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Before the Rain

Started as a Geocontrol experiment..Added some vegetation etc... Rendered in TG2. Postwork in PS. Click download for 1920x960
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i wish i had a stock like this...stunning
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how did I miss this?
found via:
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wow this is good
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I envy you when it comes to TG2, every time I open it I want to smash my fucking keyboard.
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lol dude! Patience is the key xD
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Bahhh very well :XD:
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Great work man - both, TG and GC2! :thumbsup:

c u
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Very nice, I saw this at PS, it's my favourite out of the collection you posted.

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Great work, as usual! :)
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Absolutely beautiful, freelancah :) Nice work!
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That is the beauty of GeoControl. The erosion looks so natural, flows well and it is also layering many types of erosions as an option. World Machine can not do this type of stuff.
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terragen2? yeah right :P
your lies won't work on me :|
someday , somehow i'll get my hands on your camera and then the whole world will know TEH TRUTH!
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I need a terrain generator :eager: Vue, or even TG2 can't create sediment flows like that :(
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Yeah. They can be very helpful in creating these special types of erosion patterns. I actually managed to buy GC2 even without checking out worldmachine so I dunno which one to recomend. Tho so far all I need I've been able to do with GC :D
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Looks great...I have sooooooo far yet to go! Thank you for the inspiration!
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Thank you! You should check terragen 2 forums, if you already haven't. Lots of helpful people and resources there. Good tutorials too!
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thanx for the tips! I have and there are a couple of newbie tuts right here on dA!!
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Nice. Looks real! ^^
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Looks awesome. Almost makes me unhappy I scraped tg2 :p

You should make me a render sometime ;-)
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