari Karibuchi: Nice! And this transceiver station can reach all the way to South Sea Island, can’t it?Navy Worker: Indeed. It is the tallest radio tower in Fuso.Hikari Karibuchi: Cool! That is so neat!Mr. Karibuchi: Excuse me. There’s a message coming in.Navy Worker: Bring it up.Mr. Karibuchi: (gives him the message) Here.Navy Worker: Hmm… hey, Hikari, you remember that third division group?Hikari Karibuchi: Third division group? (realized; then gasped) My sister!Navy Worker: Apparently, I got some bad news about her. She and her Strike Witches, Barkhorn and Hartmann, are captured by the Warlock.Hikari Karibuchi: The Warlock...?!Navy Worker: Uh-huh. I’m sorry to break this to you about your sister’s capture. This warlock guy seems business. Must be having after those germans turn back on us. You know how it is.Hikari Karibuchi: Yeah… I guess so. (looks at the time; realized) Oh my gosh! Look at the time! I gotta get to school fast! (runs off) Later, dad! (leaves)Navy Worker: Boy, your daughter is fit!Mr. Karibuchi: Mmm-Hmm. That’s Hikari for you. She kept drinking that diet stuff and she runs a lot of steps. (then; while eating) Probably about 8 thousand steps a few.Navy Worker: Dang….Meanwhile, at the bar, it was a place for drunken men to be here in Fuso. a few men were playing pool.Pool Player: This is the shot, boys. Watch this. Two in the corner…British Waiter: Excuse me! (bumps into the man making him miss his shot) Whoops!Pool Player: What the?! Oi! Do you mind?!British Waiter: Sorry, dear gentlemen, but i was trying to deliver these drinks and….Pool Player: (in anger) Why you…British Waiter: I say! (gets beaten up in a fight cloud) Ooh! Ow! Eek!We then pan from them to see Mario and SMG4 at the bar table where they were depressed about finding a witch.SMG4: Man, who knew getting a witch is so hard.Mario: I’ll say. (drinks his beer) If only we had a woman with an eyepatch to convince her to come, none of this would happen.Luigi: (while cleaning some glass drinks) Boy, sounds like you boys are having problems going to Britannia.Mario: I’ll say, brother.Luigi: You know when I was your age, there was no germans hurting us, just a scary alien race called the Neouri.SMG4: Neouri?Mario: What the hell is a Neouri?Luigi: Only the most dangerous alien species that attacked earth. They attacked without warning until the witches came in. I was part of the working unit. The first Mario to work on the Striker Unit.Mario: You were part of that war?Luigi: Of course. I been telling you about it, Mario. Can’t you remember?Mario: Not really. I was paying attention to having sex with my spaghetti and my ravioli.SMG4: (awkward) Okay…Luigi: You know, if you’re looking for a witch, I would recommend that school in Sasebo.Mario and SMG4: There’s a school in Sasebo?Luigi: Yeah, guys. They have girls that wear striker units for the 502nd Joint Wing Fighter Unit. If this Yoshika girl can’t do it, then those brave recruits at their school would help.Mario and SMG4: Whooooa.SMG4: Well, thanks for the info, Luigi. Come on, Mario. Looks like our witch hunt isn’t over yet! (gets off the seat and runs off)Mario: Right. Thank you, brother! (gets off the seat and runs off)Luigi: Anytime! Boy, they are gonna get creamed.High Noon: (appeared behind Luigi) I need “sexual” healing.Luigi then gets jumpscared then falls off. Luigi groans in pain offscreen.High Noon: (sad) Why doesn’t no one love me?Later, at the Sasebo Aviation Preparatory School, we see some girls training their weapons and their stiker units for war. On a tower, we see a few girls practicing their exams. These girls were different uniforms than Yoshika’s. They wear dark blue uniforms over their swimsuits. Same ones as Hikari’s.Teacher: Next, Akeama.Akeama: Right.Akeama gets in position then warm up her strike until when the teacher blows the whistle, the student went down, followed by waiting for a few seconds then flies under the pole, pass the tall pole and rings the bell.Teacher: Your body still isn’t keeping pace with the engine. That’s ten laps for you! Okay, Watanabe, you’re up!Watanabe: Right.As she was next in line, we see Hikari between the two girls in their striker units.Student: I heard Sir Lieutenant Takami has been taken hostage by that Warlock again.Student 2: I know. One of the Brave Witches is captured with her Strike Witches.Hikari Karibuchi: You girls know she’s my sister, right?Student: Quiet, Hikari.Hikari Karibuchi: But my sister has been gone for three months.Student 2: She’s the best. That witch is one of the top flyers in the Royal Valiant Witch Services.Student: Wait, is that true, Hikari? I heard some boys that made animated flicks are making a movie based on her adventures fighting over in europe.Student 2: Yeah, right. Next they might do a movie about pigeons or bees for i don’t care. Besides, she took out a few germans single handedly. She really is the hero of Sasebo.Hikari chuckled until Mia Misumi interrupts.Mia Misumi: Poor Sir Lieutenant Takami Karibuchi. Must be real embarrassing to have a failure like you to have a sister captured by the enemy.Student: Misumi!Hikari Karibuchi: (upset) Failure?! What does that mean?!Mia Misumi: Hph! Exactly what it sounds like.Teacher: Next up, Misumi!Mia Misumi: Right! (gets in position while Hikari groans in anger)Student 2: (to Hikari) Don’t let her get into you, Hikari.Student: Forget it.Soon, they see Misumi flying in action pulling out a few maneuvers.Hikari Karibuchi: She’s pulling a corkscrew?!Student: That techiquine is for first class men!Misumi then rings the bell.Teacher: Well done.Hikari starts to get a bit jealous over Misumi.Teacher: Karibuchi, let’s go!Hikari Karibuchi: Right!She then gets in position…Hikari Karibuchi: (in her head) I’ll show her!She tires to do like Mia did.Teacher: Why she’s spinning?Hikari tries to hold it but suddenly fails and loses control.Student 2: No! Pull up!She tires to crashed on the ground though her shield was formed to protect her. After her shield is gone…Hikari Karibuchi: Ouch.Teacher: (upset) Are you braindead?! Falling out of the sky without enemies?! Twenty laps!Hikari Karibuchi: (starts to get up) Yes, ma’am!Mia Misumi: (offscreen) How pathetic! (flies near Hikari; onscreen) I can’t believe that a confident loser like you is related to someone like the great hero of Sasebo. You almost failed every test! You don’t know on what it takes to be a witch unit against the enemies!Hikari Karibuchi: You bet I do! And I can prove it! I’m gonna become a great witch just like my sister!Mia Misumi: You’re only liking to yourself! (flies off)Hikari was upset but wasn’t giving up. She gets out of her unit and