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Shadowlin Codx: Young Blood (Part 5)
Ghost starts crushing Rouges left paw like tin foil. Rouge bends down to knees, he tucks his head down, with a swift lunge of his wings and back legs, he headbutts Ghost's gut
"Bone didn't emit it. Matter of fact he never did say the word love to his students. Closest I've seen, he treated everyone like his children, Ghost, and Rouge especially. Yet I only met half of the crew so far. This just made me wonder, what the hell is love when dragons don't emit it?"
Like a cannonball, they are flying down with power against another floating island. Cracking halfway through the island, Rouge beats Ghost down left and right. Leaving Ghost with a broken jaw, his dark scales began to fade back to white; eye's changed back to blue. Rouge folds his arm back flicking his wrist for his wrist blade. Jabs it through Ghost's right shoulder like paper, before Rouge could do more damage, Bone came up from behind stabbing Rouge right behind his wing, shocking him in the process. Rouge grunts in pain. Grip
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damn, wish I didn't delete that Shadowlin Vs thing
Seriously, wish I didn't delete it, I put a few days work in that thing lol. Aww well, back to writing.
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Shadowlin Codx: Young Blood (Part 4)
"Friends, Family, their all a weakness. You ever wonder what it is like alone? Born out of complete isolation? No kind F words? Bad nor good? What would you learn? How would you feel? That's what I wanted to know... That's something nobody thinks about. Cause everybody is scared to be alone forever."
Landing on the small island, Akio was meditating under the cherry tree as the group strived to line up on the edge of the island. They sat there watching Akio for a few seconds, knowing he wasn't going to break out of his meditation. Stix clears his throat loudly trying to break Akio's concentration to look at them. Angel nudges Tyson,
"Poke him."
"Why me?"
"Just get his attention, we'll back you up."
Tyson rolls his eyes as he tip-toes over to Akio, takes a deep breath in reaches out, and get's zapped back in line with a bolt of lightning. Everyone freaked out together when the lighting faded, with Rouge slammed face first in the ground with Bone on top holding his face down.
"Why was
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Shadowlin Codx: Young Blood (Part 3)
"Rouge is a frustrating dragon, he's 2 years older than Ghost. He can keep it cool but likes to stir shit up with anyone he doesn't like. Ghost was the prime contestant as a rival, but also a best friend in the future. I decided to keep it low for a while until I'm needed."
The Temples grand hall was full of Shadowlins and council podiums. Including the Apollo fountain, a relic crafted by the god that created god-killers to create peace as well as order. Walking down to the next room on the left were stares and hallways leading to judge rooms, planning courts, even secret holy places for the councils. Bone walks into a circular room much like a university classroom but much smaller. Another Shadowlin was sitting in the center of the room, much older than Bone, 3 other young trainees sat in the room.
"Hu, guess we weren't the only ones that survived the test... This was a test right?" Angel asked.
"Sit down, I'll explain in a bit." Bone says as he walked to the center of the room.
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Shadowlin Codx: Young Blood (Part 2)
"We're not gonna make it! We got to get off this mountain, NOW!" The dragon shouts beginning to panic.
Ghost thinks on his toes, going over what he knows so far, any sensitive light will make them go blind, no sign of the temple at all, getting off the mountain would be impossible by now.
"I got it... Hey! Climb the mountain! Come on!" Ghost marched, flapping his wings to help him move upward.
"Are you crazy!? The trees are the only cover we got!"
"No! The snow is! COM'ON!"
The dragon quit arguing and started climbing right up next with Ghost, they both began to squint as their visions began to get blurry from the light. As they rose, they were protected by the shadow of the mountain, Ghost tossed Rouge's body over his head and started digging through the snow.
"What the hell you doing?" The dragon questioned,
"If we can't find shelter, we gotta make our own! Now shut up and help me!"
It took a second to realize what Ghost was doing, he started to help dig a hole as the light cheeped c
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Shadowlin Codx: Young Blood (Part 1)
"Apollo Mountains... Home of god killers, a dragon species that are raised by Apollo to keep the world in order. These creatures were hated by everybody, gods, empires, mortals; they should have been killed, every one of them. However, without their authority, the universe's wouldn't have been the same, nor as peaceful. I was something more; I lived in a god killer, these dragons raised by the crafty god, are known as Shadowlins, the assassins lurking in shadow. One, in particular, was lucky to live as long as he did."
