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Hey everyone. I might have forgotten to give information on my story on wattpad, so to make it up, here's a preview of a future chapter I'm writing. Enjoy!

Warning: may contain potential errors,so if you see any, comment down below. 
Scene from chapter 8

Roars and battle cries echoed throughout the battleground as Hunter's limp body lay still inside of Draconis. For a few moments, it was silent in the cockpit. Then, Hunter started to speak. 

"That ugly beast just doesn't know when to quit, huh?" Hunter managed to say in a weak voice,
"Hey guys, let's finish these bozos off once and for all..." 
As soon as the words left his mouth, the moniters of his brothers and sisters, as well as the voices of their ganmen,  showed an equal amount of utter confusion.
"Eh?" They all said in one voice.

Hunter closed his eyes and leaned forward, managing a weak smile. "Come on, if this really is my final fight with Draconis, then I want to fight it alongside my brothers and sisters, and I want to have Yamato right there with me by my side." Yamato quickly brushed away the growing tears coming from his eyes,forcing himself to smile. "Kamina, Kanade, permission to take over as leader for this?"

Kamina looked at his spirit brother and smirked, while Kanade let loose a few tears. "Sure," said Kamina, the smirk never leaving his face, "Go right ahead, Hunter." 

Hunter managed another weak smile, "Thanks." Hunter motioned Draconis' arm forward and thrust it to the sky. "Yamato! Let's do it!" 

Yamato grinned, "Alright, big bro!" 

Magnum, Lagann, and Melodia each slid off of the Dai-Gunzan, with Simon grabbing Gurren's glasses and Yamato grabbing Draconis' and tossed them like boomerangs towards some enemy ganmen heading for their brothers. Hibiki managed to leap with Melodia's springs and slam into a ganmen heading for her sister. 

Hunter manged to grin this time, "Let's go!"

The spiral gauges on all three mini ganmen roared to life as they slammed straight into their respective elder siblings heads. All the damage that Draconis sustained from the sneak attack completely healed. 

"We brawlers always do things that are insane and laughable, but that really shows the strength of our spirit!" Kamina started to shout,

"If there's something blocking our way, we'll break it down!" Simon continued,

"If there is no path, we'll carve one with our hands!" said Hibiki,

"No matter what kind of trouble comes our way," stated Kanade,

"Our sheer might and strength will overpower it all!" Hunter shouted, but in a slightly pained voice.

"Our hearts' magma burns with the brightest of flames!" They all shouted at the same time, "Eternal combining! Gungnir Melodia! Magnum Draconis! And Gurren Lagann!" The transformation sequence finally finished with Magnum Draconis and Gurren Lagann adjusting their glasses. 

"Just who..." stated the Driller Trio,

"In the hell..." stated the Elder Trio,

"... DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!!!" they shouted as they positioned themselves in a fierce fighting stance. And, as if on cue, the volcano behind them erupted, showering the battlefield in a glorious blaze of fire and lava. 

The members of Team Dai-Gurren cheered in a mighty roar of glory as Yoko watched them from upon a distance. 
"There's just no one that can stop them..." She stated in a soft tone, secretly worrying about Kamina.

It was at this point that Thymilph issued his attack.
"Take 'em down!!" he shouted as a wave of gunmen swarmed the siblings, but they were ready for them.

"You punks stay back!!!" shouted Kamina as he jettisoned multiple drills from Gurren Laganns body, impaling most of the gunmen. 

"Don't you dare touch our precious brother!!" shouted Kanade as she quickly used Gungnir Melodia's spear and pierced through more of the enemy wave.

"Get out of our way, you cannon fodder!!" shouted Hunter as he used Magnum Draconis' claws to shred the rest of the incoming onslaught.

Everyhthing was still for a moment, until Gurren Lagann's drill retracted, causing each enemy gunmen to explode around the three giant mechs. 

"Darn you, take this! Condemn Glaze!" shouted Thymilph, as he launched an energy wave from his own spear.

It was about to reach Magnum Draconis, but then...

"Hey now! You're not hurting our brother again!" shouted Simon as Gurren Lagann's hand blocked the strike, sending it flying towards the sky.

Gungnir Melodia leaped up and batted the beam away, sending it flying off into the horizon. "You harmed him enough, and now it's payback time!!" Kanade shouted pointing her spear at Thymilph.

Thymilph was shocked. "I-Impossible!" he managed to stutter, suddenly being unable to move.

