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I did have a thing for cartoons back when I was a kid such as 1985's She-Ra: Princess of Power Tv series, 1985 to 1988 Jem and the Holograms Tv series and so on so it's no wonder when it comes to animated shows or anime of my choosing that I end u being anime fan in my early adolescence life to the present day. I also read a ly of online manga and do own a few small volumes.

I have been an anime AKA Anime Otaku since 1994 and never stopped loving anime💜💖.

I credit my interest in anime to first watching Dic's Sailor Moon back in the day before I came to prefer Originally Japanese Subs for anime over English dub not that Dubs are bad it's my preference.


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Magical girl anime's such as Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal and Pretty Cure series (I've only ever watched two of the complete spin-off series which were HeartCatch and Suite along with with their movies.). I'm also happy to see within the past five to six years more official magical boy animes such as Cute High Earth Defense Club, Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss and Fairy Ranmaru👍👌

I hope Studio Comet will get time and energy with its Directors and staff to make a season two of Happy Kiss and Fairy Ranmaru asap.


I occasionally write fan fiction of my choosing along with doing some pixel art when I have time outside from real-life routine and work.

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I do not do the Tag thing😠👎 here on DA or anywhere else so please don't bother taking me.

If anyone wants to contact me✍⌨ they can through my Deviantart account via note or they can try through my other accounts:

Email - ⌨ Ask me via message: I'm always when I am not working checking my email.

Youtube - smcandycg - smcandy

Skype - Ask me via message (not always log into this account)

Tumblr - Ask me via message (not always log into this account)

Twitter - Ask me via message (not always log into this account)

I have many more accounts but as I said I only check into them occasionally when I have time.

Favourite Visual Artist
Naoko Takeuchi, CLAMP,Yuu Watase,Naoko Takeuchi,Rumiko Takahashi, Natsuki Takaya ao many others I have yet to name
Favourite Movies
Labyrinth, Phantom of the Opera 2004, Howls Moving Castle, Spirited Away
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I have more then one


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Oh lala 🌹💛🙌🏽

Aphrodite and Artemis
commented on The Labyrinth by

Hello there Semaiko

I can't blame you for having a labyrinth fetish lol and fandom for the movie I've been hearing through the grapevine that since the late David Bowie passed away they want to do a remake of this 1986 classic but if they screw it up royally I would never be able to recognize it as it's 1980 successor. I've been hearing all sorts of rumours that they're going to gender-bend it anders around in the movie or that they're trying to make a sequel to the original.

If the late David Bowie were still alive I believe from what I heard back then before he passed away he intended to try to do a musical interpretation of the movie or probably try to do a remake of the movie while he was still alive but I was not sure if all the details were official.

I would like to see more artwork like this I've only said this to a few artists online I don't see enough Labyrinth artwork done these days I like to have something new to add to my folders here. I greatly hope you'll have more inspiration and make more artwork based on this lovely Jim Henson classic it's a real shame that Jim Henson is not alive today if he knew how much of a call Classic this movie became despite it being a box office bomb back then he would definitely and probably be inspired to make a remake of the movie or something.

The Labyrinth
commented on The Labyrinth by


The Labyrinth

With all due respect, how is this considered art done by you?

this is a screen capture anyone can find online. You should be posting art that you've made your own or that you've manipulated with whatever paint programs you have.

Labyrinth 01
commented on 's profile

It's been a while I see you're still proactive with making more SSMU dolls but do you plan to make any new clothing templates to share with everyone or just by request?