In Apollo Mountains, a dragoness was resting next to a waterfall. Listening to birds tweet, and running water of the stream. Her hatchlings were wrestling in her sight right across the river. A Shadowlin with a hood over his head pounces down below behind the dragoness with no sound at all.
"You gotta be quieter than that."
"Jenna" The Shadowlin greets with discipline,
"Are you hear to take them." Jenna watches her sons play, not breaking sight.
"I think you know the
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Colonies of War (Part 7)
Date: 2070 June 18 (resistance)
Wade (Ghost)
I heard creaking, the whole ship was violently rocking back and forth.
"Awwww god..." I moaned, looked over and saw a needle in my arm, my head was rushing. What happened? Where am I? How long was I out? I panicked, but calmed myself down, my right shoulder was wrapped in bandages, and felt really sore. I pushed myself to sit up, instantly felt woozy and cold sweat run down my back. I looked away, and peeled the IV out of my arm, it didn't hurt but I can't look at needles like that.
I stumbled a bit getting to my feet, I opened the door looking down the halls, no one. I heard a loud creak in the ship rocking, rocking was so bad, I was almost walking on the wall. I kept walking, going into the elevator, and took it to the 12 floor on the deck. The doors opened in the Lobby, a looked down the stars of the central room and saw just a few people run off, what's going on? I opened the door on the port side, it was pouring,  I looked over, se
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Colonies of War (part 6)
Date: 2070 June 7 (resistance)
Mick (YoungBlood)
"I can't fucking believe that!" I yelled waiting outside Wades door with Jared, I was worried about Wade, I couldn't see if it shot his chest or head or... I just grabbed an ran is all I remember right now.
"I can't either, he didn't deserve to get shot, nor did James... Can't believe he's gone" Jared said sitting down against the wall.
My anger started to turn to sorrow, James is dead, gone, I still can't believe that. I just saw one of my best friends die right in front of me now Wades laying there possibly dead. I sigh and look at Jared,
"Where do we go if we can't get in the City?" I started to believe we had to live our lives on the ships, Wade wanted us to start over and have a clean slate, this isn't starting over for us. Honestly I believed in Wade, but if they won't let us in the city, then were stuck outside those walls, and live on this ship until resources run out.
"Hey I'm gonna go get something at the Cafe... Want anything?
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Colonies of War (part 5)
2070 June 6 (resistance)
Wade (Ghost)
We quickly ran to the elevators to see everyone packing in.
"HA! No way I'm going in there" He began running down the stairs,
"Hey wait up!" I yelled as we ran after him,
We squirmed our way through crowds of people leaving, we were one of the first to leave the ship. The ground felt like clay, dusty, where are we?
"Whaoooo... Guys check this out!"
Jared ran by the ships docking, we chased after him and slid stopping at a cliff side of dust, holy crap. There was a huge city just about a football field away. I could see trees, towers, the tower in the middle was the biggest. It looked like a root of a tree. The architecture was unbelievable, there were small columns curving into the central tower, with Several skyscrapers, and huge floating supporters. They were like skyscrapers floating in half! saw a huge gray way about 20ft high and a lot of small islands around this mainland.
"Amazing..." James said as he started walking to the gates, we walked
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Stix rise for power (part 2)
Stix set his feet under the sand, as soon as the shark rammed into Stix, the sand kept his balance. He dug his wrist blade in the shark's underbelly, lifting it over his head and tossed onto the shores. Stix starts passing out in the water, struggling to stay awake.
"Hide in the water, rest, he'll come back," Solas whispers as she vanishes.
Stix was at an impasse, he's too weak, he's got to have more patients with his moves as of now. He does precisely that, he gets comfortable, sitting in the water, using his shadow element to blend in with his environment. He waited for hours, just thinking to himself about the outside world. He has no idea what's out there now, or even if there is anything out there. Solas doesn't exactly know either, but they both to these islands are blessed to be their new home, whether they like it or not. When the sun was setting on the horizon, the dragon amazingly came back to poke the shark.
"AAAAaaawwww... Poor bastard didn't stand a chance. Hahaha" The dra
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The God Killer (Ghost Tribute. The End) by smeagle123 The God Killer (Ghost Tribute. The End) :iconsmeagle123:smeagle123 15 4
Stix rise for power (part 1)
Segals chirping, waves brushing against Stix's hind legs as the peaceful splashes of waves wash at the shoreline. Peaceful and sunny day, Stix blinks a few times, then slowly begins to wake up on an island. He got up on all fours and looked around.
"The hell am I?"
"Your home."
Stix turned around to see Solas standing in front of him.