drags them away. But in the school, Principal Kitagou Fumika was watching from her office.Teacher: (offscreen) Next, Kobayashi from the cat loving dynasty clan.Kobayashi: (offscreen) Right!Later, at the auditorium…Kitagou Fumika: (on speaker; to the crowd of school girls) Students, as we all know that europe looks a bit grim due to the new threat taking over the land instead of the Neouri few years ago. But they need more Witches, and they more them fast. Thus, our school has taken a volunteer development to Europe. One of you will be sent to Britanna where the witches train.In the crowd, Hikari was there.Hikari Karibuchi: Development to Europe?Kitagou Fumika: (on speaker; to the crowd of school girls) So if any student wants to go to Britanna, raise your hand!Soon, Mia raised her hand. The crowd was shocked.Mia Misumi: First year, Mia Misumi. I will be willing to go to Britanna to serve for the Valiant Witches. I believe you’ll find my skills incredible as you say it is but at least I'll be the one to…Hikari Karibuchi: (offscreen; raised her hand) I’ll volunteer, too!The crowd gasped to see hikari raised her hand.Mia Misumi: What?!Hikari Karibuchi: (raised her hand down) First year, Hikari Karibuchi. I’ll go to Britanna so i can prove i can be a great witch as i said i would!Kitagou Fumika: (on speaker) Hmm… very well. Unless we find a way to settle this tie breaker, we can’t send two of you to go there. Only one can go. So if someone comes out of that door, then we…Mario: (offscreen; kicks the door open) HELLLOOO!The crowd turns around and gasped to see Mario at the door.Mario: The graduates have arrived!SMG4: (arrives near Mario) Mario! What the hell?! We can’t burst in like that! That’s…Mario: (interrupts SMG4) Yeah, yeah, i know. But still. Come. (walks away from SMG4 through the crowd) Excuse me, pardon me, nice ass by the way, celebrity that’s about to be famous in 1944 coming through! (gets on stage; starts to get tired) I’m-a tired. (sees Kitagou) Hmm? Oh! Hello! Do you run this school?Kitagou Fumika: Uh… yes?SMG4: (offscreen; in the crowd) Excuse me! Pardon me! Coming through! Meme guy’s heading to my fat friend! (gets on stage; onscreen) Uh… excuse me, ma’am. You may forgive my friend here. He’s a little retarded form the way he entered here.Mario: (upset) Hey! I was fine the way I was.SMG4: I know, Mario. I know.Kitagou Fumika: Could you two explain why you’re here?SMG4: Oh! About that. (whispers to her) We’re just graduates who wanna go to Britannia to join the war but we’ll be needing a witch to come with us.Kitagou Fumika: (shocked) Hmm… No way...Mario: Yeah, so do you have any witches available to us so that we may bring them to Britannia?Kitagou Fumika: Hmm... I'm not sure you Marios need a witch after you’re graduated.SMG4: Hey, we tried hiring a girl that can heal a human. And Mario likes her for her cooking.Mario: I also sat on her in the process!Kitagou Fumika: Right...Mario: Please give us a witch! We’re begging here!SMG4: Uh,... I’m not begging. Just Mario is. He really wants those hot girls.Kitagou Fumika: Uh, huh. (starts to think but looks at the crowd muttering) Hmm… (gets an idea; on speaker) Attention, students! The way we’re gonna send one of you into battle is to let these Marios pick out which student can go to Britanna.Mario and SMG4: What?!Hikari and Mia: What?!Students: What?!SMG4: You can’t be serious, ma’am.Kitagou Fumika: (to SMG4) We’re desperate so far what with the Warlock hurting a few witches and if you wanna have a witch, I think so far, we only have two to volunteer.SMG4: Only two? Which ones?Kitagou Fumika: (whispers; to SMG4) Mia Misumi and Hikari Karibuchi.SMG4: Okay… (Kitagou moves away from the mic as he walks on the pedlam; on speaker) Alright… so… for… me and Mario to go to Britanna, the only students you guys, i mean girls, have is… Mia Misumi and... Hikari Karibuchi.Mario: Hmm? What’s a Hickory?SMG4: Mario, it’s not… actually. It almost sounds like Hi-Kari. I’ll go with that. SO… (on speaker) Is anyone named… Mia Misumi?Mia Misumi: (raised her hand) Present!The crowd was in awe.Mario: (whistles in surprise) Boy, so that’s what Mia looks like. (then; whispers to SMG4) I don’t like.SMG4: (whispers to Mario) Yeah, me neither to be honest. (on speaker) Okay… Mia Misumi,... yeah, you’re not coming with us.Mia Misumi: (shocked) What?!The crowd laughs while Mia groans in anger.SMG4: (on speaker) Alright!! Since Mia is out, does… anyone know who’s... Hikari?Hikari Karibuchi: (raised her hand while she moves pass the crowd) OH! OH! Me! Me!SMG4: (on speaker) Anyone?Hikari Karibuchi: (raised her hand while she moves pass the crowd) I volunteer to go! I’m here! Me! Me!SMG4: (on speaker) Anyone at all?Hikari Karibuchi: (struggles to get by) First year, Hikari Karibuchi, reporting for… (clumsy falls on the ground while the crowd laughs it her; moans in pain)Mario: (laughs) Oh, man. That girl makes me laugh a little.SMG4: (as Hikari gets up) So, let me get this straight, you’re Hikari?Hikari Karibuchi: Yes, sir! I’ve been waiting my whole life for this! I wanna come to Britanna to help fight the war and save my sister from the Warlock!Mario: Hmm… (to SMG4) She is different than what Yoshika would say.SMG4: (to Mario) Well, you gotta admit. She does have a sister with her.Mario: (to SMG4) Yeah, I'm not buying that. (to Hikari) Well.. Hickory! It seems that from what you have, I think that maybe we would…SMG4: ...let you come with us to Britanna!Mario: What?!Hikari Karibuchi: REALLY?!SMG4 nods while Hikari cheers. Mario facepalms in dismay.SMG4: (to Mario) Hey, I know you like Yoshika better, but I think this girl has some determination in her. Just look at her. She desperately wants to save her sister.Mario: Pffh. More like a showoff that will ruin Mario’s fame and fortune. (to Hikari) Alright, Hickory! (gets off the stage and walks by her) You can with us to Britanna but I may not like you a bit.Hikari Karibuchi: Yes! (then) Wait? (as SMG4 walks to her) What did he say?SMG4: Just ignore him. (grabs her hand and drags her away) Come on, Hikari. We got a war to go to.Hikari Karibuchi: Yes, sir! You won’t regret it. I’ll do my best to be one of the finest…Mario: (offscreen) We know! We heard you the first time!Hikari Karibuchi: Oops. Sorry! Didn’t mean to recap that. (chuckles nervously; to the crowd) Don’t worry, citizens of Fuso! I’ll make you all proud! (SMG4 drags her away as they left)The crowd was shocked. Even Mia.Mia Misumi: (facepalms in dismay) Why does it have to be her?Meanwhile, back with Yoshika as she was cleaning up the yard when suddenly...Vanoss Mailman: (offscreen) Alrrright! Delivery for Yoshika Miyafuji!Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh?Cut to the mailman giving her the mail.Vanoss Mailman: Here you go, kid.Yoshika Miyafuji: Who’s it from?Vanoss Mailman: Don’t know, don’t care. Welp, i’m off to play Uno on my break! Take care! (drives off on his motorbike)When he left, Yoshika looks at the letter and was surprised. She runs back inside to warn her mom and grandma.Yoshika Miyafuji: Mom! Grandma!Later, the letter being held by Yoshika’s mom was from her father.Yoshika Miyafuji: How did we get a letter from dad?! Does this really mean that he didn’t die, huh?!Grandpa Miyafuji: Try to calm down, Yoshika.Mrs. Miyafuji: It appears to be sent from Britannia.Grandpa Miyafuji: Why isn’t that showing up now?Soon, Yoshika’s mom opens the letter and in it was two pics. One was her father near a cliff over the ocean. She gives the two photos to Yoshika.Yoshika Miyafuji: (sees the first one) Daddy! (noticed the second one) Huh? There’s another one.She looks at the second one and Yoshika gasped to see the second pic show her father near the Striker Unit with his human and Mario team and a young girl with an white eyepatch over her right eye.Mrs. Miyafuji: Say, isn’t that Major Mio Sakamoto from Britannia?Yoshika Miyafuji: You know this girl, Mom?Mrs. Miyafuji: Of course. She’s the best Neuroi witch fighter since the Neuroi war. Point is, she’s the first one to wear that unit.Yoshika Miyafuji: So somehow… this Major knew my Daddy.And at that moment, she then remembers something from the marios.SMG4: (in her head) What my friend is trying to say is that, we just graduated from our classes to join the Marvelous Engineering Mario Equipment Services and we need to bring a witch with us to head for Britannia for our jobs. (echoes)From looking at Major Mio on the photo, she then thought of an idea. If this Major girl knew her father,... then maybe Mio knew what happened. Soon, Yoshika said something to her mom.Yoshika Miyafuji: Where are the boys heading?!Cut back to the Marios as they’re waiting for Hikari in her home across the river.Mario: Boy, who would have thought that they live across the river.SMG4: For once, I agreed, Mario. Who knew the Karibuchis lived here when a few of them would walk on water or use a rowboat to get across.Mario: How hyped can this Hickory witch be anyhow?In her room, we see her packing up her stuff very quick. She grabs her clothes, her Harvey comics, and her swimsuits and stuff them in her bag. As she loaded them up and zips her bag closed, she then holds its by its strap and was ready to go.Hikari Karibuchi: (runs downstairs) Mom! I’m off to Britanna to be a great witch!In the kitchen…Mrs. Karibuchi: Huh? Britanna? (realized) Wait a minute, Hikari. (stops Hikari from leaving)Hikari Karibuchi: Huh?Mrs. Karibuchi: You know that I love you but you can’t go to war.Hikari Karibuchi: Why not?Mrs. Karibuchi: They said that your sister is being captured by this… Warlock thing.Hikari Karibuchi: I heard and I wanna not only prove to Mia that i’m a great witch but i might save my sister from death!Mrs. Karibuchi: I’m sorry, but you can’t. This Warlock will tear you limb from limb!Hikari Karibuchi: Look, mom. I’ll promise that i’ll be fine. I’ll send you letters when i’m gone. Now, please let be with those Marios. They needed me to take them to Britannia.Mrs. Karibuchi: Are you sure you wanna do this, Hikari? We’re talking real death moments in the 1940s. Besides, you’re not finished with school yet! Even your sister waited until she was ready to go join the witches.Hikari Karibuchi: I know, mom! But no one in my school thinks I can’t do this, thinking that I may not be a good witch, but this may be my only chance to show them and myself that they're wrong. I can be a great witch and get my sister back if necessary! If she’s alive that is. I’m a witch, too, you know!Mrs. Karibuchi: Well… (sighs) alright. You can go.Hikari Karibuchi: Yeah!Mrs. Karibuchi: (holds her lunch bag) But i packed you lunch.Hikari Karibuchi: Oh, um… (takes the bag from her) Thanks, mom.Mrs. Karibuchi: Anything for my daughter. I will always protect you when you’re…Hikari Karibuchi: Yeah, yeah, that’s great, mom. Bye! (rushed off and leaves the house)Mrs. Karibuchi: Take care. (sighs) My daughters growing up.Outside…Mario: Look! It’s Hickory!SMG4: (sees her far from them) Oh, shit! Hey, Hikari!Mario: Hickory!SMG4: Hey!Cut to her as she’s near the river. Hikari takes a deep breath then walks back for a moment. Her animal ears and tail magically appeared on her head and tailbone as she gets ready to run. The Marios were confused.Mario: What the hell is she doing?SMG4: For once, Mario, I was thinking the same question.Hikari gets ready on her mark… and runs off as she takes a big leap, a small green symbol appeared on the water. She gets on the magic symbol…Hikari Karibuchi: One,……then hops to the next…Hikari Karibuchi: ...two,…...and when she hops to the last one.Hikari Karibuchi: ...thre…She suddenly splashed into the water. Hikari failed to get across the river with her magic. The Marios were shocked and looks above the water from the edge of the concrete.Mario: Welp, there goes our witch. (walks away) Still never really liked her anyway.SMG4: What?! Mario, she was our last hope.Mario: There’s a few more witches. I’m sure we’ll do it without…Suddenly, Hikari resurfaced from the ocean near the concrete and gets back on land. SMG4 helps her pull up and gets her on the ground.Mario: (shocked to see her alive) ...her.SMG4: Are you alright, Hikari?Hikari Karibuchi: (exhaling) Just practicing. (gets up) Right. Come on, boys. We got an army to join! (in excitment) ooooo! (runs off while laughing in joy)Mario: Wow. Way better than Yoshika, am I right?SMG4: Well, we wish we would have brought her but, man, she really doesn't like my persuading skills.Mario: Mamma mia.Later, Hikari ran through town while she was ahead of them.SMG4: Boy, that girl as a lot of stamina.Mario: I’ll say. I’m-a tired.SMG4: Mario, we’re almost there. (sees Hikari excited) Huh. Look at her. She’s gonna go to war like an idiot. I kinda like her.Mario: From what i heard about girls, they’re smarter and stronger than us. (quietly) But can be more scared than us. (he and SMG4 chuckled) That’s the same for Peach. Though she’s a bitch.Cut to Hikari having fun...Hikari Karibuchi: Hikari Karibuchi, fearless witch fighter behind enemy lines! Pride of the Valiant Witches. Feared by the enemy, loved by all men out there that love breasts and whatever body part they like! Wahoo! Ha-ha! Yeah!Back with the boys still following her through the streets…Mario: (groans) Are we there yet?SMG4: We’re