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Maybe It's Over To The Left

By smashmethod
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For tips and techniques on how to make digital art like this, check out my YouTube channel.

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That's incredible cute! Great work!
Whoow, this is awesome! I really like it. Have you thought about making it into wallpaper form?

I'm Fusion Linux project leader and we are looking for some images that we could include in by default in our Linux distribution.

We have tens of thousands of installs, and we would also list all artists that have their art in our distribution and spread the word of your great work that way.

If you would consider this proposal this would a lot to us, because we would like to share and promote great artwork that you have made.

Please check out our home page - [link]

We need all art to be in few different wallpaper resolutions, and licenced under some Creative Commons licence that permits us to distribute artwork freely, just to be clear you still keep all the copyright just give us permission to distribute it for non-commercial purposes. If you aren't familiar with Creative Commons licences I suggest you use "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs" and also check full list of differenc CC licences at [link]
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yay penguins, i love this background
rdj550's avatar
One of my all time favorites, been in my rotation for years!
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Awwww. You can stay with me :P
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Amazing artwork :) I like it
Carried in Cruzine: [link]
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Can you say "stolen artwork"?

From an article written two years ago:
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If you mean stolen from me, then yes. Yes it was. Whoever edited it didn't do a very good job with their text. And by the way, if age is the main factor in your decision for who gets rights, mine (the original) was submitted 7 years ago.
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Simple and Clean.
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This looked like a photograph!
It is now my wallpaper :)
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...or to the right. :+fav:
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i normally do not react like this but when i saw it i said "cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"
Ciel-in-a-dress's avatar
Don't worry, little penguins; I don't have an igloo either. :D
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Hahahah I absolutely love it! :heart:
In my workplace we have a guy, who is open-source lover. I'll send him the link :D
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Very cute. Made me smile. ^u^
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haha, how cute
CosmicMutt's avatar
It's so cute C:
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and uh yes, excuse me for commenting three times but uh yeah, next time, be just SLIGHTLY more original and make your own shit.
i saw that previous comment. (:
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oops. you didn't see that link.
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love this.hilarious.[link]
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