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SMG4: The Greatest TV Show Ever chapter fourteen by cvgwjames, literature

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Happy 15 Years, SMG4! 


Here I have brought a special gift and last drawing to continue being more proud of you, I agree, well thank you for these years and until always, goodbye! :D (Big Grin) 

SMG4 15 Years for Crazy Memes Adventure by sergi1995
In this year Princess Peach should return to her return from the SMG4 series to become her former main female protagonist what we used before for her to never appear in any more episodes of SMG4 because a few episodes for Peach and so she has to be back right now Or else it will be too late for you with poor Peach, well we return to Princess Peach in SMG4 for this year, second chance, Peach will also join the group in the girls of SMG4 along with Meggy, Tari, Saiko and Melony to make the big member with Peach and the modern girls of SMG4 for the first time, finally she will also live here in The Showgrounds upstairs in her SMG4 castle, that's it for making the big return of Princess Peach in SMG4 and I'm I'm sure it happened this time.

See you again, goodbye!

Pray for SMG4 Peach by sergi1995
Umm, I think the feature folder is full, you think you guys can make another folder?
do you guys think peach died? 
Dear for the SMG4 series and the last message for you, we are tired, tired of everything, I am really depressed than ever because Peach has never appeared in seen for five years and now you will have to return immediately with her it will be too late for you, so go back to Peach from the SMG4 series right now and I'd also let poor Mario be abused never again, otherwise he'll be all over it now why return it to her right now!

Well, I leave all this and thank you for everything, goodbye forever for SMG4, I will not forget you for you!

The Last Message for SMG4 by sergi1995
I need help; one of my notifications says "SMg4FanClub has been asked to confirm that they're a model in Mini Tari (2023)." What does that mean?
...And for that matter, either you guys should make a new Featured folder or have the other Folder automatically accept deviations because none of my deviations had been accepted ever since your Featured folder reached the size limit. :( (Sad)