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By Smattila
Same render that I made for the collab with archang3lzz. I wanted to submit it separately too... Made minor changes and added a bit tilt

Rendered with terragen2.
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Totally love this, would it be ok if I use this on a website I'm building?  It's non profit & creative commons licensed related to social work?  Link with attribution would be added of course.
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this is amazing! would you mind if i used this as a background form my spaceship render? ill post a link in description :D
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I could swear this was a photo from the ISS.
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With a little cropping, this made for a great wallpaper.
It would be super awesome at a higher resolution, but I've featured it on my blog nonetheless:[link]

Great work!
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This is gorgeous! Any chance of getting a version big enough for a dual screen wallpaper?
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I dont have this version rendered as big to fit 2 screens and I dont know if I have the original file to re-render it
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No worries, thanks for checking anyway.
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I will do a search and see if I have it somewhere
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oh I love Archang3lzz, are you two like buds or something? You both do such great work
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We tend to hang around in the space-art chat here in DA. He just asked if I wanna do a collab and I said why not :P
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Awesome. Really looks like a photo. ^^
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Beautifully done, freelancah!
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OH WOW!!! Just WOW! This is awesome!
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How do you render this size? Did you buy the terragen? :S
that's damn impressive, mate! :)
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Yeah. I've bought it. I think it was little over a year ago.
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it almost looks like a satellite photo
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Great! it's a very realistic hurricane, even the surrounding storms seem to have been wind-blasted creating variations of feathery clouds and bubbling ones :wow: image-based clouds can be done in Vue too but I noticed they only work for their distribution and not so much detail, often resulting in tall, vertical artifacts of clouds like they have been cut out of the layer by the image map...maybe they solved that in Vue 8 but it often looks lousy in Vue 7 :doh:
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