"you... I should kill myself right now before I let you harm anyone else" Stix threatened to hoist his wrist blade to his head.
"Calm down big boy. I'm in the same boat as you now, Why I gave you'r body back. This point I don't need it, cause everything we had is gone." Solas sighs not caring what Stix does next.
"You that's it, you give up?"
"Yea, I bought you here cause it's in the middle of nowhere, AND, it's your home. Whatever happened, I can't go back to where I came from, so the only thing I can do, what I was summoned to do is be inside your mind."
Stix grunts shaking off the sand and water, looking into the forest of the island.
"so you this is m
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The Last Shadowlin (part 17)
Dagger goes for a jab, the blade drives into Ghost's shoulder, Ghost grabs hold of Daggers forearm locking his grip tight with the blade remaining in his shoulder. Ghost growls, and pushes with all his might, Daggers back legs clawing in the dust, with a free arm he exposes his other wrist upper cutting into Ghost's gut, however, blocked with Ghost's other exposed wrist blade. They came to a standstill as Dagger was shoving Ghost with the same amount of might. Both breaking a sweat as they stared-off, crowd going wild over each other on the fight of the century, a Hunter vs a Shadowlin.
Ghost made a swift move to headbutt Dagger's face hard enough to crack the visor of his helmet, then drives his left horn straight through Daggers face, ripping off a clean line of his helmet. Dagger pissed, he grabbed Ghost by the horns, and swung his back leg back, and kneed straight into Ghost's snout. The power launched Ghost several feet back, he rolled back on his feet, with a deep breath Ghost ex
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The Last Shadowlin (part 16)
"Fisty one, AY FANS!?" Joker raised his fist in the air to make the crowd cheer his name.
Ghost wraps his tail around Joker's hind leg and pulls Joker's leg in to knock him off balance, in a split second Joker smashes his fist straight down Ghost's spine, shattering his center vertebrae. Digging his laws in the flesh of the back to throw Ghost 5 feet straight up charging it is a fully armored hunter that shouldered Ghost straight back down to the ground.
Ghost struggles to get up, he growls as his eye's fated to black an red, spitting out a piece of his own tongue. Joker giggling over the fact he's been attacked by his own prisoner, with a few flaps of his wings Joker laughed looking at one of his tech control engineers and gives him a thumbs up. The glass roof tinted to pitch black, casting off all sunlight and lighting. The arena flashes strobe lights, different colored lights swinging back and forth like a circus, 4 spotlights all together on Joker flapping his wings in the center o
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Devil is lose
"You. Are. A. PIECE OF SHIT!!!" Devil screams shoving the spear through Ghost's guts.
Ghost screams in agony as he twists the spear, the spear head pulling out of his gut as blood squirts out of belly.
"I'm gonna drive you to wishing you were dead! Send you back to hell where I KNOW YOU'R FROM!" Devil screams grasping the spear back, he attempts to hit Ghost's left eye, Ghost deflects the spear tip with his wing, fluently Devil shanks the spear in Ghosts chest pinning him against the burning wall, Ghost's scales sizzling.
"I'm gonna make you drive to suicide. Over the things you DROVE ME TO DO! YOU PIECE OF SHIIIITTTT!" Devil roars inches from Ghost's face, with his wrist blade he slices the spear handle in clean in half, in a swirl with his back leg, kicks the spear through Ghost's chest. The spear rips through Ghost's flesh, hearing the splats and gushes of organs, a few bones snapping by the impact of Devil's kick.
Ghost spews out blood still alive, holding the remains of the spear
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Last Shadowlin (Demo5) Last
Dawn, Ghost, Lance, and Razz sat in the boat shed discussing the next move with the medallion.
"Yuh kip dat blood clot away from mi Bowy!" Razz yells out scared of magic.
"This is the only relic I got that can bring me back home, just need to find the right guy that can make it happen."
"Noooo, what we NEED to do is get yea to Vindida. Lay low til-IF it blows over."
"Will we ready to go?" Ghost said as Dawn nodded, walking over to the helicopter to start up.
"Wi Ghost,it been nice knowing yuh stay saf-"
Ghost grabs Lance by the hood of his jacket and pulled him down. Dodging curve blade from decapitating Lance. Ghost looks up to see the misty dragon to only see those purple eyes staring back. Ghost threw Lance away from danger, sliding his wrist blade across several of the support beams. lunging back as boat after boat started crashing down to the ground. The assassin was running down the hall dodging the crashing boats from crushing him. Ghost slid down the hall with the
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Looking for stories, chapters, pictures, and drawings. Look in the gallery ^_^
Just got back from school, played a few games of pool, I've worked on Spanish, still see deleting everyone is gonna take time. Just stay away from everyone, keep writing, for the sake of my hope. Just write.


