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Mother Nature Was Framed

For tips and techniques on how to make digital art like this, check out my YouTube channel.

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xaphan's avatar
quite nice.
i like your style.
cberry240's avatar
What a interesting conceptual piece. I like it however, what if the wall had more of a "wall look" like you created string or a more obviously mounted look
gritely's avatar
the concept of this piece of art is just perfect... logged on JUST to comment n fav it :D
JillNadine's avatar
That's a very cool idea for a work of art :) I've never come across anything like this before
wish's avatar
Great work, very original +fav
perfekt-defekt's avatar wallpaper...
Very beautiful .
pley's avatar
Oh god, Dan... Remember what I said before about pieces that remind me of my childhood? This one is beautiful and innocent, I love it so much...
AlviNem's avatar
i really like this idea mate, good job
bladedsun-ai's avatar
lol, thats fucking awsome. I love the ultra minimalism mixed with perfection and the sad of sillyness ;) badass
blindriotx's avatar
wow so unique nice work!
Crimson-Designs's avatar
I like it, however I find the frames to be a bit too much. Something more simple would suit this quite nicely.
StarvinMarvin's avatar
great idea and title, but I'm not so sure about the dropshadows though
CaperisM's avatar
Good concept.
This looks great as a wallpaper.
Interesting how you used different sections of sky and not the whole picture.
Very minimalistic and has a good feel about it because of the frame's shaddows.
Still i think its maybe abit too minimal and it could use some coloured smashmethod text below the bottom right frame to increase the contrast.
maxdlx's avatar
i love this :) great concept and well executed
flinja's avatar
i was hoping for a pun from that title.

but this is cool too.
onestar's avatar
Creative, different and cool.

akx's avatar
It's set as my current wallpaper.
maurici0's avatar
interesant !-...
pocketpins's avatar
different, but interesting none the less. you seem to bring out the best in each frame of cloud because of the focus that framing provide.

lord-zany's avatar
Who's magritte?

I guess it's cool, for what it is :D
mrwilly123's avatar
french surrealist painter. sky was often a motif, sometimes in frames, or on easels.
lord-zany's avatar
well then, it all makes sense
mrwilly123's avatar
were you alluding to magritte at all?
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