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Hi guys!
You can watch all my fanservice videos only click on the links below ;)
there are not on my channel but here you have the complete list and you can continue to watch them as many times you want!

Sad news....(+video link)

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2014, 12:49 PM
Here the video  about my actual situation.
Lots of you know about mine and now more than ever I need help.
I live with no family support because I don't have one, I don't have a job and my money are going to finish soon.....I don't want to leave the city,i don't want to go away from my fiancèe,unfortunatelly she's too young for help me,I have some friends can help but not so much. I' m just a little bit frustrate because I'm doing all I can for surviving but life is really hard for young people like me.
So I ask you to go here and give a little help, I have to move to a new appartment and find soon a job,every job is ok for me. 
Obviously I'll be less active in this period with videos,I'm sorry but for now I have to restabilize my serenity and if I don't have where to go,I can't do videos it's obivous xD but the important thing for me is to find where to stay.....

Thank you for some help if you can't don't worry,but please share

First donation arrived! I'm so grateful it means a lot for me >*<
Second donation arrived! Thank you so much guys ç_ç
Third donation! It's so much and I starting to believeto alla the support!!

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Sun Jul 13, 2014, 6:53 AM

I want to do a youtube hangout live…
Tomorrow I'll be with my heichou but i don't know the time when I can do it because of the time zone.
At what time you could watch it?
(Please tell me in Rome time zone)

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You voted it!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 4, 2014, 12:29 PM
In the last Pool…
I asked wich cosplay I should do, so my Sora Cosplay is arrived from…
And My Yukine Coat is arriving (・∀・) from
As for third place young Trunks You have to wait, meanwhile for fourth my Sonic Costume is at 50% by me ;)
I hope they suit me all well
(▽◕ ᴥ ◕▽)

So thank you for voting! The review will arrive next week on…

Continue to follow me here (∩╹∀╹∩)*❤

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Sat May 17, 2014, 11:25 AM

Bye bye friends. Bye bye Facebook. Welcome on Tumblr!

I'm more active on:
Tumblr for messages long posts
Twitter for my daily life
Google for knowing when I upload videos…

I'd like to hear you soon there >__<

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Points received Journal featured

Thu Apr 24, 2014, 2:59 AM

Thank you for the points *ò*
check his arts!
<da:thumb id="423916448"/> <da:thumb id="424163465"/> <da:thumb id="424111096"/>

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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 10:51 AM
- 7 To first big event of the year! 
My cosplay list is:
1° Day Ren Kaidou from Super Lovers,finallyI have Haru <3
2° Sasuke Uchiha first version it's always a pleasure to do Sasuke
3° Monokuma from Dangan Ronpa! Fan art version in the afternoon another cosplay,but it will a surprise
4° Eren Jaeger will be my sponsor so I have to take for them 300 cosplay photos!

For this event my dear friend :iconmischaxel: is going to stay at my home 'cause if you don't know it, I moved to Rome....So of course we'll do something after the event,we always do it for everytime we slept together...oh no! I don't mean any pervert things! xD I mean cosplay!
I'm going to have a lot of fun~

This is Eren's week too!(because his birthday is 30 March) On my facebook I'm sharing some special photos ghggh I really love this character and the all series!
Happy Eren's week!

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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 31, 2014, 3:09 AM

I have a new partner for the lenses review!
Click the link and choose your lenses and get 10% discount!


The review will be on youtube:…

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Twitter, Vine, Instagram

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 6, 2013, 4:08 AM

Just a little news~
I'm again active on Twitter and Instagram
where you can find recent news,phots,istant cosplay and more about my life :)

More videos are jet to come on youtube too so let's subscribe to fanservice…

Have a good yaoi day :DDD 
See you on the socials!


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Attack on Cosplay!

Fri Nov 8, 2013, 2:58 PM

Attack on Cosplay!

