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Evera Nebula

By Smattila
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Original piece: [link]

edit: removed asteroids, changed colors to less saturated and made it a widescreen version!
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© 2006 - 2020 Smattila
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Mewcario397Student General Artist
this is a really incredible illustration! it's really appealing to the eye! it sort of looks like a whale-like creature to me!!

i was wondering if i could use this as the background of an info page! i'll link back to this page at the bottom if i do. i wanted to ask because i saw that some people requesting the use of the image paid money for it, so i figured it wouldn't be very fair to just take it when people had been paying money for it.
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very nice and dramatic!
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And again Thanks a lot I used here : D A Y B R E A K E R S by hepdarcan
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Ikatsu-HayashiProfessional Digital Artist
I May (or may not) want to use this work for a book cover.
How much does it cost?
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Smattila General Artist
Hey. You can suggest a sum  and send me a note if you feel you want to use it
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:Love: +
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Hello! Would you mind if I used this beautiful piece of artwork slightly edited as the cover to a playlist on 8tracks? I obviously would make no money off of it and would send you a link to the playlist once I finish it. :)
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Smattila General Artist
Sorry but that's a no no and unfair to the people who actually paid for the usage of this image. I do however have a stock folder that has images for non-commercial purposes
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That's fair! Thank you very much for responding and have a nice day. :)
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DarkStarTIHobbyist Digital Artist
This is absolutely incredible. Could I use it for a board game a friend and I are making? We would obviously credit you
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awsome1236Hobbyist Digital Artist
jesus! at first I thought it was a photo! great job!
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Seret88Professional Interface Designer
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Hey man I featured your photo in this video, changed the color but rendered a 3D model of it: [link]
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Smattila General Artist
also btw it's not a photo, digital imaginary creation :P
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Smattila General Artist
Not quite sure why i saw it just now, but very cool stuff!
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AshLilyNekoHobbyist Photographer
wonderful! and in my fav nebuloid colours ^_^ fav'd and saved! thx for the awesome wallpaper!
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Love this!
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I really wish I could make art as good as this. I really do...

The things I would do if I could create gems like these easily...
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Smattila General Artist
Practise practise and more practise xD
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rock911 Digital Artist
Thanks for the acceptance in our group ^^ ..This will help our members a lot beause the nebulas are THE SHIET in sig making lately XD ...I love your nebula :3
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Amazing! O_o
So far from our cold...
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Now this one is a CLASSIC!
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Smattila General Artist
Thanks mate!
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