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Maturing Bubbles Endcard by SmashupMashups Maturing Bubbles Endcard :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 1 0 Holga Omarth by SmashupMashups Holga Omarth :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 0 0 Request: Dress Star by SmashupMashups Request: Dress Star :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 5 7 Season 5 Mary by SmashupMashups Season 5 Mary :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 0 6
Teen Titans Go!: Large Mama
At Titans Tower, Raven is in the living room, reading her book. Suddenly, Beast Boy is playing football with Cyborg, with Cyborg's head as the football.
"Touchdown!", cried out Beast Boy. He then imitates a crowd cheering.
"Will you guys take this outside?! I'm trying to read!", furiously shouted Raven.
"Jeez, Raven, take a breather. Besides, it wouldn't be 'Indoor Headball' if it's outside.", replied Cyborg.
"Well, guess what, it's called 'Outdoor Headball' from here on out whether you like it or not!" She snaps her fingers, sending the two outside. "Those two are so infuriating."
She resumes reading her book. She is interrupted again, this time by Starfire. She is chasing a mouse and trying to shoot it with her eye beams.
"What are you doing?", Raven demanded.
"I am trying to rid our Tower from that cheese eating menace.", responded Starfire.
"Why don't you just use a mouse trap or something than setting this place on fire?!"<i>
:iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 1 0
Reighard's second design by SmashupMashups Reighard's second design :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 0 0 Glaidreal by SmashupMashups Glaidreal :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 0 0 Rosie Homiroy by SmashupMashups Rosie Homiroy :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 0 0 Reginald Thom by SmashupMashups Reginald Thom :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 0 0 Croblib by SmashupMashups Croblib :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 0 0 Scott 'Old Man' Sackville by SmashupMashups Scott 'Old Man' Sackville :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 0 0 Zaldon the Black by SmashupMashups Zaldon the Black :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 0 0 Super Bowl Promo Poster for Clarence Revival by SmashupMashups Super Bowl Promo Poster for Clarence Revival :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 2 2 Request: Shgurr Butterfly by SmashupMashups Request: Shgurr Butterfly :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 6 4 Tumblr request: Backfired act by SmashupMashups Tumblr request: Backfired act :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 3 0 Reighard's first design by SmashupMashups Reighard's first design :iconsmashupmashups:SmashupMashups 1 0


Ohgeez by SparkleCactus Ohgeez :iconsparklecactus:SparkleCactus 190 7 Star Butterfly by Larry-The-Beaver Star Butterfly :iconlarry-the-beaver:Larry-The-Beaver 731 39 Human style~CJ by Ritta-Chan011 Human style~CJ :iconritta-chan011:Ritta-Chan011 76 11 #HalloweenPinups - CJ  by theEyZmaster #HalloweenPinups - CJ :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 99 6 CJ by LotusTheKat CJ :iconlotusthekat:LotusTheKat 119 18 Stan Lee by daekazu Stan Lee :icondaekazu:daekazu 2,849 116 TEEN TITANS INTRO -GIF by Ceshira TEEN TITANS INTRO -GIF :iconceshira:Ceshira 1,014 164 All was my fault by AllyPhantomRush All was my fault :iconallyphantomrush:AllyPhantomRush 327 38 Regular Show - CJ 12 by theEyZmaster Regular Show - CJ 12 :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 103 16 CJ 08 by theEyZmaster CJ 08 :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 189 22 CJ 10 by theEyZmaster CJ 10 :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 125 13 Regular Show- Thank You by xeternalflamebryx Regular Show- Thank You :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 686 230 Harley Quinn by rcampo02 Harley Quinn :iconrcampo02:rcampo02 459 13 ET: The Future Looks Bright by Wickfield ET: The Future Looks Bright :iconwickfield:Wickfield 256 30 Fight for the Future by Lucythemagicbird Fight for the Future :iconlucythemagicbird:Lucythemagicbird 105 23 Why are you so attracted to Margaret? by lexbug11 Why are you so attracted to Margaret? :iconlexbug11:lexbug11 86 20


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Xavier Mosley
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I'm the guy who creates trailer mashups on YouTube and posts fanfiction and fanart on Tumblr.


Stop sending me lama badges! I already have plenty.
Maturing Bubbles Endcard
"So once again, the day is saved! No thanks to Bubbles."

After looking at this a few times, I decided to post this.
This was made for an episode article for my fanon revival:…
Holga Omarth
Holga is the royal guard of King Birimer and Queen Isra's castle, as well as the night watchman in the Land of Millvale.
Request: Dress Star
Another request for MigsGarcia5127. Sorry this was long overdue, pal.
He wanted me to make Star dressed as this:…
As I was working on this, I forgot about the big red flower, in which I decided to leave out while resuming. Also, the zebra stripes were way too complicated to put on, so I did regular stripes to pass the time.

Please note I'm not a talented artist; I usually use reference photos and I use a painting software that's now obsolete.

Anyway, I hope you liked it
Season 5 Mary
What Mary would look like after losing weight in "Beefcake Mom".
This was made with you-know-what, and with my request from TheMunicipality as for reference (including an image of date night Ms. Baker for the waist).
If you wanna see her non-shaded:


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MigsGarcia5127 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2018
Do you accept requests? I have a YouTube channel as well
SmashupMashups Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Not very. But sure, just as it's not too complicated. Also, if it's anything Pixar, Nickelodeon or DreamWorks related, I'm not into those right now.
MigsGarcia5127 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2018
at least, I'm more into Star vs The Forces of Evil, Gumball, and a bit of Shgurr :) Want that is related to those 3?
SmashupMashups Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Star vs. Evil and you got a deal.
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Locopoton1 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2018
Hi. How are you?

Since you're a fan of The Loud House, I'm sure you can help me with this AU version of the show as a Seth MacFarlane-style adult animated sitcom introduced in 2001. The characters appear in gendebent, with the only exception of Lola:…
SmashupMashups Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah, I saw it before. Thanks, but no thanks.
Locopoton1 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2018
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