Snicker: First ever wolf character, first seen in the temples as a pup. He was a bullied orphan that lived in the temples of Yin-Yang. Akio tough Snicker how to fight, he was being made fun of because he was a wolf. He decided to leave the temple when Ghost caught up with Akio, trying to steal his bandana. Snicker's an adorable character, Snicker stays with the Ratz Boyz, but Ghost thinks because he came to RAGE City, Lance and Razz kinda made a bad influence on Snicker.

Grace: One of the main supporters of Markus's army. She keeps the islands in order. In the original stories, Grace owned a sisterhood and ruled with an iron fist. However in the new version AKA The Last Shadowlin. Grace lived on one of the islands alongside Markus, she's caring, she can take care of all the islands, she's Markus's most trusted Dragoness. When Ghost arrived on the islands, he found out who Markus really was Stix. Markus explained that everyone died, but yet saw the world reborn as Ghost was skipped 300 years of it. He didn't want Ghost to find out that Grace was Starz. When Grace was showing Ghost around the islands and how things work, they both started to fall in love with each other as they once. According to Markus, Ghost doesn't follow along the old traditions of the Apollo and must be killed even if he use's his own people.

Devil: Devil was a character that was head of every now and then. Soon I hope he'll become the main character when I get around to it. He's the son of Razor and Ashlin(Geena), born in RAGE City, he's been confused about his history. In his younger years, he spent learning the history of his family, studying what's known of the Shadowlins, adopted by the Ratz Boyz after his parents died. He moved up in the world of the hunters betraying his own for revenge, calming the name Black Barren.Devil wants to kill Ghost, for most of his life, that's all he thinks about, figuring out that Ghost is his uncle. He didn't care about Ghost's motive, he just wanted him dead, and been at it for the rest of his life.

Akio: A very old Shadowlin that left the clan because of an assassination. He assassinated the king of Damiano, because of this, he had to lead the people. The culture worked by whoever killed the king rules the land. That's how Akio is saved from the past events, even more, his life, He's a character that's a top trained and wise character. Trained Ghost and Ty, Fun fact...

Rex: Markus's right-hand dragon after his island was taken over. He despised Markus, wanted him dead from the start. But Rex's attempts backfired, Rex was stabbed multiple times, got his back leg chopped off, and crushed by the force of Shadow. When Markus was finished with'em, he brought him back to life. Swearing complete loyalty to Markus, his style is brutal, yet clever. He was the stand before Markus killed him, He's watched close to Grace and Ghost's relationship. And willing to snitch to save Markus's people.

King Lamar: Lamar is king of Argima, AKA as Atlantis. He's made lots of peace across the world. But now growing old and Ill, he's no longer worried about the world, but now just Argima. RAGE has seen this as an opportunity to take over Argima, however king Lamar isn't going down easy.

Hiroji: Guardian of Argima, he wears accent straw hat, with a pattern of fish. Tends to hide his face from his hat, also always carries a spear or staff with him. Not much about him, constantly helps Argima's defenses, health, and structure.Ghost: A young dragon that's been known throughout the stories. He's been here from the beginning when I joined DA. Not leaving anytime soon either. Born and raised in Apollo, Ghost has been determined to his Shadow tribe, trained as a Shadowlin (god killer. He Has killed his team, gods, goddesses, immortals, mortals, friends and his tribe. He was killed during the Shadowlins final stand. However, the most powerful gods that decided to revive Ghost, sent him back to his destroyed world 300 years in the future.