almost there, Mario.Mario: Finally! I can’t stand her getting hyped up.Soon, we pan from them to see the port where a few rookie witches are being loaded on the big battleship.Sailor: (offscreen) All aboard!At the port, the warship whistle blows as it was about to take off soon. However, our two marios arrived with Hikari.Nogla Guard: Whoa, whoa, who dares to come near Fuso Port?SMG4: (he and Mario saluted) Mario and SMG4, reporting for duty, sir!Mario: We’re escorting this speed demon to Britannia for our jobs so we can get LAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYEEEEDD!Nogla Guard: (examines Hikari) Hmm… does she fly?Mario: (nods yes) Hm-Mmm.Nogla Guard: Alright, the one with the blue hat may go.SMG4: Yes!Mario: Hey! What’s going on here?Nogla Guard: Sorry, little guy but only one Mario per witch may enter. So he’s Yah-high, and you’re not even Hey-high.SMG4: Charming. Welp, best of luck, Mario. Come on, Hikari.Hikari Karibuchi: Alright! Big sister, here I come!As SMG4 and his witch enters, Mario was sad when…Yoshika Miyafuji: (offscreen) Wait!Mario: (then) Hmm? That voice?Mario then looked behind him and sees Yoshika running to the gate. She stops to catch a breather.Mario: Hey! Its Yoshika! My favorite girl that saved my life! Took you long enough to reconsider my sexy puppy eyes. I’m glad you can use your power for something wonderful!Yoshika Miyafuji: (slaps Mario’s face) That’s not why I'm here. There was this letter and…Nogla Guard: Oi! Is this girl a witch?Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh? Oh! Um..Mario: Yes, she is!Yoshika Miyafuji: What?!Cut to SMG4 as Hikari stops to see Mario and Yoshika near the gate.Hikari Karibuchi: Hey, who’s that girl with Mario?SMG4: Hmm? Oh, that’s Yoshika. Yeah, she doesn't like the war for no reason.Cut back to Mario…Mario: This girl’s the best witch I’ve ever met. Best healer, I seen.Nogla Guard: (examines her) Hmm… does she fly?Yoshika Miyafuji: Well, technically…Mario: Yes she does!Nogla Guard: Really? (a beat; then) Works for me. Okay you two. (shoves them inside the port) In you go. Just head to the battleship that will take you to Britannia.Mario: Thank-a you so much-a. Come on, Yoshika! (drags her to the ship)Yoshika Miyafuji: (while being dragged) Wait! There’s been a misunderstanding! I wasn’t here to join, I just needed answers!Mario: (to Yoshika as he walks pass SMG4 and Hikari) It doesn’t matter, Yoshika. We got a job to do!SMG4: Boy, Mario really wanna score those teens. Even Yoshika. Let’s go, Hikari.Hikari Karibuchi: Right!Soon, the four went up the stairs and got on the battleship. Hikari was in awe but Yoshika was a bit nervous… and worried.Yoshika Miyafuji: I’m telling you guys. I’m not joining. You see, there’s a letter from my father and…Mario: Yoshika, please. We need this job. Well, I need it so...???: I don’t wanna go!Mario, SMG4, Hikari, and Yoshika: Huh?Suddenly, they see a girl trying to leave but a mario in his light blue and white clothes was staying to stop her from leaving. This girl is Lynette Bishop, or Lynne for short, and her mario is Geo.Geo: I’m sorry but you wanna be part of this form your siblings and that’s why i’m here to not only fix your unit but also give you moral support!Lynette Bishop: I change my mind! And there’s no way I’m not gonna get of this ship.Soon, Lynne noticed the stairs being back up. This means the ship is about to depart.Lynette Bishop: Aah! Wait! No, no!Geo: Oh, look at that. The ship is about to depart.Lynette Bishop: This can’t be happening!Hikari Karibuchi: Hey, cheer up… whatever you are.Lynette Bishop: Lynne.Mario: Lynn Loud?Lynette Bishop: No its Lynn with a silent E.Mario: Oooh! Silent but deadly… I like her.Suddenly, the anchor lowers up and the ship moves.SMG4: Hey! The ship’s moving!Lynette Bishop: (shocked) Uh, no. (Faints)Geo: (sighs) It’s always with her. (drags Lynne away) Come on, Lynne. Let’s go to our beds.Soon, they see people outside the boat cheering for the girls.Mario: Farewell, random people I don’t met!In the crowd, Michiko was waving goodbye to Yoshika.Michiko Yamakawa: Goodbye, Yoshika! Good luck! Bye!Yoshika Miyafuji: Michiko! I’ll miss you so much! Take care!Also in the crowd was Yoshika’s mom and grandma.Grandma Miyafuji: Stay safe, dearie, and be sure to write!Mrs. Miyafuji: Yoshika…Yoshika Miyafuji: (worried) Momma. Grandma. (yells out loud) I’LL BE BACK!!!!!Soon, the ship was on the high seas and was traveling to its destination. Later, In a room of the ship…Chris: (opens the door for Mario, SMG4, Yoshika, and Hikari) And this is where I'll be sleeping.Hikari Karibuchi: Wow! Now this is the way to travel in style.Chris: We’ll be arriving to Britannia tomorrow morning. I would suggest to get some rest while you’re at it.SMG4: Thanks.Chris: No problem.Swagmaster: (offscreen) Hey, Chris! I got some panties from some sexy girl with the glasses. LOL!Onyx: (offscreen) Give those back for Miss Pierre!Chris: God damnit, Swag. (leaves)Mario gets on the metal bed then relaxes.Mario: Ahh… this is paradise.SMG4: It won’t be paradise for long til we get to Britannia. Those witches are gonna be really epic when we get there.Mario: Hm-Mmm. And probably bang on their asses. (chuckles)SMG4: Mario, you and your retarded humor.Soon, Hikari sees Yoshika walking away.Hikari Karibuchi: Huh? Hey, guys. Where’s she going?Mario: Probably relax like the other girls.SMG4: Well, the last time we met her, she doesn't wanna come with us to join so that’s why we brought you with us.Mario: Us? What do you mean us? That guard only let you in cause you like her.SMG4: What about you, Mario? You have to hurt Yoshika to have her with us.Mario: Hey! She had to change her mind.SMG4: No she doesn't!Mario: Yes she did!SMG4: Why you little?!The two marios brawl in a mini fight cloud though Hikari seems worried about her. Later that evening, Yoshika was looking at the beautiful sunset while she looks at her photo of her father and his invention. Yoshika sighs till she hears something.Hikari Karibuchi: (offscreen) Hi, there.Yoshika got spooked but after she puts the photo away, the voice behind her was Hikari herself.Hikari Karibuchi: Hello.Yoshika Miyafuji: (sighs in relief) You almost scared me.Hikari Karibuchi: Sorry, its just… I never met another witch that wants to volunteer for World War 2 1/2.Yoshika Miyafuji: I wasn’t gonna… though I'm only here on an important mission right now.Hikari Karibuchi: Oh? What is it?Yoshika Miyafuji: It might be classified but its on a me-to-know basis.Hikari Karibuchi: Really?Yoshika nodded yes to Hikari.Hikari Karibuchi: (shrugs) Well, I'm joining in just to go save my sister from that awful