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Starfield stock

A starfield stock image. Click download to get 3200x1600 tiff file.
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Hi, I wanted to ask you, can I use this for a videogame mod? I love this picture for what I want to accomplish

I love this image. Color it a bit reddish and you got the background for King Crimson's time erase.
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Hi Sami,
i love this starfield. Do you mine, if i use this in a little animation?
(Nothing big, i just want to train my wnimation skills.)
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Thank you!
Credits will, of course, be added.
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Very nice work, I'd like to add this to a comic book book I'm working on and I will give you the credit.
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Love, love, love your work!
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I downloaded the image a while back but had a heck of a time finding you because you changed your name... lol
Anyways, I have used this as a backdrop for a couple pieces now. Thanks!
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Thanks, I know it broke a lot of reference links but thats life :P
I used this for my Soundcloud - thankyou!
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I love this image and if it is okay with you, I would like to use it as the background for the cover of my upcoming sci-fi novel--TO EARTH AND BACK. The eBook should be published later this year.
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Sure thing, please remember to credit :)
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Will do, and thanks so much.
I used your image for my background here:…
Thanks for the image! I can take it down if you need me to.

(disclaimer because I've been judged by my username: it's a reference to a Barats and Bereta skit…)
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I have used your stock for this free fan project:…

Thanks for your great work!
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Looks like a very good background for the Asgardia flag (currently seeking designs).   (  
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Amazing work! :-) Could I use this for the background of my sci-fi webcomic's cover page? I am still trying to put it together.

Space Station Columbia
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Great! Thank you very much! :D
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Awesome resource, thank you!
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