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Engines of Creation

Original resolution 4000x2500 and painted in photoshop using a mouse. Yeah lol. Gonna go get a new wacom next week.
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How do you get that wispy effect? I would kill to have your skills, this is beautiful Okay I wouldn't kill but I'd maim! lol  Great work 
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o wow.... this is so haunting, i love it!
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Can I have a link to the original? I love high res images.
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outstanding! props
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thats truly gorgeous
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Thank you for the compliment!
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I Love it!!! :-)
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Kinda knocks me off my feet. In a good way. XD
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OMG..u did this using a mouse!!!!....*bows to you* U r great. lol
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Hehe I guess I had too much time ;P
LeoNeal-CP's avatar
XD perhaps lol but i can't wait to get a tablet >.> been working without one, pain in the butt I tell u at times XD.
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This is a beautiful sight, thank you.
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very awesome painting, love the texture :D
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that is crazy man
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Wow. That is excellent for a painting with a mouse! I must say that the picture is quite impressive and it really captured me, kinda felt like it was spinning? Haha.
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Nice painting work, especially with a mouse :wow:
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