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Gabriele 8008 .typewriter

Tired of Helvetica much?
Replace it with this authentic early nineteen eighties typewriter font to roughen up those boring straight lines! ;)

Compatibility info
This font should work on most of the systems out there. I've tested it using different applications both on Windows and OS X and have not encountered any problems, so far - anyhow, please let me know if you do find any.

Version history
3.4 (2015 06 19) - Icelandic news: eth and thorn have new vector art. And even more bugs have been crushed.
3.2 - More bug-fixes...
3.0 (2013 08 10) - Vectorized the entire font, so no more pixelation at big sizes. Also there is even more characters and better kerning now.
2.1 (2013 03 11) - Bug-fixes and even more "non-us" characters.
1.1 - More characters have been added.

This font is based on the typewriter font Elite-Modern 10/12.
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What are your terms of use?
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You can use it as you please as long as you keep it non-commercial. :)
"Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License"
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Thank you. Just the kind of typewriter font I was looking for.
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Really proper font. I like how it resembles ink flows and weight build-ups just like with an actual typewriter.
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Thank you very much. :)
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Hey, thanks for this font :)
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You're welcome!
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You're welcome :3
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i really really really love this! :love:
when i use this i'll be sure to credit you.
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Thanks for the flattering words, also the fav!
It's very much appreciated! :3
Hey, this font is fantastic. I love typewriter fonts, though I'm not sure why.

If I use it for anything, I shall credit you, but honestly, really well done.

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Thanks a lot! :3
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It makes me feel like I should hear a ‘ding’ at the end of each line. Nice, this was what I was looking for. Yeah, I’m a geek.
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hey, I'm having trouble working out how to use this (add it to programs, etc) any suggestions?

lovely font, by the way
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You have to put it in the fonts folder on your computer. If you got windows this can be found in the "control panel" under "Fonts". Just save the file somewhere, and drag it to this folder.
Just google for an tutorial if you're having further problems.

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uhhm, the " just Work when you write a ! right before it. you can earease the ! then, but its fiddly. ^^"
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It works fine with office 2007 here :)
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wow! its readable, have enough characters and looks charming. :D
i would love to use this for an important school work, may i? oh, i won´t sell it. ;)
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This is great! I was looking for a typewriter font :)
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