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The Art Of Freelancing

By smashmethod
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For tips and techniques on how to make digital art like this, check out my YouTube channel.

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© 2006 - 2021 smashmethod
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this is just awesome for the company website where work :)
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hey, i recognized this!
someone put it up on [link]
i even made a modification of it ^^ [link]
great job.
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I would appreciate it if you wouldn't copy my stuff, especially when you're posting it elsewhere.
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wow, what a response. i compliment you and say it's a good work, and good job on it.
btw, i DIDN'T copy it. someone else posted it, if you'd look. i just GIMP'd out the signs because some people commented on the other guy's repost of it that they would like it without them.
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You say: "Hey, someone redistributed your work elsewhere without your permission, and without giving any kind of credit. Then I edited your work without your permission and posted it again!"

I say: "Please don't do that."

...and you seem oddly offended. I guess things like copyright law, artistic integrity, and respect are foreign concepts to you.
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well, as the original post says, the guy didn't know where it came from. so neither did i. i will take it down, then, and tell the other guy, too. and i'm used to gpl stuff, stuff you can use, modify and distribute how you like. so this not being allowed to edit something and repost it, giving credit to the source is new to me.
i really like it and gave ideas to make an effect in a design im doing.... thanx, its pretty cool...
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great job. what program do you use?
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awesome job man great work

keep up!

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it's hillarious!
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What do you use to make your creations? :O
This is so amazing! Major props.
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my 3d stuff is done in max.
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If you were to choose 3DS & Maya what would it be.. And Why ?

Lets forget Cinema 4d for awhile :)
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ive never used anything except 3dsm, so Im biased.
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Thats Rocking! Thanks pal!
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Heh, I really like it :D
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Wahaha! Excellent!
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Ahahaha this is too awesome, I will have to fav it:)
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