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A fishy relationship

By SMeadows
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The lineart is by a friend, but colored by me. I'm rather glad with how Ruto turned out. I figured she was gonna be a nightmare to color. But all in all, I'm proud of how she turned out. Doing more cel-shading and such on Link, and the background is lake Hylia when the lake was drying up. But yeah...I think this turned out rather well.
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Hey this artwork has been traced by :iconpokemonpokemonliceu:
:c Just thought you should know.
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Thank you so much for letting me know! :hug:
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It's no problem. : )
I'm trying to find the other artists he's traced from currently.
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just kiss her, link
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Link:"This girl is crazy o.O"
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like the originality in this pic, also way to stay classic
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^_~ always about classic.
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XD Link's expression is lawls.
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lol poor link lol go ruto!!!
love the drawing
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Ruto looks so cute in this one. Okay if i use this in my video tribute on YouTube?
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Sure! Thank you so much for asking!!!
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Nice coloring :) Who did the original?
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i think they're cute together... :)
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Ruto ws cute der ^^ afta all my name is almost Ruto! o.O my name is Rut.....
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As the signature says, I love this couple. Link may feel a little awkward with Ruto now, but he could warm up to her. Heck there a fanart here and fanfiction in [link] where Link and Ruto love each other!
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