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Here we go! SUPA MARIO!
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My Bio
Come ON. Do I need to tell you about this guy?

» transforms when items are given to him
» can sometimes control fire without the Fire Flower being given to him
» jump & hammer c:

» has a never-give-up attitude
» very brave
» has a ton of stamina

» gets real lazy when he doesn't have food
» sometimes does things that are too over-leveled for him
» lava and spikes are a BIG no-no!

Hey ho, little bro-a!
(You've-a been the best-a brother anyone could have-a!)

The princess!
(Just-a call my name whenever you-a need my-a help.)

Best-a friend!
(I've-a known you since I-a was a baby!)

The-a gentle giant.
(You're a really good-a friend, you-a know! I'm-a always up-a for adventure.)

We-a could be-a friends if you-a stopped kidnapping the Princess.

(I'm-a not-a going to go-a easy on-a you!)

You guys are really good-a friends.
(Thank-a you so much-a for your-a help~)

I-a don't know about-a you...
(I still-a need to-a watch out-a for you.)

Mmh.. just-a please try to-a stay out-a of my-a way, alright?
(You've caused me a bit of trouble, you know.)

You're-a just as-a bad as-a Bowser!
(I'll keep-a my eye on-a you.)

I can't-a trust-a you. Ever.
(And you-a know exactly why-a.)

((The art was done by DeathsLittleHelper, the old RPer. And not the current RPer. And I'd like to thank him for giving me the password, so yeah.))

Current Residence: The Mushroom Kingdom
Shell of choice: The blue shell! 8D
Wallpaper of choice: Red
Skin of choice: That's-a racist!
Personal Quote: "NO!"

Other Interests

(( New, new, neeeew ))

(( New, new, neeeew ))

(( Hey guiz! So, new things come... Like your old buddy Lemmy taking up Mario. THASSS RIGHT! Lems here, I will now take the heavy responsibility of Mario into my hands. And fap with it. That's all for now. :la: ~iloveitmoreplz ( ))



((Adam gave me the old pass so I'm on this account now. It's me, Curly!! So the SMB---Mario ( one you can forget about it.



Quit commenting on the OLD Mario's page now. Even though the NEW Mario is dead.))

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