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Stickies Icon.

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A simple icon for

Comments are welcome, I hope you enjoy this pack ^^
Please, if you want to public it on your website/blog I'll be very glad, but if you can send me an email (smelltheroses93[at]gmail[dot]com) or a PM, thanks ^^
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I love this colour!
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yay stickie icons that don't look horrid!!! :D Simplicty wins. :D
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how do you use these?
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For the Stikies Application, which is installed in Ma Os X, and for some folders, like the school one, for example.
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oh, can't use then =\
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I really like this! I love the color blue, and now I can have blue stickies! *grin* haha

Thank you. (:
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No, thanks YOU for the appreciations ^^
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Quello che mi piace di + !
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If you download it you can find 4 different colours: blue, red, green and yellow ^^

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nice, have you got it in yellow?
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Lovely comment ^^

Thanks ^^
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I love them! thousands thoughts a day which shall be remembered - and THERE you ARE! thx!
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Yeh, I now, I'll fix it immediately ^^
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ehm, you was wrong. in some icons you wrote 'Sitickies'.

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Very simple, but very nice. Good job!
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love it, good joob ^^

by the way, green sucks XD


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Well, if you use a lot os stickies like me you'll now that if you want to attach it again you mus use some tape. And, in the package there are also 2 other versions and 4 different colors.

Anyway, thank you ^^
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Doesn't the tape defeat the purpose of a sticky note?

(But the tape does look good, great job!)
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