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This group is a spiritual successor of Smash-Universe from Ability-King-KK.

For fans of Super Smash Bros., any other series Nintendo, third party series from Konami, Sega, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Atlus, Microsoft, SNK and indie series, like Shovel Knight, Shantae, Undertale and Cuphead.
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Astral Chain
Astral Chain by hybridmink
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Balloon Fight
(MMD Model) Balloon Fight Set Download by SAB64
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Crossover with cartoon, anime, comics, etc
Rosalina - Ellen by KatLime
Cuphead - Road Trip (ANIMATIC) by Sangled
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kill Dante! by zipskyblue
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Super Smash Bros Melee 20th Anniversary - #10 Ness by GameArtist1993
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The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls
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Game and Watch
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Ghosts N' Goblins
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Golden Sun
Golden Sun - Battle with Saturos by neshirys
Ice Climbers
Ice Climbers by Freddy-Kun-11
Kid Icarus
Pit with icecream by Sheshin
King of Fighters
Precious Star (King of Figthers) by Eilige
Kirby- Paint 3D test by MimoCherry
Kunio Kun - River City Ransom
River city girls: Kyoko and Misako by KukuruyoArt
The Legendary Starfy
Super Smash Bros. Starfy by P-Fritz
The Legend of Zelda
Autumn is coming... by Filiana
Adventures of Galaxy Warriors ch.01One Year Later(Sonic’s POV)It’s been a year since my friends and I got superpowers by the radioactive nebula cloud and saved the universe from all certain threats, we’ve been doing heroic stuff as always.My teammates are Amy, Shadow, and Silver. I’m the leader of the team which Master Espio put me as. Amy is my second in command, Shadow is our teleportation that can take from planet to planet and Silver is our lookout since he can fly.Our chief tech Miles or simply Tails is our youngest and best inventor if we ever need his help knowing if our powers evolved or anything unusual.Right now I’m racing against Silver since he’s got so fast at flying and I've gotten fast at running. I may be cocky at times but I do like a competition.“Your flying has made you fast but not as fast as I am!” I taunted him."Oh yeah?!" He smirked back at me.“I got the light speed!” I sped past him."Gonna catch ya!" He flew after me.“Gotta go fast!” I went in lightspeed as I made the slow-moving Silver turn around in the wrong direction.I saw him fly the opposite side before he realized what he was doing, “SOOOONIC!!!!” He yelled in so much frustration, I just laughed and made it to Galactic Academy.I sure hope he won't kill me for that. I spoke too soon that he flew down to where I am, “Really, Sonic?” He looked angry.“I got the lightspeed but you don’t. No one can beat my lightspeed, psychic boy.” I smirked at him.“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tick-tock, tick-tock. I hate it when you do that in the blink of an eye. But there’s one thing I have that you don’t have” Silver crossed his arms.“And what’s that, Silvestor?” I asked.“I have immunity to hypnosis because I’m psychic. Remember the time I had to beat the hypnotic alien to free you guys from hypnosis?” Silver reminded me.“Yeah but I don’t remember what happened when I was hypnotized and I can honestly believe your story,” I said we both went inside the academy.“My story is very clear and true. And I’m being honest that hypnosis doesn’t work on me.” Silver being very serious.“Do you know why the deity gave you psychic powers instead of me?” I asked as we head into our headquarters room.“Maybe because I have a strong mind?” He replied.“No, because you don’t have a sense of humor.” I chuckled.He scoffed in annoyance, "Whatever. But Shadow's our edge-lord." He said.“Yes and I know he’s right behind me again,” I said, sensing his scent and not even flinching at his presence behind me."Been competing as usual?" Shadow asked.“Yup until Sonic could not resist with lightspeed again.” Silver glared at me.“Lightspeed is my life. What do you want me to do?” I argued."Just go slower." He replied.I scoffed, “I don’t do slow.” I also noticed that Amy isn’t here, "So where's Amy? Out talking with Blaze again?" I wondered.