Hey guys, thanks so much for your ongoing support and encouragement as we continue the series! Smashified only has a handful of installments, but already, there's been tremendous growth!

We figured creating a group would be the best way to get all of the official installments to the series in one central location, while also giving some spotlight to the dedicated fans in the community who have been inspired to create works of their own based on the series. We also hope that this group provides a good way to interact with our most dedicated followers on a more personal level than something like tumblr or twitter allows.

Forgive us if things aren't all working in a way that is typical, as we're still trying to figure out how deviantart groups even work! =P (As you have probably noticed, neither myself or Chris are very active on here, typically).

Starting out, we're opening up membership to anyone, and you'll be automatically approved. People can vote on features to go into the fan gallery folders. If you have any thoughts on how you think this group could be improved, definitely let us know in the comments! We hope you guys join us on this little journey that we're on to bring more characters to the world of smash in some small way!

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