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For tips and techniques on how to make digital art like this, check out my YouTube channel.

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its a duck army!!
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ducks are awesome.
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Wrote a short critique, but then I found out I can't because I don't have premium membership. Blah. Anyway, because you deserve it, and I am in love with this piece, here you are;

In all honesty, I am the most biased person to write a critic for this, because I love ducks. Oh well.

This is a stunning image. At first I thought the "angry" faces of the ducks were off putting, but as I looked at it more, it gave the piece more drawing energy. Nearly every picture of a duck these days, and as they look like they are about to betray somebody/thing, it makes it so unique.

The triangle arrangement is easy on the eyes, as is the simple text at the bottom- Except, it should be "Quack." not "quack." But this isn't such a drawback.

The shadows give the duck a real sense, even though they are obviously computer generated/designed. The do look like cartoons, but they maintain that real-ness about them, somehow. The fact they are all on different angles is superb.

Overall, this is just wonderful.
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Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it so much.
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that so cute :)
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They look like the terrorist penguin from Madagascar

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aww....:) they choo though would just pounch upon you..:P
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aweee duckies!!!!!!...wish i had a computer again i'd so put this as my background it's too cute!
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One word says it all *g* Good job :)
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:D They're brilliant!
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are they trying to seduce me?
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hehehehe cool :)
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[link] :/
I've allready reported it but the admins are 16 year old childs so I don't think it'll be removed
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La ligue des canards pas contents! ;]
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why don't you try it with teddy-bears?
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I'm no good with fur.
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