Warlock.Yoshika Miyafuji: You have a sister?Hikari Karibuchi: Of course. Takami’s her name. And she’s the best witch that ever fly into the great sky. I know you never met her but for me, (sighs) I’m wanna become a witch just like my sister. And maybe… just maybe show Mia that I can be a great witch. Might even sign up for the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing. What with their missions, their skills, and their… well, bravery.Yoshika Miyafuji: Wow. That seems… like a lot of stuff you have back there.Hikari Karibuchi: Sure do. Though i’m gonna miss my family back on Fuso. My mom may be worried but my dad is just fine with me being here. He works for the radio com in Sabaeo.Yoshika Miyafuji: Oh. So… you’re father is fine unlike mine then. (Gasped in fear as she covers her mouth)Hikari Karibuchi: Huh?Yoshika Miyafuji: (uncovers her mouth; nervous) Uh, nothing. That’s still on a me-to-know basis, that’s all. (Chuckles nervously; realized) Oh! I forgot! My name’s Yoshika. Yoshika Miyafuji.Hikari Karibuchi: Oh. Well, nice to meet you, Miss Miyafuji.Yoshika Miyafuji: Oh, no, no. Just call me Yoshika for now on, okay.Hikari Karibuchi: Oh, uh, sure. I guess,... Yoshika.Yoshika smiles softly to Hikari.Yoshika Miyafuji: So what’s your name by the way?Hikari Karibuchi: Oh, i’m Hikari Karibuchi. People here call me by my nickname Hickory.Yoshika Miyafuji: Hickory?Hikari Karibuchi: Yeah, Hickory.Yoshika Miyafuji: As in the Hickory Dickory Dock?Hikari Karibuchi: Yes, that’s correct.Yoshika Miyafuji: Well, I think… it suits you very well.Hikari giggles followed by Yoshika. They both sigh in relief while they look at the beautiful sunset.Yoshika Miyafuji: Boy… the sky looks beautiful.Hikari Karibuchi: Yeah… sure does. (Then) Welp, we better get some rest for tomorrow. (Walks away) We have a big day ahead of us once we get to Britannia.Yoshika Miyafuji: Oh, well… alright then. (Looks at her pic then sighs in depression)Hikari Karibuchi: (offscreen) Yoshika! You coming?!Yoshika Miyafuji: (gasped then puts the photo in her dress) Coming! (Looks at the sunset one last time then runs off)The next morning, in their room, we see the boys and Hikari sleeping but Yoshika wasn't there. Hikari starts to wake up and noticed Yoshika missing.Hikari Karibuchi: Yoshika?She starts to look around.Hikari Karibuchi: Yoshika? Yoshika? Yoshika?!However, she finds her cooking in the kitchen.Hikari Karibuchi: There you are! You almost had me worried.Yoshika Miyafuji: Huh? (sees Hikari) Oh, Hikari. You’re up early.Hikari Karibuchi: No doubt to see you gone for a minute. For a second, I thought you left the ship to head home like the others.Yoshika Miyafuji: Well, about that…Cooker: (offscreen) Hey, Yoshika! Can you start on the mackels for us?!Yoshika Miyafuji: (to the guard) Oh, sure! You want three pieces right????: (offscreen) Ten, hut!Soon, a young woman comes in a military dress. This is Hattori Shizuka, the girl with the black hair with a long ponytail.Shizuka Hattori: Listen up, cadets! We’ll be arriving to Britannia very soon! I want everyone to be on their best and well known behavior.Cookers: Yes, ma’am!Shizuka Hattori: (sees Yoshika cooking) You there! What are you doing?!Yoshika Miyafuji: (sees Shizuka) Oh, hi Shizuka. Are you having a good morning? Just a few more minutes and breakfast will be ready.Shizuka Hattori: (walks to Yoshika) You’re violating regulations, young lady! You’re supposed to be an officer and as an officer, you know that cooking isn’t one of your duties.Hikari Karibuchi: Hey, she’s just helping out that’s all.Shizuka Hattori: (sees Hikari) Huh? Oh, and I believe you might be in on all of this?Hikari Karibuchi: Um… well, we are a team me and Yoshika are.Shizuka Hattori: That may be true but an officer is an officer. (drags the two girls away) Come on, you two!Yoshika Miyafuji: Wait a second! What about the fish?!Shizuka Hattori: I’m quite sure it will all be fine. (they left)Cooker: Boy, to think that Shizuka would have been in Paris.Later, outside, we see Hikari cleaning the runaway while Yoshika used the broom to run across the runaway then back. Hikari noticed this. Yoshika was laughing in joy.Yoshika Miyafuji: And a hard left turn! (turns around while running and cleaning)Soon, we see two other girls on the runaway relaxing wearing their bikinis in their recliner chairs. The girl with long orange hair and big breasts is Charlotte E. Yeager and the youngest girl with the green hair for her two ponytails and her small breasts is Francesca Lucchini. They were wearing their bikinis and their sunglasses.Charlotte Yeager: Boy, that girl must be excited today.Francesca Lucchini: Heh. She’s not hyped as I am. Can’t wait to fly into the sky like the aces. I’ve been practicing since preschool.The two relaxed girls giggles till a girl named Perrine appears near them with an umbrella to cover some shade for herself.Perrine Clostermann: Hph! As usual, you two have no sense of tension whatsoever that is against regulations. Looking at you dressed like that…Charlotte Yeager: Oh, please. Don’t be such a worry wart. We’re almost there.Francesca Lucchini: Or maybe you’re mad cause no one wants to see you like that.Perrine Clostermann: (upset) How very rude of you! Honestly, I wouldn't waste my time talking to you two while I have to get ready for the big day ahead. When we get there, I would report you two on my opinion about your slack behavior from both of you!Charlotte Yeager: Pffh. Tattletale.Francesca Lucchini: Especially for such a flatty. (chuckles)Perrine Clostermann: (upset) You shut your mouth! It’s not you don’t have anything to brag about either!While we cut far from Perrine yaping about Charlotte and Francesca’s behavior to them, we see Shizuka arriving on deck to check on the girls.Worker: (to Yoshika) Hey, babe! Have a drink! (tossed her a drink)Yoshika Miyafuji: Got it! (notice the drink) Huh? Oh wow! Thank you so much! This is my favorite! (taps the top of the drink to let the fizz out and then drinks it.) Ahhh… so delirious.Hikari Karibuchi: Wow, Yoshika. You’re getting the hang of being a witch.Yoshika Miyafuji: (stops drinking to noitced Hikari) Oh… why thank you, Hikari.Shizuka Hattori: (offscreen; upset) What exactly are you two doing now?Yoshika and Hikari: Huh?They see Shizuka appeared near them as she’s not happy on the way they act.Yoshika Miyafuji: Oh, um… just drinking some lemonade. Do you want one? It’s good.Shizuka groans in anger as she grabs the drink from Yoshika and tossed in the sea. Yoshika was shocked.Shizuka Hattori: Young lady, we’re gonna be to Britannia soon and for some reason you’re viduating all regulations