"Listen Yamato. You too Hibiki and Simon..." Hunter started to say in a harsh whisper, "...believe in yourselves. Not the elder siblings that believe in you, not the Digger trio that we believe in, but believe in the Digger trio that believes in yourselves." 

"... Big bro?" Yamato asked, not understanding what Hunter just said.

"Kamina lend me your glasses for a second." Kamina complied and handed Gurren's glasses to Draconis, who gripped both glasses blades in each hand. 

"FINISHING..." Hunter started to shout as Magnum Draconis pulled back his arms.

"MOOOOVE!!!" Hunter then launched both blades at Tymilph, who was then suspended in midair, completely helpless.

"GIGAAAA..." Kamina started as drills appeared all over the siblings' mechas,

"DRIIIILLLLL..." Kanade continued as the drills then retracted into the mechas' bodies, and shifted to form three drills of uncomprehensible proportions,

"BREEEEEEEAAAAAAKEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!" Hunter shouted with all his might as the three mechas launched into the air and plowed straight through Thymilph's gunman, destroying it and him entirely.

The three mechas landed on the opposite side, and as the drills retracted into their arms, Thymilph's gunman exploded in midair, with the glasses blades returning to Gurren Lagann and Magnum Draconis.

Time seemed to slow down as Hunter managed to breathe in one last breath before saying one last phrase.

"Later... Everyone..." And with that, Hunter's eyes closed.

Yamato took notice of what Hunter managed to say.

"What was that big bro?" No answer.

"Big bro...?"

I can't believe it...
I really can't...
I actually posted my first ever Fanfic ever on Wattpad!!! I have never been so excited in my entire life!
I hope people enjoy my story. It's my first one ever and I worked rally hard on it too!

If you guys want a quick summary of my story, here it is:

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: The Drill Triad

Every dimension has its own set of warriors, each one rising up against an evil adversary. These men and women harness the power inside of them known as their fighting spirit. However, there are times when these warrior's spirits are extinguished. But what if some events were changed? How would their futures be affected by these changes in events? Now, six individuals must bring about this power in order to fight their toughest opponents and possibly save the entire universe. Crossover between TTGL, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, and a Yugioh 5Ds AU of my own making.

I hope you enjoy my story! You can find it on!
Hello. This is my very first journal entry, so please take it easy on me. Anyway, I would like your help. I want to design some of my own robot masters and give them some biographies. These are the robots that my OC has created. However, I do not know if some of the robot masters that I have named are good ideas. If you can, I would like to know which of these robot master names would be the best. I will also be trying to post information about all the robot masters as well, such as catchphrases, likes, dislikes, etc. Please comment down below and thank you in advance. Also, if any of the robot master names happen to be your idea, then I am really sorry in advance.
Sweating a little...
  1. Draco man
  2. Leo man
  3. Wolf man
  4. Axe man
  5. Lightning woman
  6. Scythe Woman
  7. Harpoon man
  8. Thorn Woman
  9. Lava Man
  10. Sonic Woman
  11. Stealth Woman
  12. Clone Woman
  13. Wheel Man
  14. Music Woman
  15. Hyper Man AKA Smooth
  16. Jazz
  17. Twilight Woman
  18. Gem Woman
  19. Cannon Woman
  20. Farm Woman
  21. Dig Man
  22. Croc Man
  23. Lunar Woman
  24. Insect Man
  25. Dash Woman
  26. Feather Man
  27. Lance Man
  28. Limiter Man
  29. Motor Man
  30. Gravel Man
  31. Brawl Woman
  32. Rocket Man
  33. Wrench Man
  34. Shield Man
  35. Spike Man
  36. Hatchet Man
  37. Boomerang Man
  38. Glide Man
  39. Dagger Man
  40. Smash
  41. Gina
  42. Satellite Man
  43. Whip Woman
  44. Trance Woman
  45. Chaos Man
  46. Light Man
  47. Hydro Man
  48. Turret Man
  49. Prism Man
  50. Melee Man
  51. Tracer Man
  52. Tri Man
  53. Atom Man
  54. Tire Man
  55. Warp Man
  56. Buccaneer Man
  57. Laser Man
  58. Tremor Man
  59. Viral Man
  60. Heavy Man
  61. Boulder Man
  62. Mirror Man
  63. Blitz Man
  64. Tempest Man
  65. Blaze Man
  66. Crush Man
  67. Noise Man
  68. Dino Man
  69. Gas Man
  70. Serpent Man