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Puddle Of Blush

By smashmethod
For tips and techniques on how to make digital art like this, check out my YouTube channel.

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© 2005 - 2021 smashmethod
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Hi Smashmethod

I used this graphic on one of my works as i came across it on officialpsds - [link] & it came with this licence [link]

Someone has brought it to my attention (with this link ) that this is your work. Just wanted to check that with you that it is ok to use or shall i remove it?


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These people are in the wrong, however, as none of my works are under the license they say, and aren't to be used, remixed, or placed in commercial things for any reason. I'll probably waste 30minutes of my life contacting them about it, never hear a response, and the world will go on. Just makes me angry is all.

The internet is a faceless beast.

You didn't know when you found/grabbed/used whatever it from that site, so you can continue to use it for whatever you want. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, though.
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Great Work ;D
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what program do you use? D:
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3d studio max and Photoshop.
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Love the colors! What a standout!
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I'll be damned. :o
+fav, and using it.
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like the wallpaper =) what about a black ground?
That should be better for the eyes..?!

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someone ripped your work... here at sorry dude. people just admire your work so much they have to steal it.
you are a great artist. extremely jealous.
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thanks for the heads up.
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I really like this, but I just can't look at a white screen for more than 2 secs, please could u make a grey or black version?
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Looks better than a hammer to me.
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I just fell for these cans :D <3 Definitely a Fav!
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