like Erica Hartmann.Yoshika Miyafuji: Erica Hartmann?Shizuka Hattori: Mmm-Hmmm. The strike witch that’s with Gertrud and Tikami.Hikari Karibuchi: You mean my sister?!Shizuka Hattori: Although the naval officer’s regulations clearly state that “One must behave accordingly to one’s rank. Therefore, an ensign must always act appropriately in a way that respectfully reflects the title of ensign.” It’s of the utmost importance that you respect the rules and traditions of the military, young lady.Yoshika Miyafuji: I know. But when people are so kind to me, I feel like the least I can do is help them out.Shizuka Hattori: Hph. Then where’s your Marios anyhow? Aren't they supposed to be with you when you get to Britannia. They are part of your engineers you know.Hikari Karibuchi: Now to think about it, where’s SMG4 and Mario?Meanwhile, at the cabin in the ship, we see FM and X relaxing on the boat.X: Ah… our first trip with our girls to Folkestone, Britanna. Man, who knew Shirley and Luchinni wanted to be flyers one day. Can you imagine that?FM: I am. And I'm serious about Shirley. She’s too reckless to be a flyer cause of some speed laws she breaks. I mean. Flying in that Striker Unit? Is she nuts?! It’s stupid, i’ll tell ya!X: Relax, FM. It’s just Shirley at her best. You know, perhaps you should play with your little penguin friend you have.FM: I don’t know what you’re talking about, X-ie. (X, not amused, holds this Cube the Penguin toy to him then FM was in awe) Holy crap, a penguin! I love Penguins! (hugs his toy from her) Come here, little guy! I love so much. Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? You here. Yes you here!X: Huh. Boy, he really loves penguins. Next thing you know they can commandos that refused nature a lot. And it will be cool with explosions and stuff. Heh. Wouldn’t that be something.We pan to SMG4, Mario, and Onyx play Uno.Onyx: So let me get this straight, you guys are going to Britannia just because you guys need to be famous like the Hot Shots around the world?Mario: Mmm-Hmmm. Mario needs to be sexy when we become heroes.SMG4: Well, I’m in it ‘because of him.Onyx: And the fact is you guys almost had a witch, right?Mario: You mean my witch? Yeah, she didn’t feel like it but thank god she changed her mind to come.SMG4: I don’t know Mario. She seems to be getting some answers about what she has.Onyx: You mean that Yoshika girl from Fuso? Pffh. Mine’s better than that. Perrine is the most beautiful girl in all of Gallia. She wants to become a witch just to be with her idol Major Mio Sakamoto.SMG4: Mio Sakamoto?Mario: Who is she?Onyx: You guys haven’t heard of her? She’s a legend! Well, used to be after the Neuroi war. Wasted almost all of her power to finish the beast off. But rumors say she’s the first to piloted that Striker Unit. Maybe that’s what this Yoshika girl might be after.Mario: Huh. What a weird thing to say right now?Soon, Geo arrived with Lynne being dragged by him.Geo: Come on, Lynne. You’re gonna have fun here.Lynette Bishop: I don’t feel like being here. This is embarrassing.Geo: (to the Marios) Uh, hey guys. Sorry I'm late. Had to drag my witch here cause… (chuckles nervously) She’s new after she graduated so… I’m just… showing her around before we depart on our trip so…Mario: Wow! She’s graduated?!Geo: Well her family is rich and very nice from what they are. Isn’t that right, Lynne?Lynette Bishop: Um… yes?Onyx: Wow! A famous girl. And i thought Miku was most famous. She’s my favorite. Well,... Perrine is Second Best though.Mario: Wait, wait, wait. That pretty girl is your second best?! (laughs)SMG4: Hmm… who is Miku?Onyx: Only the greatest japanese popstar in the nation. I happened to be a big fan of her work and, let me tell you something, it is the bomb! Ah-ha! Her singles are the best.X: Hey Geo, why on earth would you bring her along?Geo: Who? Lynne? This girl is destined to be a witch. Her mother, even her sister, are witches back in the Neuroi age. She can even shoot a bullet from her rifle about 100 meters long!Lynette Bishop: Kinda… never used it since we got there.Geo: Oh, come on. Just show them the gun you have, Lynne.Lynette Bishop: It’s in my room right now so… I can’t do it right now.Geo: She can’t do it right now. But it’s cool! I even it. You would have believed what power she has! I bet she has so much more of that power.Lynette Bishop: Just only one power.Geo: Just that one power.Mario: Huh. Funny. I thought Yoshika’s power was the better. Her healing is fine but she passed out for some reason.SMG4: Remember, Mario, Yoshika passed out because of her consination.Mario: Oh, yeah…Lynette Bishop: Excuse me but… Who’s Yoshika?Mario: Oh, she’s my witch that has the short brown weird hair. She’s probably working with SMG4’s witch as we speak. Maybe you like to meet her. And probably not date her. I don’t like gayness.X: Why is everyone talking about Gays?! Can we change the subject here? We’re going to Britannia and that’s final.Lynette Bishop: Where can I find her? I would like to meet her?SMG4: You know I heard they’re on chores so probably outside.Lynette Bishop: Oh, thank you. (to Geo) Geo, i’ll be back. I wanna met this Yoshika girl before I escape this boat and go home. (runs off)Geo: Wait! Lynne… (groans) I’ll go chase after her. (runs off)Mario: You think we might make it?SMG4: I don’t know. They would tell us by now.Suddenly the alarm went off.Worker: (on speaker) All witches and marios, report on deck immediately! We’re approaching our destination. This is not a drill. I repeat…SMG4: Nevermind.Worker: (on speaker) This is not a drill!The marios runs off. Meanwhile, on the runaway of the boat, the girls hear the alarm going out.Yoshika Miyafuji: Are we under attack? I wasn’t prepared for that?Shizuka Hattori: (turns around and sees something far from her) We’re here.Hikari Karibuchi: What do you mean here?Shizuka Hattori: Girls… (shows them the island far from them) Welcome to Britannia.Far from them as a large island in the state called Britannia. The island was a place where the Witches train. The base, however, was in Southeast England. The ship was heading to a base where the Witches live. Yoshika and Hikari were in awe. A group of Night Patrol Witches flies over them like Iron Man and the jet fighters. They were lead by Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen, a witch that can predict the future. And with her is her friend, Aleksandra "Sanya" Vladimirovna Litvyak, a young shy, quiet witch from Orussia who is a bit tired. You can tell the way she yawns. The other witches on the boat sees them and were in awe.Francesca Lucchini: Wow-wee! Would you look at those