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Minecraft Steve... Smashified? by hextupleyoodot
Crono Smashified by colossalcake
Otus Smashified by hextupleyoodot
Wart: Smashified Trophies by SeanHicksArt
Additional Artwork
Hat Kid Smashified (transparent) by hextupleyoodot
Waddle Dee Smashified (transparent) by hextupleyoodot
Captain Toad Smashified by hextupleyoodot
Geno Smashified (Transparent) by hextupleyoodot
Community Spotlight
Koholink - Smashified Costume by Pavlovs-Walrus
Smash Ultimate Ninten by ShinFurevindo
Bass Smashified! by JDMH
ProtoMan Smashified! by JDMH
Community Smashified
Funky Kong - Smash Ultimate by PUPPERCASE
Rainbow Curse Kirby - Smashified Costume by Pavlovs-Walrus
Susie SSBU (Smashified) by damianpaint467
Paper Mario Smashified by Pavlovs-Walrus
Salsa Smashified Trophy by colossalcake
Cackletta: Smashified Trophy by SeanHicksArt
Cackletta: Smashified Trophy Turnaround by SeanHicksArt
Splash Screens
Klonoa Enters the Ring! by hextupleyoodot
Rayman Winds Up by hextupleyoodot
Shovel Knight Digs In! by hextupleyoodot
Banjo and Kazooie Get Jiggy With It by hextupleyoodot








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The Smash Bros. community is a collective of gamers and loyal fans of a myriad of game characters, and not all of these characters are as well known as Mario or Link. Heck, some of these characters aren’t even owned by Nintendo! For every character that is welcomed into the ranks of the Smash Bros. games, there are dozens of beloved characters that are left behind.

The central purpose of the Smashified series is to pay tribute to these characters, regardless of those characters’ ties to Nintendo, their relevance in the modern gaming industry, or the feasibility of their inclusion in Smash Bros.

The centerpiece of each installment is a rendition of a character in the style of SSB for Wii U/3DS. Each detail is carefully considered in order to pay homage to the characters’ rich histories, while also fitting in stylistically with the rest of the real Smash 4 roster. Each rendition is accompanied by a time lapse video showcasing the creation process, and features an appropriate musical arrangement produced by one of the many talented musicians in the community.
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The official DeviantArt group for Smashified

Official Website:

Welcome to the official DA group for Smashified! Just wanted to outline what kinda stuff you should expect from this group.

Featured Gallery
This will essentially serve as a central place where you can find all of the official Smashified renderings that are done by the team.

Additional Artwork
You can find all of the transparent versions of the art here, as well as the splash art and any other bonus artwork we produce.

Smashified Fan Art
This gallery is a place where we'll feature fan works that are based on the work in the featured gallery. You can submit art to be approved by the art team.

Community Smashified
This gallery is for featuring work by the fans who have taken up the cause and created their own Smashified interpretations of their favorite characters! If we think your Smashified rendering is worthy of recognition, we'll feature it here, as well as share it with our twitter followers. You can submit art to be approved by the art team.
Hey guys, it's Omni. I just wanted to say thanks to all of the artists who have submitted artwork into our community smashified gallery. It's been super cool to see how our series has inspired people to make artwork of their own—in some cases for the very first time! We hope to continue inspiring people, and we hope to explore other ways of getting the community involved. =)

Just a bit of an update regarding the gallery folders. We've decided to get rid of the "Smashified Fan Art" gallery folder. Originally, it was meant to simply be a way to showcase artwork that is directly derivative of the artwork produced for the Smashified series, but it was difficult to communicate that purpose to users, and as a result, the folder never really got much mileage and simply confused people. It makes more sense to just focus on Community Smashified.

We also thought it would be good to give a bit more spotlight to the Community Smashified submissions that we feel are especially excellent. Because the artists on the team have their own full time jobs, we can't produce Smashified artwork as quickly as we might like, so we're trying to adhere to a schedule of an episode every 2 weeks. As such, it will be a while before we can get to some of the less popular submissions. Community Smashified is a great way for artists throughout the community to take up the cause and smashify some of their favorite characters that might not be an official installment in Smashified for a long while, if ever! So if we see a smashified that is especially well crafted, we'll be highlighting them in a new "Community Spotlight" gallery! As always, we encourage people to push themselves and strive to constantly improve.

That's all for now. Thanks for being such great supporters, and we'll continue to do our best to deliver great renditions of your favorite characters. =)
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JDMH Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do Fan Smashifieds so I'd love to hear your ideas!
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Just a heads-up, I'm working on something that involves some of your smashified characters. I will credit you when it is done.
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Zelda Link GIF 
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You should make zitz from battle toads as playable character, that would
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Hey guys, just wanted to say your site seems to be down :O

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CapricornDiem456 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I sent my Smashified suggestion of Decidueye to your GMail,, & I am waiting for your response.
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You guys forgot to put Flowey on the deviantart, would you please?
Zesiul Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016
We're looking into new methods to present the full res renders, which may not mean GIFs on here anymore.
CapricornDiem456 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I want to see a Smashified version of Decidueye, The Arrow Quill Pokémon & The final evolved form of Rowlet, as a fighter.
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I want a Smashified version of Jeanne or Silver The Hefgehog
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