“Yup. You know how girls are when it comes to hanging out.” Shadow said.I went to the fridge to get a drink, “Sometimes I think women are a mystery.” I said and closed the fridge to drink my drink."While us men love action," Shadow said.“And don’t forget we got animal instincts. Amy can’t resist the cuteness of our animal ears and tails. I gotta say, having nocturnal night vision can come in handy.” I said as I met out a belch.“Yes, but let’s hope our animal instincts don’t corrupt our human nature. We are still humans.” Shadow said."Of course." I nodded and sat on my bed.“Last time you nearly went savage like an animal for wanting chili dogs so badly like hell.” Shadow chuckled at that memory.“It’s not my fault my super sense of smell made me crazy. Don’t remind me of that again.” I put the pillow on my head."Okay suit yourself," Shadow replied.2 hours went by when I had my nap since whenever I run, I get lots of naps like a cat. And when I woke up, I saw Amy in the room. Ah, time for something to do in my lightspeed. I went in lightspeed and I casually brought a rose flower to put in her hands and brought her to sit down on the circular couch. She may get annoyed with my lightspeed but she likes how cocky and funny I am."Hi, Sonikku." She managed to say as time went normal, but noticed the rose, "Huh? Oh, thank you."“Heh, you look too cute in my slow-motion time. I was expecting that cute angry pout but I’m happy you accept the rose I gave you.” I said with a flirty tone.“You are annoying sometimes but that’s what I like about you, speed boy.” Amy smiled."Thanks, Ames." I smiled at her.“I hope you didn’t get Silver frustrated again with the lightspeed you pulled on him,” Amy said."Sadly so," I admitted.“Maurice” Amy getting so serious when she said my real name.“I can’t help it, milady. My speed changed my life.” I said with honesty."But you're the same boy I've seen race before we met," Amy said.“Indeed I am. As I said, I’m the spirit of the wind.” I flirted with her.“And you’re also forgetting I’m like a ghost that can’t see me. Remember the times you smell my scent but you’re unable to see me” Amy smirked at me.“Yes, well, my animal instincts will improve later on the next time you try to sneak around like a ghost,” I said.“Let’s see if they have if you can find me anywhere.” She turned invisible and the door opened itself.“Oh it’s on, my lady rose.” I chuckled and went out to find her scent like a dog. I can still smell that strawberry scent from her. She can’t get away from me that easily."You can run but you can't hide, Ames." I sniffed the air.Her scent is still fresh and it’s leading me to the gymnasium area. She can’t hide nor go through walls but it's not easy to find her when she’s invisible. "Guess where I am." I heard her.“I’ll find you, my lady rose. You can’t get away from me. I can smell your strawberry scent.” I chuckled and still smell her scent somewhere.I looked around to find her. Damn it, I can still smell her scent but I can’t find her anywhere. She’s very good with stealth to fool my ears from hearing movements around me."Come out come out where ever you are," I called out.I felt someone poke me from behind and when I turned around, I was met with a kiss on the lips by Amy."Mwah! Surprised?" She giggled while becoming visible.“No fair, but I will train my ears to hear you sneaking around,” I smirked at her.“Your cute ears aren’t just for hearing you know.” Amy scratching my ears to get me to purr.She likes it when I purr, “You know how cute I sound when I purr like a kitty cat.” I purred as my tail wagged.“And your tail wagging when you’re very happy.” Amy giggled."Ehhh… thanks." I blushed as I felt my tail wag.“You’re always too happy when I’m around, speed boy.” She teased me.“Maybe, but chili dogs get me happy and going, lady rose. I’m very fast.” I said with my cocky tone.“You may be fast but too slow to think on your feet.” Amy teased me."Maybe. Well, it's been a while since Dr. Eggman gone to jail." I said.“For a year, yes. For a man with 300 IQ, he’s way too dangerous to be smart than anyone.” Amy said, holding my hand and taking me to the cafeteria.“Our pal Miles is smarter than Egghead. He invented our boots with mostly everything when it comes to missions. And he has been working on weapons since we don’t have hedgehog claws or fangs. Just our animal instincts.” I said, smelling her scent like an animal but she moved my face away from her hair.