witches?! They’re amazing!Cut to the two while Lynne is seen far from them as she got up deck.Yoshika Miyafuji: I never seen them this close, Hikari.Hikari Karibuchi: Well, they know how it’s like to be a witch.Yoshika Miyafuji: Yeah but, i heard they don’t come back often.Lynette Bishop: (runs near Yoshika) Hey, Yoshi… (sees the base) ...ka. (in awe) Whooa...Cut to the runway of the witches’ base…Sadako Shimohara: (on the com tower) Night Patrol Witches, returning from their routine, over. They are a-go for repairs, I repeat, they are a-go for repairs, over.Witch Worker: (on com) Roger that, Ms. Shimohara. Preparing runway.As the witches prepare the runaway, it summoned a giant witch symbol on it which made their striker unit land like an airplane. They return their striker units to their docks and locked them tight. The witches gets off of their units while the Marios come in and check for any repairs. They mutter about if it’s clear or not clear. Cut back to Yoshika and Hikari on the boat…Hikari Karibuchi: I wonder where they’ve been.Yoshika Miyafuji: I don’t know.Hikari Karibuchi: Well, outside, they been doing who knows where doing who knows what to protect us from the germans.Lynette Bishop: (near them) But… what about those witches we saw flying back to base?Shizuka Hattori: (offscreen) They’re night patrol.Yoshika, Hikari, and Lynne: (looks at Shizuka) Huh?Shizuka Hattori: Just in case the enemy attacks us at night. Now then, every witch officer that has been recruited, grab all of your belongs and met me off the ship immediately!Yoshika, Hikari, and Lynne: Uh…Shizuka Hattori: That’s an order, recruits! NOW!Yoshika, Hikari, and Lynne: Yes, ma’am! (runs off)Charlotte Yeager: (still relaxing) Eh, I give five more minutes to relax before we pack up.Francesca Lucchini: Same here.Shizuka Hattori: (offscreen; upset) That goes for all of you! If not, I'll throw you overboard!The two girls were shocked with their eyes widen and rushed off in a flash. Perrine was shocked to see them gone.Shizuka Hattori: (offscreen; upset) Now!Perrine Clostermann: Aah! Yes, ma’am! (runs off but trips a bit) Whoa! (face planted on the ground; in pain) Onyx!Shizuka Hattori: (facepalms; groans) Rookies.Later, the girls’ marios escort their witches down from the ship to the ground.Mario: Whooooa. So this is what Birtannia looks like.SMG4: This is only part of Britannia, Mario. We’re at the base where all the witches from every fighter wing come together.Mario: No way.Onyx: This is Folkestone, you guys. I heard there’s over 200 witches and counting these days. WW2 has a big impact when more witches appeared from around the world. Even Africa!Perrine Clostermann: (offscreen) Hurry up with my bags, Onyx!Onyx: Oh! Yes, ma’am! (tries to pull Perrine’s bags)Charlotte Yeager: (gets dressed and noticed Yoshika and hikari chatting) Hmm… (sees their breasts and gets an idea) Hey, Lucchini. (whispers to Lucchini) Whisper, whisper, whisper.Francesca Lucchini: Ahhh. (gives her a thumbs up then chuckles evilly)Lucchini sneaks behind Hikari and as she got close…. Lucchini grabs her by her breasts! Hikari exclaimed in surprise while Yoshika gasped in surprise. Lucchini starts to squeeze her breasts while Hikari blushed but as she stops…Charlotte Yeager: So...Francesca Lucchini: Consolation prize.Charlotte Yeager: How about the other?Francesca Lucchini: Hmm… (grins) only one way to find out.Yoshika Miyafuji: Hey, wait! You’re not gonna…Soon, Lucchini grabs Yoshika by her breasts from behind and starts squeezing them. Yoshika exclaimed in surprise while she blushed. Mario and SMG4 noticed this and were shocked.Mario and SMG4: Whoa!SMG4: Talk about sexual harassment if it’s a lady doing on a lady.Mario: That would make it even for animation studios.But as Lucchini stops…Francesca Lucchini: (groans) Same goes for the other one. About medium. And to think the Lynne girl’s breasts were so much bigger than yours.Lynette was shocked but nervous about what Lucchini said. Soon, Yeager starts to laugh and jestres her big breasts.Charlotte Yeager: You can’t never complete with this.Yoshika and Hikari covers her breasts while Lucchini yawns.Charlotte Yeager: Sorry about that, rookies. My name is Charlotte Yeager. I’m a flight lieutenant from the United States of Liberion. But you can call me Shirley.Yoshika Miyafuji: Hi.She tries to shake her hand but Yeager’s grip was strong for Yoshika’s weak hand.Charlotte Yeager: (laughs) You need to eat more of you except to get bigger.Yoshika and Hikari were stunned to how Yeager moves her breasts up and down. Lucchini starts to nuzzle her head against Yeager’s breasts like a pillow. Yeager allows that.Francesca Lucchini: (yawns) I’m so bored...Hikari Karibuchi: And you who just touched our boom-booms are…Francesca Lucchini: Francesca Lucchini, part of the Romagna Air Force!Hikari Karibuchi: Wow…Yoshika Miyafuji: We’re very pleased to meet you all.Perrine Clostermann: (offscreen) Hph!Yoshika and Hikari: Huh?Perrine Clostermann: It’s obvious that those so-called witches are nothing more than perverts.Hikari Karibuchi: And you are?Perrine Clostermann: I am Perrine Clostermann, the most talented witch of the army in Galla. I come from a long and honorable line of witches back from my family’s days. You girls should know you should have me to accompany you two on this trip. Except for those perverts. They have no class as all from where I come from.Hikari Karibuchi: Is that so?Onyx: Possibly true. (struggles to pull her bags) Though she was recruited to see the Major herself. She really loves her, let me tell ya.Perrine Clostermann: (groans) Onyx!Onyx: Sorry, sorry. Didn’t mean to spoil you, Miss Perrine.Perrine Clostermann: Hph. It’s rude to interrupt someone’s conversations, Onyx.Onyx: Yes, i know. I’m sorry.Perrine Clostermann: You better be sorry cause…While she’s yaping about Onyx’s behavior, Yoshika noticed Lynne a bit nervous. Geo came and noticed Lynne on what she was gonna do before they arrived. He sees her worried for a bit. Til…???: (offscreen) Ten hut! Fall in!The girls heard a voice and lined up in position. The voice was coming from the Wing Commanders and a 19 year old girl with an white eye patch covering her right eye. Yoshika recognized the girl. She gets the photo up to see the girl but puts it back down to see the resemblance. It’s her! Major Mio Sakamoto! The girl from her father’s work. Yoshika was in awe but Perrine sighs in awe to see the Major. Minna looks at the girls and their marios. Mario, however, was eating his spaghetti. Mario noticed her looking at him. He puts away the spaghetti by throwing it away, only to splat it on Perrine’s head. Perrine exclaims in surprise but glares at Mario for messing her hair. Mario sees Perrine glaring at him then he shrugs.