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Penguin Love

For tips and techniques on how to make digital art like this, check out my YouTube channel.

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Why "Penguin Love?" :?
smashmethod's avatar
Why not Penguin Love?
bernce's avatar
aaawww... cute... fave...
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v.v why would someone put a penguin in the jar V.v the poor penguin. It is cute though good job.
Vlarg's avatar
This is great. I have a soft spot for things in jars.

HiT3K's avatar
May I please have permission to use this penguin on my new site layout I'll give you credit and add links to you on my links page
smashmethod's avatar
Sorry, not for redistribution.
raiki15's avatar
The water is almost like in Half Life 2.
smashmethod's avatar
Thanks for commenting. :salute:
I like that alot, very cute.
Soundage's avatar
. his eyes :aww:
. such a shy penguin
. love the point of view
smashmethod's avatar
Thanks for the comment.
-ultima-'s avatar
Fuggin penguins. :D
omniomi's avatar
My new mouse pad =) Arived about a week ago, I love it!
smashmethod's avatar
Ha! Finally someone admits to buying a print.

Glad you like it, and maybe you can answer a question of mine: What kind of mousepads are they? The thin, hard plastic kind / soft-paper thin kind / thick soft fabric kind, etc... I was always curious.
omniomi's avatar
The fabric on black rubber kind... It's very high quality and the print is perfect.
smashmethod's avatar
Score, I'll probably buy one now, knowing that. My current pad is almost see-through it's so thin (like 4 years use or more).
omniomi's avatar
i'd deffinatley recomend it... it's a good sturdy very detailed mouse pad... and I should know I go through a lot of mouse pads lol.... the fabric on rubber thends to be the best kind... lasts so much longer than plastic on rubber...
InsertNickHere's avatar
:+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav:

Go penguins!!! (^^)
jimmerz28's avatar
:omfg: I love their eyes! They're so innocent and cute:!:
KEBinns's avatar
::gropes the penguin::


[i actually have penguin love written on the front of my school planner. . .]

kinyoobi's avatar
might just be because it's 5:16am, but i cracked up as soon as i saw this. :lmao:
awesome. :D
el-pixel's avatar
poor tux... what have u did with him?! you've put him into the fridge... i'll go tell my mummy... and greenpeace to ;P
nice work. keep it up!

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