Hi there! It's so much time I don't write a journal and post some news...
Let's talk about my premium membership donated by a dear friend <3

My life changed a lot in this period,now I'm in the capital Rome *D*
I'm working as a normal person xD doing cosplay reviews and going to the convention; my last one was Lucca comics and Games the biggest one in Italy! 
I had a lot of fun with my Shiraishi and Levi cosplay....I have to upload a lots of photos and videos too hehehe~

If someone knows me at the begining of my cosplay life,you watched me grew up a lot as cosplayer and as person...You were happy and sad because of my adventures and stories and I'm really grateful for the support, I have the best fans that a cosplayer can have ** I hope you'll be always by my side <3 Omg I'm so sweet this evening...but sometimes I look back in the past and I can say I had great time with you all,on youtube,on stickam on all the socials where we talked,so thank you guys...
Now for me there is another chapter, an adult chapter, I took a lot of decisions for my life,I changed partner and I'm feel well with her....yes her,the most part of you know me as a boy who likes boy, but I grow up and I felt attracted by her and I'm totally fall in love....Love has no sex u__u so don't be sad,I'll continue to do yaoi! *D*
So continue to take a look on me ;)

See you in the next fanservice video!

Contact me anywhere!
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Al ooooh al oooh \(*T▽T*)/
Finally I'm a youtube partner! So I'll do better videos from now! I'm really serious with this collaboration, I want to do my best for it | ̄ー ̄|
I'm really grateful to all of my watchers and who follows me everywhere! It's only thanks to you if I did it and continued on my way even if there were a lots of problems with someone and something :S but hey! I'm still alive and I'm still a cosplayer (ノ゚▽゚)ノ☆
Tomorrow I'll do a new video with a special female guest and I'll upload it as always on my channel… subscribe if you're glad to watch me ヽ(・∀・)ノ

On 4 I'm going to Ischia an island in front of Naples, I'm very looking forward to go on holiday~ But I'll not forgive to work
I'll do videos there too xD so continue to follow O(≧∇≦)O 

Happy Holidays to you all! 
☆d(o⌒∇⌒o)b ★イエーイ★ d(o⌒∇⌒o)b☆

p.s. Did I say that I love these japanese emoticons? v(≧∇≦v)三(v≧∇≦)v

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AWESOME! I did a new video it's a review for circle lenses! 
Watch and comment what you think about them!…

It was my first time for a review, I had some fun ;)
As you know from my past journal, I had some problems with a bad circle lenses, so now I have much more care about where to buy my cosplay lenses for my eyes health.
The Dollyeye has a lots of quality circle lenses, I adore them <3 My favourite ones are twilight red!

Soon I'll upload the second video with dolly blue lenses for Kuroko from kuroko no basket so check my youtube!

Ja ne!
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Hi guys! I miss you so much! It's long time I don't post new videos on my channel on youtube and I feel like I lose you _
I don't hear you so often like some time ago...So I'll work hard for doing a lots of videos,I promise!

What kind of videos do you like the most?

This sunday (tomorrow in Italy) I'll be on youtube with Murasakibara-kun<3 so don't miss us ;)
link to my youtube…

If you want to know constantly what I'm doing...well I have instagram and I use it a lot **

Bye see you!
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Finally Comicon started yesterday,I departed the day before yesterday for friend's home in Naples.
Today was the second day at the convention, I have a lot of photos yet!*-*
I'm so excited because it was long time since I didn't joined a great convention.
I met a lots of my fans and everyone gave me biscuits and chocolate == I love you all!!
Tomorrow I have to meet other ones from other cities and I'm very looking forward to enjoy the comicon with them!
As for as my cosplay....You'll se soon the photos :)
So...Ja ne!

Little preview here:
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Hi guys!
It's been long time you don't read my journal (about 3 months wuoh!).
I waited for write a journal because I want to write only with good news ;)
So this is the greatest news for now!
I'm going to partecipate at a reality show on NekoTv for Shopping All by OtakLab
This is the link for the project
I'm so excited,don't you? ; D

Another good news will arrive soon ;)
So let's continue to follow me!
Thank you so much who continues to follow me even if I'm not so active with cosplays at this moment, but as you can see...I'll be more active soon!
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Goodmorning dear watchers~
I'm writing from my new appartment where I live with a friend,a dog,a cat and my hamster.
Yes, I left my parents because we had a lots of problems betweet us,but it's a sad story and now I'm in an excited mode one!
I love this new life even if I have to think about the taxs,the responsabilities and all the activities concerning living without parents (before I didn't have less responsabilities when I was with my parents, but now I have to admit they are more...).
So I don't want to think about the economic problems because now I'm happy and there isn't nothing more important than my happiness.
I know it's unespected  news but who follows me on fb or on twitter knows about it.