Adam: A human, an old farmer that found Ghost crash land on his property. He took him in, updating the Shadows for Ghost, telling him about this world, but asking more and more questions about where Ghost came from, what he's done, lived, known for... At the same time, he could not trust Ghost, due to those wrist blades that showed evidence he was a Shadowlin. Shortly when Ghost decided to leave, he pointed him in the right direction into the city.

Ellie: A dragon, Daughter of Adam, and saved by Ghost in the bar that she works at numerous times. She liked and feared him, Ellie was always curious if the world did have a god after Ghost was found by Adam, she started to become a believer.

Dum an Bum: These two twins are moray eels that pound on magical steel drums, constantly smile and play joyfully. Islander accents, and created by (Read to find out...HA!). Their jobs are to constantly play their drums to keep a link to this world. They're much like bridge keepers, they are also powerful enough to appear anywhere on the planet, and control the weather. These two are goofy but handle their job too well.

Razor: The middle brother of Ghost and Ty, he was the darkest and always wanted to do be alone. Ghost believes this personality came from not knowing his father, Ghost was trying to protect Razor from keeping a secret from knowing his father. His brother (along with Ty) was one of the greatest Shadowlin's, Razor, on the other hand, has been known for his manslaughter of the killing of Gods, beasts, citizen's, even shadowlin's. His mother had to raise them on her own as their father left them, and addicted to crystals to enhance his powers. He was later found dead by Ghost, which knowing the history and witnessing the abuse put on his mother and violence in the family household as a child. He couldn't tell him about their father, Razor felt he was kept from a lot of things, he first got really jealous of his brothers when they got promoted to Shadowlin's.

Koon: This particular dragon is known to wears an Outback Fedora, and known to have an Outback accent. Has a reputation of leading one of 3 branches of the military. This Hunter is the head leader of the R.E.D. (Red Empire Division) AKA: Hunters, Rangers, 80First, Shadowlin killers. He's been finding others to recruit into the Hunters, he swears loyalty to his troops and RAGE City.

Dagger: Left paw of Koons. He's fully covered head to toe in hunter armor, not much is about Dagger. He's only known to be by Koons side, nothing more or less. He never talks, never eats, never socialized. His reputation has shown any kind of target Koon gives him, it's guaranteed to get done. Never lost a fight, only wins, his files don't show any origin, just the skills he has speaks for him. Fun fact, the only time you heard him talk, was his origin story. When the Kelsin-dimension was created, Dagger is known to be a real Shadowlin. In this universe (The last Shadowlin) Dagger was NOT originally born like everyone else, he was grown by Apollo instead of raised.

Neon: A loyal hunter, Best friends with Zack, Neon was first seen in the last few chapters of the first ever story. He's got an IQ of 180, he's a genius to everybody eyes but his own. Best known for being the eye's of RAGE City, controlling every electronic system in the city from security cameras to

Zack: Zack's also one of my main characters from the start, Much like Rouge, he's strong, and don't plan to fail. Zack lived in section 3, the bottom slums of the city, he grew up in a bad neighborhood, where dragons weren't welcome. Zack has survived the ghetto that he lived in only to best himself, after the last deal made with Tyson and a north gang, it got him in prison. His Auntie Jennings was the one that was much like a mother to him, the hardest part for Zack, was to confront her when he was behind bars. When he survived the electrical chair, Koon saved his life by recruiting him as a trooper, later becoming a detective. He's gained the part of becoming a detective, even more, he became more personal with his own family case, becoming a paranormal detective as well.

Tyson: A wolf, use to be best friends with Zack till he became a cop. He's been banned from section 1 of the city, where the rich lives, sky towers, and most of section 2. The medium area's, charged with over 80 charges, troopers are thought of Tyson as the laughing stock of a criminal. He does shine from time to time, smart when he's trying, he's knows everyone in the city, but he's racist against humans, and he's not scared to show that. The only time when he doesn't show it is when a human is in charge, but because he's a wolf, he's mistreated a lot.

