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Meanwhile, In The Pirate Ship

For tips and techniques on how to make digital art like this, check out my YouTube channel.

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Linux finally locked up
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They're like Aquapets, 'cept they don't look like penises.
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Just saw one of your pieces on my roommates computer, penguins are the best... ever :D
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really neat, penguins are cute!
The1Blur's avatar cute
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Are those tube things like fridges for peguins or cryogenic containers, love it. random but great :P
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cryogenic chambers methinks.
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i thought you would say "taste like wild cherry"

Anyway you knew that resberries were and still are used as medicine in many countries and civilizations?
Among others:
"In the Tibet medical practice the extract and decoction of raspberry fruit and leaves are known as cure for neurasthenia, a number of neuroses, and a row of pungent and chronic infections." :explosion:

so i think i will have a double red penguin plz :)
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Omigoodness, :rofl: they look like little penguin juice cups or pengins in little space ships :laughing: its cute, but I wouldnt want to eat/drink a penguin >>; I love them too much
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Smash I love your penguins! there so.... penguinny!!!!!
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Hey I love ya work. I've been like fav-happy!
very cool is it 3d, maya, max?
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Cool. I like the idea.. i really think that some bubbles in those jars will looks nice :)
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lol! weirdness, i like! ;p
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Nice work... but i think they're just playing dump to lure people in a false sense of security...
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