“Yes, but Shadow did say that we hope it doesn’t corrupt our human instincts. Remember what happened when Dr. Starline shot Silver with a psychoactive drug dart?” Amy reminded me."He went very savage like a crazy animal," I said."Exactly. So we better be aware." Amy nodded.“If I went savage, you could tame me” I flirted with her.“As if, you might bite my hand.” Amy rolled her eyes and went to get food.“I got no fangs, milady.” I said and grabbed a few chili dogs on my food tray.“Let’s hope you don’t. You would end up chewing a toy for your sharp teeth.” Amy taunted me.“Very funny” I did not laugh."Heh, that's why I like you." Amy giggled.“Which one? The old me or the super me?” I teased her."Both of them," Amy replied.“Heh, sounds like both of me are your Prince Charmings,” I said and ate my chili dog."Well yeah." Amy ate her food.My senses went sharp that I know it’s Shadow behind us again, “Hi Mr. Dark and Gloom. Being overprotective of milady again?”"Just came to see how you two are doing." He said.“Not here to kill me again like always, metaphorically speaking?” I teased him."No. I'm not." Shadow sat down."Thought so. Is Silver coming soon?" I asked."Well, he's talking with Blaze now," Shadow said.“Those two make a cute couple, even though they’re still friends,” Amy said, eating her salad."C'mon it's obvious. He gives her flowers." I said.“Yellow roses mean friendship, right?” Shadow said."Yes. Though Silver calls her purrfect." I joked.“Jeez, he always thinks Blaze is like a cat.” Shadow groaned."She loves cats," I explained.“And loves brushing Silver’s long hair.” Shadow ate his apple.I finished my chili dogs and let out a belch but it did annoy my teammates, “Sorry. But still, I and my lady rose are like made for each other while Silver and Blaze are taking things too slowly.”“I understand that but you two fell in love during your first kiss. I never forgot that and I never forgot how you made my sister scared and desperate by that stupid distraction.” Shadow glared at me."I had to do it to finish Zavok off." I recoiled at his angry face.“Knock it off you two!” Amy got in between us."Sorry." We both said at the same time.“Now that you are done fighting, let’s just go to Tails’ lab and see if he finished designing weapons,” Amy suggested."Alright then." We headed to Tails' lab.
Legend of Mana Official Poster by whittingtonrhett
Mega Man
Pushing Buttons by RockmanGurl
Metal Gear
Super Smash Bros. Gray Fox by P-Fritz
Neo Ridley by TheBest1995
Deandra (Mii SWORDFIGHTER) by Dee-Artist
Minecraft Steve by TheBorky
Monster Hunter
Big Head Kirin by johnjoseco
The Mysterious Murasame Castle
Super Smash Bros. Takamaru by P-Fritz
Mystical Ninja
Mystical Ninja Goemon by Bumpadump2002
Nintendo Wars
Super Smash Bros. Infantry and Tank by P-Fritz
No More Heroes
The Final Kill - NMH 1-3 by Derede
OCs and Fan Characters
[C] Cocoa by MimoCherry
Octopath Traveler
Lord Of The Forest by Orioto
Other Nintendo games
Super Smash Bros. Barbara by P-Fritz
Pac-Man (Hanna Barbera Artwork Remastered) by SupaStarFox
Panel de Pon - Puzzle League
Super Smash Bros. Lip by P-Fritz
Take Your Heart! | Persona 5 (5th Anniversary) by Mugen-SenseiStudios
Search for Brittany by stupjam
Childhood Friends by Sangled
Punch Out
Little Mac (Hoodie Alt.) by Bumpadump2002
Rabbid with a plunger by VixDojoFox
Resident Evil
Jill Valentine - 2021 pinup project by TheInsaneDarkOne
Rhythm Heaven
Tap Trial by SomeFoolFP
R.O.B. by VixDojoFox
Samurai Shodown
Nakoruru by Freddy-Kun-11
GDQ Week - RAWRvatar - Shantae by luminaura
Shovel Knight
Strike The Earth by Gilandes52
Sin and Punishment
Future Smashers Candidate #34 - Saki Amamiya by GameArtist1993
Sonic the Hedgehog
Rouge The... Human by MountainSmithy
Star Fox
+3D Model Download+ Fox McCloud by JCThornton
Super Mario 2
Outside by GeekytheMariotaku77
Super Mario-FULL
Jr's Diner by GeekytheMariotaku77
Super Smash Bros.
Im teaching him how to read! by ColorCoookie0w0
Street Fighter
Just a random Vega by TixieLix
The Day is Saved! by Sangled
Streetpass Mii Plaza
Iris Archwell by WhiteRose1994
Nikki Holidays by stupjam
Tales series by Bandai Namco
Philia Felice (Tales of Destiny) by ThenameisNoName
Commission: Asuka Kazama by DarkMirrorEmo23
UT: Equip the Pie by Sangled
Virtua Fighter
Akira Yuki by Dayheart
Life Of A Wario Fangirl by 7colors0
Wii Fit
Fighting Wii Fit Trainer by Netto-Painter
The Wonderful 101
The Wonderful 101 by YoshiUnity
Wrecking Crew
Mario And Luigi: Wrecking Crew by CaseyDecker
Xenoblade Chronicles
+.: Shulk + Fiora :.+ by PinkHyrulePrincess
Yoshi's Big Egg by MissPinkStripes
Tifa Gym Workout (FFVII) by MiraiHikariArt