Razz: He was a big part of all stories, and actually my first character ever created, a funky Islander Dragon fresh out of Lagma Bay, a coast guard base couple hundred miles east of RAGE City. However he is very 2 sided, as much as loved saving people in the day, he'd steal from those at night. He's a young wingless green dragon with golden feathers on the top of his noggin. He's a trickster, surprisingly smart to most, he's been able to hack bank accounts, take on heists, and DJ music whenever he can,

Lance: Also main character, around Razz 80% of the time. A human that's also from the islands just like Razz, Lance never had much, to begin with. He was an inventor, still considers himself as one, inventing tools (cutting safes), hoverboards (Get-away vehicles), and even invented his own hacking device, (A floating blue flame). He's talented, never wanted to do crimes until he decided to do them. He's decided to become a pirate, smuggler, sea-dog, and loved it. The only problem was the R.E.E. They've been cracking down on piracy, and now took Lance's ship, lost his crew, and wants to get everything back. Stuck in R.A.G.E. City, he's teamed up with Razz to get money, over time he's liked the city after awhile, but doesn't forget his motive.

Ra: Egyptian god, and one of Ghost's "best" friends. In the past, Ra encountered Ghost on an assassination attempt, contracted by the Roman goddess Juno to show how mighty her husband is. At first, Ghost took the agreement, but when he found out Ra died every night and left the Shadowlin every morning, Ghost expired the contract. Ra is slick, he wants to rule his land, but he knew he can only rule in the day, and everyone leaving his army at night. Due to the cycle he's in, he decided to become friends with Ghost, Ra has control of the golden eye in the pyramids, seeing everyone and everything in the world.

Rouge: The muscle and temper of the group, Rouge usually think first then asks questions, he's helped several clans and was always rank lower to Ghost. When the team splits for missions, Rouge usually goes with Ghost to improve, and show he's better. He loves the group like brothers, as does everyone else, his rage element gives him a small chance of immunity for as long as he stays angry, he fully fledged into his Shadow tribe. His group members know how he is when he's really trying, but sometimes gets carried away, at night or after a battle, Rouge's addiction becomes girls, drugs, and alcohol, As long as he doesn't get too far out of line, his group members will let him be. Marron color, black underbelly, tinted dark gold stripes across his back. tends to have dark yellow eyes, and shadow under his eyes.

Stix: Leader of the Shadowlin group, he's smart, cunning, and a perfect strategist for the team. The members trust him, as he's the one that balances everyone out whenever it's a job, or play. He's childhood friends with Rouge and older brother of Venus. As much as he has a perfect mindset, he never favorites anyone, to him, everyone is equally worthless. On a solo job, Stix went to worn Hade's about the incoming invasion with Ares's, Hade's wanted to make a deal if Stix stops the invasion, he'll grant a massive power. Stix being solo, he didn't have a team to judge him, he sealed the deal and stopped the invasion, Hades rewarded Stix with a dark conscience like Demon. After that Stix was scared of his own life, but never showed him his fear to this day, as his conscience watches over him and keeps him in fear. His rage element changed after Hades granted him the dark power, his element makes his foe's shadow's attack. He's tested this power, practiced and practiced, almost controlling any darkness, of course, if there is light or no shadows, he can not use his element. His colors are a brownish gold, and violate, he has freaky tribal tattoo's that run to the left side of his neck, to his left wrist. Oh, he's also left-handed.

Venus: The loudmouth of the group, and one of the biggest faker's. Venus always lived under Stix, his reputation doesn't precede him, but his ego does. Everyone on Appolo Mountain's knows him from his fake stories and wildness, the party-goer will always try to talk his way out of something. He's a great assassin but always wants to start a conversation whether it's his target or a gecko. He was slightly older than Ty, and were cellmates, making quite a useable relationship between the too. Venus endlessly puts Ty down, either and Stix or Ghost steps in to stop it. But at the same time, they are best friends, and Venus is protecting that for his team members. Venus doesn't have a rage element due to Hades, when Hades gave Stix this dark power, he stole Venus's element. He still doesn't know Stix stole it, nor did Stix want to deal with Venus if he did tell him. Venus colors are a silver tinted with orange and a white underbelly. Bright green eye's, and was a very young attractive dragon.

