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Music Panels, Compiled

For tips and techniques on how to make digital art like this, check out my YouTube channel.

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© 2006 - 2021 smashmethod
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This is truly art I love it the colors pop and it looks amazing!!!! Thank you for creating this fabulous deviantion Thank you thanks you thank you!! I wish I could make nice stuff like this maybe one day lol but good job! I love how inside the letters it has words and drawings and the artistry outside is simply stunning too! How did you make this though?? I hope you enjoyed my review as much as i enjoy your art please do a lot more in the feature maybe the word free or something? Thanks have a nice Day
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:spotlight-left:Hello, your work(-s) were featured here :spotlight-right:
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Stay perfect,
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Fabulous! Now featuring here: [link] (NON-commercial)
Don't know why but the FB upload sees to make the "U" go a little fuzzy. Tried several versions but it's always the same. Still, like it too much to change it!
Hope you have no "copyright" problems (I've linked back to this page), but just give me a shout if you do and I'll remove it immediately :)
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The reason the "U" goes fuzzy is because Facebook re-compresses everything into jpgs to save server space, and the jpg format notoriously has bad compression in the red spectrum of color.

Regarding the image though, I would appreciate it if you took it down, or paid for a license to use it. I feel like if I charge people licensing fees to use my art and design usually, it devalues their licenses to just do it for free for other people. Thanks.
i love art and music and i LOVE this, this screams them both!!
[link] i love it i love music and art it screams both
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I love I like I want nice sometimes this is my wallpaper at work!!!
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If it wasn't for music. This world would suck
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this is quite awesome :)
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Hi. I found this picture and really liked it. I hope you don't mind that I added to it a bit and made it the icon for my brand new group #Music-is-our-Muse If you have any problems with that I will take the icon down immediately. I really don't want to cause any trouble. Okay, thank you.
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Generally the best rule to follow is asking before you take someone elses work and edit it. I would appreciate it if you took it down.
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Yes of course. It is coming straight down. So sorry for any inconvenience.
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Love THIS!! Grate Design!
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featured @
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