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Forever Lost

By Smattila
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The liquid methane oceans of the planet have been lit up and the planet is starting to burn! A lonely space station is left orbitting the planet forced to watch the destruction of a planet that once bloomed with beauty.. What once was is no more.


This is my first collab ever! I'm very pleased the way this turned out and it was nice working with ! She provided me an excellent piece ([link]) that I was eager to work on!

Some additional info:
Original resolution was 3000x6000

Fullview is a must!
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1DeViLiShDuDeHobbyist Digital Artist
First of all, awesome work! Love the details! :)

But, from what I remember from science class - oxygen needs to be present for methane to burn, unless it's a purely chemical reaction between dissimilar molecules. And the main products of the burning process are carbon dioxide and water vapor, the same as what we expel when we breath.
I mean, I'm no chemist - but... [link]

So, in hindsight - couldn't this piece be viewed as simply planetary growing pains? And part of the normal process an M class planet might go through to be habitable by humans? Instead of methane breathing aliens! :) Since the end result of a methane ocean planet burning of all it's surface methane, would likely be to replace the liquid methane with rain water right :?
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Smattila General Artist
For sure. The byproducts could enable the birth conditions fore life :)
1DeViLiShDuDe's avatar
1DeViLiShDuDeHobbyist Digital Artist
All a part of the grand scheme of things yano! :D
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*o* At loss of words...
i-wish-upon-a-star's avatar
i really love the lighting and the colors of this.
i-wish-upon-a-star's avatar
i love this alot
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pyt0Hobbyist Photographer
WOW! :+favlove: so amazing work. :highfive:
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Smattila General Artist
Thanks! :)
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pyt0Hobbyist Photographer
:#1: peace.
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in a way thats trippy, but its gorgeous
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I don't know what to say except :+favlove:
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Lil-NoirHobbyist Traditional Artist
beautiful! o.O
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Pr3t3nd3rProfessional Photographer
Great nebulae u've made!
Yume-Megami's avatar
argh~ the only reason I dislike collabs is because I never know who to give the favorite to.
I like what you did the the picture that you were provided in the collab. The details for space are amazing! (only ONE detail link works, fyi)
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Amazing again ^^
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moon-blossomHobbyist Digital Artist
:omg: It's like a window into another world. Great work! :+fav:
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your pictures of planets and stars are allways great!
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i like it. ur so good =).
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soloact-the-bardHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful! B-)
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Smattila General Artist
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omfg bro thats ssooo sick, that chick has amazing terragen work!!!!!, how is that even possible lol!!!,

again bro your nebula is friggen steller, love the colors and the charged effect!!!, you should put out a tut for that cuase i cant figure out how you do it for the life of me!!!

im amazed with this piece, such a good job, love it bro + fav for sure
Smattila's avatar
Smattila General Artist
It's not made with terragen.. uses mojoworld as far as I know ;)
I'm not sure if that can really be made into a tutorial since every time I do something I do it differently to learn new techniques and often dont even remember how I ended up in the result 8-) But I can try to make up more linear aproach how to do things and then I might put it up as a tutorial =)
CaptoAmazo's avatar
lol alright man

whats mojo world lol, never even heard of it
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