Ty: Ty is the youngest of his group and brothers, born with what use to be a circle around his left eye and half of his head, he got it tattooed more to make it a star. He usually laughs when anyone mentions it due to being the STAR of his class, and brought attention because of his brothers, making him the star attraction. Ghost and Razor were proud of him, he never seems to disappoint, and always a cheerful guy. He was loved because of his shy adorableness, youngest and smallest is made up by his agility and flexibility. He was a quite talented dragon for it as we'll, made lots of good friends until he found his element. He still blames Venus for this very day.Ty discovered his element when Venus took charge of him, Ty walked into a surprise party for his birthday. However a few hours in, Venus stole the attention, ate the cake, and stole his girlfriend, it was like it was Venus's birthday and everyone forgot about Ty. His teammates tried cheering Ty up, but every time he glanced at Venus he clenched his teeth. Fist he blinks, and eyes turned red and yellow very wide. He dropped to the ground slamming the table in half that caught everyone's attention, he was snarling looking up at Venus when his fur grew longer, bones deforming, he grew ears and horns scraped down to his shoulder blades. Grew fangs, looking like a werewolf but deformed like a dragon. It frightened everyone, and Ty almost killed Venus. This werewolf like element is extremely rear and born withing Ty, now every time Venus watches what he says and does to Ty. Not as a warning, but he uses Ty as an advantage more than ever.

Rail: Son of Calypso

Akio: Ghost's Original master before he left the Shadows. A very kind and peaceful mentor, he used to be the Apollo mountains therapist. Around 8 years ago, Akio went missing But really was known as the Emperor of Bos-zen (Boss-Zen), a tropical dry climate, many temples, ancient structures mixed with modern structures. The society was drowning in crime till Akio became Emperor. When Akio went on a job to assassinate the Emperor, he succeeded, but anyone who kills the previous Emperor becomes the new Emperor, science Akio became Emperor, no one has been able to kill him. He is the first known Shadowlin to resign from the Shadows, even though he didn't have a choice.

Solas: Created by Hades, the conscience of Stix, not much is known about Solas because he keeps his plans to himself. When Hades made a deal with Stix, Hades wanted to send his regards to the shadows, and Stix was meant to be the messenger to do that. He knows about Demon and Ghost, even thou he doesn't have control over Stix body, he does have the power of his mind. He has many plans, but being very patient when to execute his plans. Hades has been known to rip off the Shadow's clan, seance gods are cheating death in a cell at Umbra Carcerem, then gaining power from a god or Goddess's death. Solas's Mato: "Shadow's have skills to make a god bleed, but I have plans to make fates worse than death"

Princess Sarona: She is the leader of the Quan-san, in the far east region (Japan). Her parents are proud leaders of the Quan-san Empire, the Snow Queen, and King of Sea, or King Authur, guardian of Argima in future time, and King of Atlantis. The Snow Queen is the known leader of Quan-san people. Besides her parents, She has quite a history of Ghost and Ty. Ty was the first to catch on that Princess Sarona and Ghost was falling for each other.  The 3 met on a mission to escort her home, Ghost, and Sarona being the 2 flirting. However, Sarona's plan before she accidentally fell in love, was to subdue Ghost, and Get pregnant with Ghost's child too raise a god killer of her own. LUCKILY, Ty pulled him out of her way. She drugged Ghost before she got the chance to have him alone, Ty cut in and saved Ghost. Ever since Ghost has done everything to avoid her, Ghost avoids girls because of her, until Ty tries motivating his brother to be happy with someone again.

Geena: The dragoness known to be Venus's Ex, and known to be one of the top 3 female Dragon to have a broken the record of killing gods. She's in Riker squad, rivals of Apollo squad (Stix team), Geena broke up with Venus because he always talked about himself, so to get back at him, she wants to date Ty. Geena will do whatever she can to get out of trouble, yet she still thinks of Venus, as he is full of surprises.

Starz: Geena's best friend, and the dragons that goes on a double date with Ghost a Ty. She's sweet, unlike her best friend tends to follow orders. On the double date she attends, she was hoping it would be alright to get to know her friendly rival, however, Ghost was doing his best to avoid this interaction, he never wanted to be part of this double date, until she mentions how she played the violin.

Dawn and Donivan lighting: Parents of Ghost, Razor, and Ty. Everyone knew the incident that made these 3 brothers stronger united than ever. But the parent's lives were broken, trauma was bought on all 3 of these hatchlings. Donivan was abusing dark powers, at first, Kathrin was trying to kick him out of the Apollo, till the argument went too heated, and Donivan murdered his wife, leaving his children behind. Years later, Donivan was hunted down and killed by Akio, it was a hardship of his best friend and teammate killing Donivan. When Akio heard about the children, he trained all 3 of them together till he went missing, at that time the 3 brothers were old enough to attend the temple, and become mature Shadowline.

