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Character  Blackjack
A painting made for FoE. PH.  
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Very nice, more PH art is always welcome. :)
But, one question... when this happened? I don't remember this scene...
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I improvised this painting, basing on some crazy ideas. No need to worry.:)

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P-21 dies near the end of the book on the moon. Since this doesn't really look like the moon, and P-21 was impaled by a piece of a falling building, I'd say that this isn't supposed to be a scene from the book, but rather just fanart.
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I know P-21 dies on the moon. I really read all 5 toms few times. ;)
But maybe I forgot about some scene where BJ was already in phase I and P21 was badly wounded. I can't doubt it, since PH is very long. :)