Rules of the group

GROUP RULES (Note: I'm gonna made some modifications to the rules to be fairer.)

*Submit art to the proper folder. If the art is of two or more characters from different series (Ex: Link and Mario in the same pic) it goes in the Super Smash Bros. folder. The same goes for pics of Master Hand, Giga Bowser, Tabuu, and any other SSB exclusive character. If your submission gets declined, chances are it was submitted to the wrong folder.

*If characters from "sister series" appear together, like (Mario, Donkey Kong, Wario and Yoshi) or (Ryo Sakazaki and Terry Bogard), they should be placed in the folders of their respective mother series- Super Mario and King of Fighters respectively

*Submissions featuring characters from third-party series by companies, which have neither playable representatives in Smash ever nor representation at all (series with representation as Spirits or Mii costumes are allowed though) will be declined. Examples would be Crash Bandicoot, Ninja Gaiden, Mortal Kombat, etc.. "SimCity" and "Fatal Frame" are allowed, because they have representation as assist trophies.

*Original characters, fan characters and Fakemon are allowed, but in separate folder- "OC, Fakemon and Fan Characters", even if they are with official characters on the same picture.

*Pairings of every type are allowed (except incest and pedophilia)

*No bashing other members or any of the series/characters. You must provide rational critique with no insults (ex: fool, moron, idiot, child).

*No fetish pieces. This includes things such as weight gain, blueberry, inflation, genderbending, bondage, extreme gore, etc.

*We don't accept genderbends with exception of official ones like Pokemon of various genders, Robin, Corrin, and Byleth.

*No Pokémon gijinkas, please.

*This group will no longer accept screenshots (not counting your art), official renders artworks and doll maker bases. Only handmade drawings and in-game art from games that officially offer you to make art, like Art Academy, Pushmo and Minecraft are allowed.

*No stolen or traced arts.

*Also, we have to ban anyone who says any slur words toward others' religion, gender, biological sex, nationality or sexuality.

*We don't accept Hentais in general as scenes of explicit sexual intercourse (with or without censorship), exposed genitals, masturbation and futanari. Only Light ecchis, please.

*Discussing politics in this group is not allowed. Keep in mind, that we are an international community.

*Smash bashers are not welcome here. Disliking a game is fine, but forcing opinions isn't.

Keep following the rules and have fun!
Just like our sister group, The Nintendo Girls Club, now we're going to do the Princess Banquet Challenge here in this group too. However he will accept entries from male characters serving any type of food. Female character entries will also be accepted. If you would like to participate in our challenge, we would be extremely grateful. For the rules of the challenge, see the journal below.
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Palutena [Kid Icarus] by ChiranasDraws Palutena [Kid Icarus] :iconchiranasdraws:ChiranasDraws 247 35 Rosalina and Luma! [Super Mario Galaxy] by ChiranasDraws Rosalina and Luma! [Super Mario Galaxy] :iconchiranasdraws:ChiranasDraws 1,041 94 Sonic 2 Game gear Artbox Fan Art by jonnisalazar Sonic 2 Game gear Artbox Fan Art :iconjonnisalazar:jonnisalazar 232 10 Rayman : Barbara taking a pizza at 6 AM by EggmanFan91 Rayman : Barbara taking a pizza at 6 AM :iconeggmanfan91:EggmanFan91 118 10 Rayman : Betilla and Barbara by EggmanFan91 Rayman : Betilla and Barbara :iconeggmanfan91:EggmanFan91 166 14 Final Fantasy XV by shalizeh Final Fantasy XV :iconshalizeh:shalizeh 497 43 Final Fantasy XV again by shalizeh Final Fantasy XV again :iconshalizeh:shalizeh 662 41 Breath of the Wild by shalizeh Breath of the Wild :iconshalizeh:shalizeh 811 62 Kong Valentine by P-Fritz Kong Valentine :iconp-fritz:P-Fritz 71 8 Super Smash Bros. MegaMan.EXE by P-Fritz Super Smash Bros. MegaMan.EXE :iconp-fritz:P-Fritz 178 9 Super Smash Bros. Lip by P-Fritz Super Smash Bros. Lip :iconp-fritz:P-Fritz 49 5 Novice Vacationer by SarukaiWolf Novice Vacationer :iconsarukaiwolf:SarukaiWolf 617 14 Dreaming Lady Corrin by SarukaiWolf Dreaming Lady Corrin :iconsarukaiwolf:SarukaiWolf 792 10 Rico x Xover Rockman x dive by ToonScarleth Rico x Xover Rockman x dive :icontoonscarleth:ToonScarleth 46 3 [Art Request] Mai and Kyo by Haneq [Art Request] Mai and Kyo :iconhaneq:Haneq 15 7 KOF - Bao inviting Hotaru some japanese snacks by ElizaVDraws KOF - Bao inviting Hotaru some japanese snacks :iconelizavdraws:ElizaVDraws 30 4