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A club dedicated to Sailor Moon fanfics and fan manga.
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Jul 2, 2007

North America

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Fan Club

415 Members
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:bulletgreen:Must be a member to submit work.
:bulletgreen:Please wait to have your own folder before submitting your work.
:bulletgreen:Each member has there own folder which is your DA name.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: a. FanFics: Any chapters of Sailor Moon fanmanga are welcome. Please make sure the fanfic is related to Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon crossovers are accepted.
:bulletblue::bulletblue: b. FanMangs: Any pages of Sailor Moon fanmanga are welcome. Please make sure the fanmanga is related to Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon crossovers are accepted.
:bulletblue::bulletblue: c. FanArt: Any fanart of any Sailor Moon fanfics or fanmanga are welcome. There is not a limit on how many fanart you can submit. Please make sure the fanart is related to a Sailor Moon Fanfic or Fanmanga and not just regular Sailor Moon fanart.




I am trying to get this group and my others back on their feet thought might be a bit hard because I think my computer just died last night. I have been checking on this group but I know I have been gone awhile. I have things in life that I will not go into here but you can find out on my page if you want.

I am working on clearing out the deactivated accounts.

Also my computer just died last week.....
I'm writing a SM fanfic entitled Lunaria and I only have the preview written at the moment. Below are the ideas I have for the story at the moment, so comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

SM Fanfic Idea(s)
Serena is your stereo blonde, klutzy and ditsy, but she has a secret. She is obsessed with the fandom 'Sailor Moon.' If you mention anything relating to the fandom she will sprout random bits of information so fast that your head will spin. But one moonless night her world changes, what she thought was just fandom becomes her reality and she learns she is really sailor moon. AU, OCs, 3rd person POV.

This is a rewriting of Sailor Moon based off/mixing together the manga, anime and PGSM live action TV series. All the characters are American girls who grew up with the fandom we all know and love - Serena (I like the American version of her name personally) is the ultimate SM fangirl! So you will be hearing her say random bits of information from the real fandom and she'll be connecting the dots together but some of them won't connect correctly. You'll see I love this idea that is in my head and it's going to take a long time to finish. I hope you all stick with me throughout this endeavor and your comments and ideas are absolutely encouraged (I like putting reader suggestions into my stories in some way; I might even let you create a character or two if they're that awesome)!

A rewrite of SM w/American OCs embodying the original characters, a world referencing the fandom and such with college students

Need to get the manga and anime and PGSM for refs, print out/save the wikia/Wikipedia information about the fandom so as to have as much of the fandom in it to work with and tweak [this is going to be very long]

Characters: [ironic that their names are the same/might come up with new ones for the other girls/characters – all have some relation to Japan, family background/marriage/cousin works there, etc.]

Serena (main protagonist, college student, ultimate SM fangirl)

Darian (Serena’s childhood friend, always toys around with her and frustrates her, bit of a ladies man/flirt – her boyfriend)

Luna (real talking cat that Serena has owned for years – she doesn’t know Luna can talk for a while)

Amy (Serena’s dormmate, on Dean’s List eternally, was homeschooled and is awkward in real life social situations)

Ray [Raven] (from another college, went to middle school with Serena, the two argue a lot, dated Darian)

Lita [name change?] (track scholarship recimpiant)

Mina (new transfer, knows everything already and gets the scouts together, not getting Serena involved no matter what)

Artemis (real talking cat, one who tells everyone the story and makes them believe that SM is real and that the fandom was made to help them know what was coming)

Rini (adopted by Serena’s parents, sent back in time to survive because the ‘ultimate evil’ was released)

Diana (Rini’s guardian, Serena brings home the kitten she found ‘Luna made sure it happened’ for her adopted little sister)

Michelle (member of orchestra, Serena’s tutor)

Amara (followed Michelle to this school, doesn’t go to school works)

Setsuna (owner of local boutique the girls frequent)

Hotaru [or something else] (high schooler who looked up to Serena, babysits Rini, still gets corrupted but her father has nothing to do with it)

Molly and the other non-sailor powerful characters are there in similar ways as they are in the fandom

Evil characters are the same and their intros are TBA and out of order from the fandom [Diamond kidnaps
Serena before she knows about everything, months after the other girls have already started fighting the ‘evil’]
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