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Gabriele 8008 .typewriter

Tired of Helvetica much?
Replace it with this authentic early nineteen eighties typewriter font to roughen up those boring straight lines! ;)

Compatibility info
This font should work on most of the systems out there. I've tested it using different applications both on Windows and OS X and have not encountered any problems, so far - anyhow, please let me know if you do find any.

Version history
3.4 (2015 06 19) - Icelandic news: eth and thorn have new vector art. And even more bugs have been crushed.
3.2 - More bug-fixes...
3.0 (2013 08 10) - Vectorized the entire font, so no more pixelation at big sizes. Also there is even more characters and better kerning now.
2.1 (2013 03 11) - Bug-fixes and even more "non-us" characters.
1.1 - More characters have been added.

This font is based on the typewriter font Elite-Modern 10/12.
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