Krin: King of the Damain armies, he says he is a more fallow of Ra, but in truth, he says that to bring his people together. Krin's face is now sizzled off, due to a lightning blast by Seth. He blames The shadows for interfering with the war. He vows revenge on the ones who melted his face, he might be able to accomplish his goal, thanks to a certain ally that came to him.

Tex: Tex was a character created when I was with someone in the past. She's a tech geek much like Neon, very smart, she owns her own Drone Shop in RAGE City. Tex has created her very one Drone sidekick named One. She's a sweetheart, but she's loyal to the Golden Army. Over the years has come to the point that she despises the R.E.D from the destruction of her home by Joker.

Demon: He's as old as Ghost and just as important. Ghost's conscience, this Dragon has been trapped in Ghost's mind from the beginning. He's Ghost beck and call, the partner in crime. But best description is Ying-Yang, Demon has tried and succeded possessing Ghost's body to become a free dragon for short periods of time. He hasn't given up on possing the body of Ghost, and Ghost becoming the conscience.

Joker: Joker's real name is Wildz, and 2nd villain I've ever made. But the first villain I've made a really depth story. He is the main character in most stories, his own story was called Civilized, not finished, but gave readers an idea why Joker is who he is. Joker was his name at a circus, stuck with it ever since, in Civilized, he's known as prisoner 56737. He is insane, but not lost, has no true motive as he did before, his appearance looks dead and crazy. His scales are rotting away, along with his heart beat, his temperature is 14C, an average deadman's temperature. He became the Executioner of RAGE City for his persistent acts, he will get the job done but will do the job his way.

Ashlin: Was first seen as Ghost first Girlfriend on his first ever written story, She's might be in any other future projects. Her personally was manipulation, using Ghost to get close to Razor to rule along side RAGE City. She is the mother of Devil, and brutally murdered by Ghost in the central tower. She tends to get her way until she broke Ghost's last straw.

Markus: Markus is a Dark Dragon that's over 300 years old. Was known once as a dragon named Shadowlin Stix. He survived the destruction of the world, lasting the 300 years when Ghost was sent back. Stix and Solas lost hope for the world they once knew. Stix felt began losing his mind feeling alone over the first few decades. Exploring the world, Solas and Stix grew a bond together, Stix learning voodoo over the centuries. He still believes in the Shadows will rise. In order for the Shadows to come back, Stix believed in the resurrection of the Shadowlin race. Once the gods reconstructed the world back, the Apollo islands were taken over by different tribes of dark dragons, from his point of view, the islands shattered down, as a chain of islands. Stix than took the nickname Markus: Stix took the name Markus as of Midnight Markus. One of the 6 devils that wielded a certain magic, Midnight Markus was known as voodoo. Single-handed took over each island. Any soldier that didn't agree with him, would be possessed by Markus's army, any leader, would be killed brutally.



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The God Killer (Ghost Tribute. The End) by smeagle123

The God Killer (Ghost Tribute. The End)
The God Killer (Ghost Tribute. The End)
by smeagle123
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This was by :iconschl4fy: amazing work, and most likely the last.

It's been over a decade of writing and working on the Shadowlins, and this is a tribute to all the work I put in on the Universe. So Now I'm gonna move on from it, I hate letting this go, really I do, but this is it. Original, Revamp, spinoffs, lore, locations OMG I CREATED A WHOLE UNIVERSE LOL. Over ten years and tearing up for letting it all go lol :,). I don't know what to say next, might come back to it, but the universe is dead now, I'm doing 1 last spin off, and moving on to the next story till I somehow make this visual. I wanna thank everyone for supporting my writing and reading the stories. So here's the links in my gallary if you wish to read them. Pretty much last words on my OC's of the universe.


Ghost's Story... THE ORIGINAL… The Original start of the story started 2007, submitted 2013.… Chapter 2… Chapter 3… Chapter 4… Chapter 5… Chapter 6… Chapter 7… Chapter 8… Chapter 9… Chapter 10… Chapter 11… Chapter… Chapter 13… Chapter 14… Chapter 15… Chapter 16- Conclusion

Shadowlin Codx incomplete comic…

Shadowlin Codx/The Last Shadowlin- Prequal, and Revamp of the Ghost's story.… Includes refs, lore, extras and both stories. Part 17 was the last page.

That's all I have. Goodbye dragon Universe lol.... -sighs- enjoy my world ^^;


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