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A Lovecracking Bottleneck

By smashmethod
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For tips and techniques on how to make digital art like this, check out my YouTube channel.

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© 2006 - 2021 smashmethod
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This being my first art critique, I must say this was a good first choice. What I love most about this piece are the colors. They are a vast combination of bold, vibrant colors that really appeal to the raver at heart. As for originality, unfortunately I must say it is lacking. I can recall atleast 10 Deviations that have an arching shape such as this, but it is a good method to start out on. I could never create something this well-made! Your technique is very well developed for a beginner, I am very impressed by it as just a lowly Photo Manipulator, so I say Thumbs Up to you, keep on creating this great art!
I am an advid lover of this art form. For your first time this is incredible. You have talent. Put your emotion into it. You will find that it opens doors that will expand your awareness.
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This is amazing! You did an awesome job for your first time!

Im sorry to hear about that bum who stole it D: Ugh I hate hate HATE people like that!
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Beautiful - what app did you use to create this effect?
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It's a program named Apophysis. I made a tutorial you can watch on Youtube that cover the creation of this very image. Tutorial is here
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Thank you - your tutorial is amazing and very helpful!! I am going to try my first factual today thanks to you :)
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Quite possibly my most favorite fractal piece out there.
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:wave: Hi There!
I have featured your work in my recent journal dedicated to :D you can view it at the link below:

If you'd rather not have your work featured in this manner just let me know :) Otherwise keep up the great work! I hope my feature brings you some new fans! :clap:
Warm Regards
aka `oibyrd

PS - Please excuse the impersonal cut-and-paste message - all a part of time management!
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oh man! fantastic colors \o/

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Very, very nice work! :giggle:
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It's really good,I love it :+fav:
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Wow! That's amazing!! :clap:
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It looks like an exploding firework trying to mirror a rainbow. I love this. I can stare at it for hours and always find something new.
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j'adore, un bouillon de couleur ^^ great job for your first experimental wallpaper...
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Though I don't do fractals myself, I think they are lovely. They are full of infinite patterns and complexity and are fascinating. I have just added you to my favourites.
By the way can you please advise me. I noticed a copyright sign under your artwork. I have found the creative commons license option on my deviation, but not the copyright example "notice©2006-2008" on my art submission page. Is there a big difference between the CC and your copyright notice. Knowing the difference would really help me make a decision on which one to choose.
I hope you don't mind my asking.
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I think when you submit a piece there's a "creative commons" thing at the bottom. If you leave them all unchecked, you get a copyright notice.
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Thanks a bunch. Yes I can see the copyright now.I am so dim sometimes (sigh) Some of these I created in 2007. How would I incorporate the 2007 with the 2008 copyright notice?
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I think they're retroactive, so you don't need one for every year you want it copyrighted. There's some kind of internet law that automatically copyrights something to the poster of the original based on some ownership rights. I couldn't quote it exactly, but you might wanna look into it.
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Right.Thanks, though some of my pictures have been published else where, however I take it that that is sufficient proof of the time and date and so forth:-).
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wow. I ran across this on another website (they probably stole it from you) and it was my background for a while, glad to know who it came from!
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MAMA!!! O praise the king/queen of photoshop!!!
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