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Hmm… Well, now. I trust you've had a pleasant journey.Yoshika Miyafuji: Well…Perrine Clostermann: I think I speak for all of us when I say that this Mario here has no right to be here.Mario: Hmm? What did I do?Perrine Clostermann: (upset; to Mario) You messed my hair with your spaghetti!Mario: What? I was hungry.Gundula Rall: Enough! This is a military base, not a cafeteria!Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Stand down, Rall. (to the girls) You girls and Marios are here for one reason only.Mario: To be famous?Hikari Karibuchi: To be a great witch?Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: If that’s what your thinking of then no. You all are here to train cause war... is still going on. And we need the best witches out there the play their put in the vital role on the front line. You are signed up to serve a great promise to the nation. Our enemies are getting smarter, and we need all we got to take them down. You will be here for the next six weeks under the guidance of Major Mio Sakamoto. She’ll throw you the ropes on how to fly with your striker unit and how to defend yourself from the enemy. (a witch worker gives the girls each a pistol) These will be your good luck charm. Use it well. They don’t have any ammo in them to consider yourself very lucky.Francesca Lucchini: (holds a pistol) Now I know why they call it a lucky charm. (chuckles)The worker would give Yoshika a pistol. The girl noticed it… but moves the pistol away from her.Yoshika Miyafuji: Excuse me.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Yes?Yoshika Miyafuji: I, urm,... I won’t be needing a gun.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Well, i hope not but you should keep it you in case you do. They can only be for emergency.Yoshika Miyafuji: Sorry… no thank you.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Right…Mio Sakamoto: (chuckles) Now this girl fascinates me.Perrine moans in anger seeing that she’s jealous about Yoshika.Perrine Clostermann: (quietly; to Lucchini) I don’t get it. What do you think of her?Lucchini shrugs then Perrine facepalms in dismay.Hikari Karibuchi: (to Yoshika as she offers the girl her pistol) You know, you can use mine if you want.Yoshika Miyafuji: No thanks, Hikari. But thank you for the offer. That’s generous as it is.Hikari Karibuchi: Oh… Okay.Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke: Right then. We’ll leave the best to Ms. Sakamoto in charge. That will be all.The wing commanders salutes to the girls and they salutes them back. As the Wing Commanders left.Mio Sakamoto: Right now, now that Minna and Rull have give you the basics, it’s time for the real basic training.Mario: Huh… who are you again?Mio Sakamoto: Oh. I’m so sorry. I forgot to introduce myself to the rookies. (clears her throat) My name is Major Mio Sakamoto, one of the few members of the 501st Unit Fighter Wing, and i’ll be your coach for your training. As from what Minna has told you, war is going on and witches have to be prepared to fight back against the enemies. You'll learn to march like witches, fly like witches, and fight like witches. I will make witches of you, even if it kills you. Except for these Marios. They won't last a week.FM: What?! But I’m a penguin lover, not a fighter.X: You do know, we don’t have to fight, right? We’re engineers, FM.FM: (realized) Oooh, yeah.Yoshika Miyafuji: Permission to chat to you about…Mio Sakamoto: Young lady, I don't have time to chat to you right now. Maybe after training you can speak freely.Yoshika Miyafuji: Um… yes, ma’am.Mio Sakamoto: Now, as for the girls, it's like this, ladies. You’ll shape up, and you’ll shape up fast, or I will personally drum you out of the corps!The girls get spooked from that.Mario: Hmm… I'm kinda thirsty right now.SMG4: Now that he mentions it, where the drink around here? If we could have some drinks, that would be nice.The marios agreed.Mio Sakamoto: That can be arranged. Enzo!A Mario in blue and cyan clothing runs up to Mio.Enzo: (salutes) Yes, ma’am.Mio Sakamoto: Escort these Marios to where they'll be working for their job. They’re new here so keep an eye on them. Escapily the red and blue one.Mario: Hey!Lynette Bishop: Um, can we get some drinks too…The girls muttered while Mio’s eyebrow was raised in confusion. She now gets what Lynette was saying.Mio Sakamoto: Ah! For you girls, yes. That too can be arranged.. (walks to the girls near Lynne; upsetly loudly) Right after I sprout feet feathers and turn into a flamingo! Now drop and give me 50! All of you!Girls: Yes, ma’am!The girls start doing push ups except for Mio.Hikari Karibuchi: Oh, boy! Training at last!Enzo: Come with me, Marios. And i’ll show you where you boys work. (walks away)The Marios start to follow Enzo.Geo: Be brave, Lynne! I’ll come back for you! (leaves)Mio Sakamoto: Ladies, welcome to the Royal Valiant Witch Services. From 501st to 509th.Hikari Karibuchi: Boy, just think Yoshika. By the next six weeks, I’ll be a great witch and be able to save my sister!Yoshika Miyafuji: (struggles to do push ups) Yeah, that’s great. (falls on the ground flat)Hikari Karibuchi: I do hope she’s alright.Meanwhile, back at the enemy base…General Warlock von Talon: (groans in anger) For the last time, what was your mission? Und where are these messages coming from?The three witches turns their heads back and give him a “hph”.General Warlock von Talon: Very well. Have it your way.The Wario Bros gets out various weapons.Waluigi: You want us to shave their hair?Wario: And to cut their arms and legs off?Waluigi: Hurt their feelings? (they laugh evilly till…)General Warlock von Talon: Nien… Worse. Much worse. We have ways… of making you talk.He pressed the button and German music starts to play over the speakers. There was yodeling in it. Tikami and Gerard struggles from hearing this but Erica starts to enjoy it.Gertrud Barkhorn: Erica?!Erica Hartmann: What?! It’s catchy.
Spaghetti on a Stick by Jerryzou
It's StarMan3 by BeeWinter55
(smg4) Yo (version Smg4) by camilasparkle
Mario and SMG4: Mario playing guitar with SMG4 by Ponboon252Z
SMG4: World of Light [Windows 7/10 background] by DeekyStJ0hn
others by fans
I'll Figure Something Out I Promise GTA and OG by DipperBronyPines98
Happy 5 Year Anniversary Meggy Spletzer #12 by DipperBronyPines98
Happy 5 Year Anniversary Meggy Spletzer #11 by DipperBronyPines98
Happy 5 Year Anniversary Meggy Spletzer #10 by DipperBronyPines98

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