Good news I'll never stop doing cosplay! So don't worry xD I have  two cosplays than I never wear before xD and with the help of my friends I'll continue my hobby. For the video you'll have to wait because i don't have any camera D: before I used my nephew wait until I'll be able to buy ones.

Have a good morning today!<3
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Hi guys! I never talked a lot about my collaboration with Shoppingall; it's a site where you can buy a lot of things concerning cosplay: wigs,costumes,accessories ecc. and it's all 100% made in Italy! Today I'm going to depart for Romics,convention in Rome, I'll work for shoppingall as hairstylist (in few words I'll fix and cut wigs at the stand ;D )obviously I'll be in cosplay too:
Himuro Tatsuya,Banri Watanuki,Harry Potter and Kuroko Tetsuya.

I'm very looking forward! Now I have to leave you, meanwhile you can visit and shop to shoppingall site… (they have special offers for foreign people) I suggest to you all the cosplays they have *-* because they are very quality costumes and I can garantee for the wigs too 'cause I'll fix them personally ;D

They also have a facebook page:…

Hurry up let's join!

Japanese food I'm comiiiiing~
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I adore September!
1) A lot of cosplay conventions
2) It's my name day

It's an important month for me~
For first I'd like to talk about cosplay (obviously my DA is for cosplay!), tomorrow I have a little convention in Caserta near to my city, I'll be Sasuke with the first outfit, the day after tomorrow I'll be Matt Ishida with Tk.
On 9 I'll go to Fantaexpo in Salerno, I'll cosplay as Hamlet gijinka with Recchan will be Shion from no.6.
From 14 to 16 I'll be in Sicilia for Etna comics! I'm very excited for this great convention because it will be the first time for me in Sicilia and I have to take a boat *-* and more important...I have this occasion thanks for it's the cosplay store where I recently work ;)
I didn't decided wich cosplays to do yet but I have some ideas.
The week-end of 22/23 I'll stay at home u.u but the next ones there is Romics from 27 to 30 ! I'll work at the stand of Shoppingall but I'll cosplay anyway ;D
I'll do Banri Watanuki,Sasuke (yes,I have to do it for a special person), Harry and Kuroko.
Unfortunately this year at romics there will not be Misch but I'll cosplay with littleuke as Kise...and Misch are preparing a character from knb too :D I'm very looking forward!

Happy September to all guys! Wish me luck I have some personal important things to do ;)
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Anyone can help me with my research?
I tryed Alice and rabbit,Zyl society and pinkyparadise but I need a good store with all the type of lenses and a fast shipping,of course with low price.
Zyl was fast but I don't like the brand of the lenses,they caused me a lot of problems, alice and rabbit and pinkyparadise are good too but the shipping time is slow (one month).
I really need them soon!

Thank you for reading and helping me ~
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I can't believe it guys,so tired but very much satisfied.

On Sunday I went to Misch's house with our photographer Recchan; we had all the house only for us bacause there weren't Misch's parents so we were like "Let's cosplay all the day!". The Sunday was a normal day,we talked,we cooked until the night...On Monday we went to the supermarket and a great shop for animals,after we cooked and Misch fixed two wigs (Sora wig =ç=). From 17:00 p.m. to 6 a.m. we had 3 photoshoots,yes we really took photos for 10 hours (they are 12h but we had a break of 2h for cooking and eating).
Me and Misch did 3 couples and....fhnerjbvvcdbxg I can't believe it....I realize a lot of my erotic dreams *drolls* xDD and maybe you'll understand me from the photo that I'll upload.
Recchan was great too! She saw all and wasn't embarassed for nothing,so it was simple to take some particular photos.
How about Misch? Well, I adore him nothing to add.

On Tuesday Littleukeboy come to my house :3 we went around in my city for walking with Recchan and Bakakaeru until the night. On Wednesday (today) we went to a basketball court....Ok now you know what we did xD
It was the hottest day of the summer here in Italy too, we can say we survived! It was really hot but we love cosplay even if one day we may die for it xD
I'm really excited even if my character doesn't show his emotions but now I'm naked (for the heat) and I'm not in cosplay of him so I can show how much I'm happy!

So thank you very much guys for did my days:


Check my gallery for these weeks,you are going to see a lot of beautiful things! ;D
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