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The Ubiquitous Way...

For tips and techniques on how to make digital art like this, check out my YouTube channel.

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AitamiIkimo's avatar
That's incredibly cutee!:heart:
Cee-Seven's avatar
oh, that's cute. the little circle of flowers is quite beautiful :)
humanskin's avatar
love the style and choice of colors in this one.
TrillianTM's avatar
This is really adorable. I'd even wear it on a t-shirt. So cute.

*adds to favorites*
monkey4sale's avatar
I gave my wife (girlfriend at the time) a dozen blue roses for an anniversary once. And my boutonnière was a blue flower (cause I'm classy like that). So props.
smashmethod's avatar
I think the flower in the piece is a Hibiscus, but thanks.
monkey4sale's avatar
My story was relevant in concept, not flower. But no problem.
kimcheese's avatar
awww, so cute!! :D
marilla's avatar
aww, so cute! Very sweet! :)
Lbelula's avatar sweet!!!
riper81's avatar
this is just great.....
mund0w's avatar
You got all the respect you deserve
jlite's avatar
that's a very interesting piece of work right there.
Guess Whats my current wallpaper ^^ Good job!
liquin's avatar
OMIGOD i loooooveeee your penguins!!!
onmanhunt's avatar
that is the coolest freaking thing!
Dopieeye's avatar
ahahahah freaking cute, nice work! gonna try this baby as a wallpaper
voldemort's avatar
very nice...
never had any use for wall paper - will keep this on for a few minutes
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
sorry for the obvious lack of emoticons
jimmjrg's avatar
Wow, that is cool. It reminds me of Pengu, the claymation with the penguins.
spritek's avatar
:love: soo it :)
draqza's avatar
heheh, that's great...and my girlfriend adds "they'we cute"
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