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Ahhh, Relationships.

By smashmethod
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This is one of my oldest favorited Deviation. As a wanabee-cartoonist, this work reflects what I like the most in cartoon creation and storytelling: absurd situation lived like an absolutely normal situation. It is the classical "Usual everyday chit-chat" put in an absolutely abnormal situation. And that's the essence of this creation.

This idea was put in form with a very rich medium; 3D imagery. The author choose a very cartoon-like render which clearly reminds me the "kawaii" world of Nintendo and alike; pure and rich colors, round characters and straight lines. This reinforce the impression of absurdity; only cartoon characters can have such simple thoughts in a strange situation.

The setting is also well done; position of characters, their size toward the whole scene has been very well done, allowing to appreciate the facing of the two characters while giving the impression of loneliness and end-of-world position. The author succeeded in giving the right atmosphere in only a few objects placed right where they should be.

On a con side, I regret the 3D engine used for render, which used kind of multi-framing to create a motion or deep of field blur instead of a real blur. While it's not really a problem on falling snowflakes (it's actually a good representation of what a video frame would look while freezed), the back of the image using the deep of field look really strange.
Also, I would just say the typo and aligned text in the bubble could have been a bit much more well done. Having a typo reflecting the same cartoonish atmosphere of the whole composition would have been appreciated.

Anyway, as a conclusion, this is clearly a pretty good Deviation I will definetly keep in my Favorites vault.
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I just want to add two little things:
1° The light is very well done also.
2° Please excuse my bad english...
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LOL... or for every girl whose hubby is the talkative one :)
good job love it
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:omg: I can't believe I didn't have this added to my favorites!! :faint:

This is the cutest thing ever!! :D :dance:
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hahaha that is so kewt!
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This is so cute! I love it.
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always love your-great-work
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lmao! I AM the pink penguin =P my poor bf...
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Too many of "those".
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hahah funny wallpaper. :)
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Cute! Added it to my favourites.
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LOL that is hilarious! :D
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