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Can you guys please set the drawing competition theme up? I can't wait any longer!!!
(I also draw veeery slowly)
It would be so awesome if Vic Mignogna went to smash this year
Hi there, I want to start to cosplay but I don't really know how. Some of my friends do but, I also want to learn this art. Can you tell me? My parents won't alow me to go to convention just yet I don't think, but I ill want to start cosplay before I go. Please, can you help me?
P.S. I am on deviantART and I just added you to my watch list. XD Thanks
i wish the SMASH! convention would come to perth Yuzuki and Tina Glomp Icon 
but sadly ITS ONLY IN SYDNEY Maki Crying Icon 
another smashing year. good going on the con once again. ever so lively with people esp cosplayers and photographers. never cease to amaze!
I completely agree with manganime-lover!
This is a great community you guys have created! :)
i was wondering could u open the kareoke comp wider to a comp where it can be like a music comp  where ppl can sing or play instruments ^^  you could just make it in sections like solo and group  so yer  so that ppl could sing in grps or ppl can perform in groups or solo   its coz i never actually got a chance to enter any comps this year  so yer if u could widen it to a music performance comp id be rlly happy  thnx ><