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Snorlax Beanbag chair



Sorry I wont make another one of these
I'm busy sitting on my ass B)
You can buy beanbag patterns at the store
the details are up to you

Edit: Please don't send me notes asking me to make one, they will be ignored.


All you really need to do is buy a beanbag chair pattern. You can get one at usually any fabric store. If you can't find it, you can ask a sales associate because it's a pretty common item to have a pattern for. It cost about 100 dollars to make this but if you do it right it will cost less.

I found mine in a teen furniture thing. The pattern packet will have the amount of fabric to purchase on the back of it. You'll want to buy muslin for the inside layer because it keeps it strong since you'll be sitting on it. (I double stitched it just to be sure.)

A suggestion, install a zipper in the muslin. Then put it inside the outer fleece layer (or whatever fabric you like, fleece is relatively cheap and comfy) sew on a Velcro opening so you can fill the muslin bag, zip it up then close it up. (Or another zipper if you'd like. Make sure its on the bottom of the bag.)

Fill it up once you have the muslin inside the outer layer and try to match it up the best you can. It'll equal itself out over time. Also this way you can wash it without too much hassle.

The beans you can get at fred meyer, I suggest two bags.

The head is made from a elongated sphere shape. If you know how to make a sphere, make the four pieces slightly longer. Cut out the part where you want the face and replace it with a different color piece. This might take some guess work but I'm sure you can handle it, right?

The ears are triangular pyramids and the arms and legs are simple two piece shapes.

A suggestion, have plenty of newspaper ready to cut out patterns and experiment with the size you want. The circle on the bottom of the foot is applied the same way the face is.

The details on the face (eyes, mouth, teeth) are ironed on with fabric adhesive. You can buy a couple sheets of it at Joann's as well. The fabric I used for the details are black and white suede cloth but you can stitch on some felt if you'd like. The iron on suede is less likely to pill up.

This is all I will provide, please don't ask me to make an in depth tutorial. I had to figure this out myself and buy the bean bag pattern, it's not a arduous task if you put a little effort into it.

EDIT: A nice commenter went through the trouble of making a pattern for the additional pieces. The main beanbag is from a typical pattern which can be found at most fabric stores.
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