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What do you see?
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psli6664Hobbyist Digital Artist
How many nights does it take to count the stars?
That's the time it would take to fix my heart
Oh, baby, I was there for you
All I ever wanted was the truth, yeah, yeah
How many nights have you wished someone would stay?
Lie awake only hoping they're okay
I never counted all of mine
If I tried, I know it would feel like infinity
Infinity, infinity, yeah

I Love It.
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Very nicely done. I especially like the shade of blue you've chosen that adds to the sense of an ever expansive realm of the infinite.
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artfromtheheart92Student General Artist
This may sound weird but I see a cow face or what looks like a baby cervine/deer
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Infinity is a laoded concept. So many intepretations have been attemtped. There are many fun ways to imagine finite numbers to make almost infinitely large numbers. You could try ten tetrated to a Nonillion, a Googol tetrated to a Googol. Tetration is the fourt level of notation ten tetrated three times would be a one followed by ten billion zeros. The levels go from tetration to pentation, hexation all the way up to decation being the tenth level of notation or more. Imagine the googolth level of notation maybe called Googolation. It is concievable to have a number like a Googol googolated to a Googol googolated to a Googol googolated to a Googol for a Googol levels. Something to think about.
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I see a serious old-man face, like several other people. Also, the many-eyed head of a spider and a shield of diamond dust. I see a place for each of the stories I've imagined, too.
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Smattila General Artist
It's a strange thing. I didnt plan any of it but people do see different things in this :)
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I need a wallpaper out of this for my room.
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omg face everywear!!!
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Hey! I see 2 faces with gaping mouths in the picture. Are they supposed to be there or am I imagining them?
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wow you must have a pretty good imagination to have seen those
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Smattila General Artist
You are imagining them :P Everyone seems to see different things there
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Wow, I've seen pretty much you're whole gallery, but for some reason this one really stood out. I can't really explain why. It just takes my mind to a far away place (and that's a good thing trust me). I like leaving Earth because this planet isn't all that interesting, which is why I look for art like this constantly. Anything that successfully takes my mind away from here is a wonderful work of art in my book. Thank you for sharing. :ahoy: :+favlove:
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Smattila General Artist
Thank you! It's nice to hear that this work has such an effect ;)
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I think I may stare at this for a very long time before I've seen enough of it. It's awesome.
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I see Eternity, Infinity and Death maybe?
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is see a beautifull piece of art that would be a perfect wallpaper...
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I see a never ending dream. It is beautiful.
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This is immediately going onto my desktop :D. Some friends of mine also appreciates your work a lot. They were quite amazed when they got a first look, they didn't say much for a while, talk about numbstruck.
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Smattila General Artist
Thanks. Glad to hear that my work has such an effect :)
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Yes I hope you're happy about this one. Never seen anything like it before. I was just, really moved... and then I get all these tears in my eyes and I think, "this one made my day".
It's kind of wierd that it hasn't been promoted any more though. Have you thought about selling any of your work?
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synax444Hobbyist Digital Artist
A face!
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I see the face.

Lower right: Lips & chin

Too hard to pinpoint, but I can see two ears and a bald head.

Can't find the eyes or nose... but I think they're there.
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WiZE183Hobbyist Digital Artist
now thats the thing i want to do :jawdrop: crap u gotta tell me howd u do that please :flirty:
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