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Tanya Stomp
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Published: June 26, 2017
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After shrinking her victim to marco size with help from sorcerer Quan Chi, Tanya squishes Cassie underneath the soles of her high heel boots after capturing and imprisoning the young Earthrealm. Tanya hates bugs and shrunken Cage is no exception, the sadistic Edenian princess brutally crushes Jacqui's best friend beneath her deadly feet, stomping down with great force until Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade's daughter is flattened and squashed into bug goo. 

Cassie loses a fight to Tanya in Netherrealm, who then captures and kidnaps the blonde female just to further humiliate and torture her. As a favor to Tanya, Quan Chi uses his magic to shrink Cassie until she is tiny enough to flatten beneath Tanya's foot. This leads up to the events of Cassie being tortured, drugged and abused in mini form until Tanya decides to put the earthling out of her misery. Jacqui Briggs, Takeda Takahashi and Kung Jin got separated from their leader shortly before her gruesome battle with Tanya.

As the cruel giantess stomps her foot down, a satisfying squishing sound can be heard along with crunching of little bones. Stuck to the bottom of Tanya's boot sole, Cassie won't be heard from again and the Edenia woman will soon find a new slave to hold bondage and shrink to micro size. Several Earthlings including Cassie's parents, Sub Zero, Jax, Liu Kang and Scorpion have began a search for Cassie but little do they know she is nothing more than a smear blood stain under Tanya's dirty sole.

Tanya MKX icon "This will be a pleasure." 
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thatguyisapervHobbyist Digital Artist
I hate this fetish...
xgdhyh2000's avatar
then why are you here
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I would be nice to see them flattened 
Oakcakes's avatar
Excellent animation, i love how quick she exterminates her victim.
ChamKham's avatar
Bad animation. Where's the blood?
ProBad's avatar
Like you can do any better.
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HanokoHobbyist General Artist
Great animation but why are everyone so horny by such a violent stuff XD
Ilovefetishes's avatar
Everything about this is perfect.
Oxfam's avatar
You're determined to make me jizz huh?
Piffting's avatar
Tanya has such a buff belly navel. Love 
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I feel for Cassie, poor lass.
QueenSugaar's avatar
I think i have a crush fetish because again this turned me on. :blush: revisit 
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AceMelodiesHobbyist Digital Artist
So much win.
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KewpuhStudent Interface Designer
Kind of wish she was barefoot so i could see her stinky toes and manicure. 
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SkullodreamsHobbyist General Artist
Instant boner, no seriously I'm not joking.
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I just hope Tanya is a playable character in Mortal Kombat XI
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It's Mortal Kombat 11 not XI.
sixteen-Bit's avatar
It's the same thing, only one is in numerals. 
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