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My Bio
King Boo is a fairly powerful Boo. He is capable of things that range from simple party tricks, such as summoning blue flames (Carefull, they do burn!), to large things, such as disappearing into mirrors, making himself invisible and possessing inanimate objects.

King Boo is self-centered and fairly creepy. He can also be a little flirty, calling every girl he meets lady even if he knows the girl's actual name.
Coins seems to be one of his other interests, he just cannot help it~

He tends to mix people that look similar up, such as Mario and Luigi. He isn't pround of that, oh no!


Bowser (Hey, someone's gotta take care of Mario while I scare the pants off Luigi.)
Petey (Not bad.)
Bow (Mistress of the Boo's Mansion in Forever Forest and decent at scaring people.)
Boos (My minions~)


Mr. L (...He looks too much like Luigi.)
Toadette (Eh.)
All of Bowser's kids (They're brats, but they're Bowser's brats, so I kind of should respect them... somewhat.)


Luigi (I hate this guy. Enough said.)
Mario (Not as bad as his stupid brother, but still pretty aggravating.)
E Gadd (Stupid scientist.)


RPer: :iconiceveyns:
For :iconmariorp-da:

Current Residence: Boo's Mansion
Favourite genre of music: Ghostly music, durr.
Skin of choice: Skin that's gone white in fear! Heh heh!
Favourite cartoon character: Me. Duh.
Personal Quote: "Come closer... if you dare! Heh heh!"

Favourite Games
Luigi's Mansion (HIS mansion? It's MY mansion!)
Tools of the Trade
My skill~
Other Interests
Haunting, scaring people, pranks, getting rid of that green plumber!



A sinister laugh is heard as the owner makes himself visible. The boo's ruby crown shinning, he grins wickedly. "Thinking of being rid of me? Ah well no. Poor little thing." King Boo snickers. Replacing his crown he wonders where his underlings went. The royal boo did -not- want to have to search for them! Isn't it supposed to be the opposite, anyway? He grumbles a moment. Though a smirk still forms on his features. "Time to scare." ((He is back! ;P Hai there all, I'm King Boo's new RPer. :la: Hope to have fun in MarioRP-DA ( with other roleplayers! Here is my main account: *Iceveyns ( I shall probably draw an ID when I can.

(( Quitting ))

(( Quitting ))

(( Yeah, I'm nowhere NEAR active enough for this place. xD Don't be sad though, babes. I'm sure your next King Booby will be far more active than I. <3 Your next Tubba Blubba, too. The admins already have the passwords. Bye-bye, dears~ HelenaLevi ( ))

((Dropping Bombert))

((Dropping Bombert))

((Yeeep; dropping PM--Bombette ( since I haven't really used her recently at all. Might drop Tubba too; probably not, though. <3 I sent the password to the admins when I made her account, so. HelenaLevi ( MarioRP-DA (

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Supergoomba554Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg! u da king! XD
boofan667666Student Digital Artist
well hi ther ei havent talk to u in s while where have u been
(I also roleplay as a Boo that's NOT broken. LOL)
((LOL! I has minions! That means the king has to show up a little more~ No, more than a little. XD *stalks too*))
(Yay, I'm being stalked! .D.)