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I'm not really sure what happened. All I know is that I reported a background from someone else because it contained content of mine, and now all of the sudden all MY artworks have been reported.  I'm absolutely positive that if I don't manage to get it all back, I'll stop uploading on deviantart.

Whoever reported me, I don't know who you are or why you reported me, but my artwork is made by me! I've always given a copyright disclaimer that the orginal characters etc. were not made by me, but the editing most certainly is.

I've recently started a new fanfiction, and it is really different from everything I've done so far. I've taken the world of FFVII, along with some additional characters from other games, and put them in a time similair the one we live in, in which they are apart of a detective team.

'He dissapeared 6 years ago, after burning down the town of Nibelheim. He has murdered 7 people, and 12 more were burned in that fire. We now have a case of man who has been killed in a way that is really similair to that villain's style. I think we're dealing with the same man. He has returned, and I don't think he's going to let the police stop him this time.'

This small promotion picture probably won't make alot of sense, but I hope it has gotten you all excited enough to start reading my fanfiction.
I do have to warn you, it is rated M (Mature), because it contains alot of violence and gore (with detailed descriptions), so if you cannot handle that, I suggest you should not read this fanfiction.

Links to fanfiction:……
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After my last fanfiction stopped dead in it's tracks I've now started working a new one, Blame It On Me, which will soon be posted on It's very Canon, with SoKai as main pairing. So far I've only got a small introduction of the story, with pretty much no characters introduced at all, but this will very soon change ^^.…

One more week untill school starts again :sob: Any BG Requests, so that I can pass the time without being bored?

Off to France tomorrow. I'm going camping with my parents for three weeks. Fotunately I've got my dvd box of Supernatural, my ipod and lots of books, so I hope I'll survive with those.

Talk to you guys later! :)
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yah, I got tagged by :icondemeters:

1.) Post the rules
2.) Each tagged person tells 8 things about themselves.
3.) At the end tag 8 people and put their icon in your journal.
4.) Then go to their page and leave a comment saying you tagged them.
5.) No tag backs.
1) My name is Sifra, which means beautiful/gorgeous -.-
2) My current addictions are Supernatural K-On and Ice-cream.
3) My favorite color is green, which explains why my whole room is green xD
4) I have a boys handwriting -headsdesk-
5) I live in The Netherlands, but my dream is to live in Australia.
6) I love the movie Into The Wild. It's a continious source of inspiration for me.
7) I used to hate shopping, but now I like it.
8) I have crazy habits, like poking cheeks, pinching noses, singing in school etc. etc.
9) I love to draw, but I've stopped doing it recently o.O
10) I'm out of facts now XD
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Okay. There has been a huge explosion of creativity at my house so I have lots of inspiration 'D

Upcoming Projects:

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Slowely & Wise Storyline - 5 %
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