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Take a look around and browse my gallery.
I'm sure you will like it!
I do different styles of Photography and also Photo Manipulation.
I sometimes write the story behind the picture, so you get a look into my inspiration.
Feel free to comment ;-)


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smartiepix's Profile Picture
Marino Seys
Artist | Professional | Photography

Although photography only really became the passion of my life later on, I was always creative with images.
When I was 15 I learned screenprinting and I was developing images in the dark room. Sometimes these were photos, sometimes negatives or just printing plates.
I followed a graphic education at the VIGK in Bruges and later on i worked in several large printing companies, both press and prepress.
When later in 2013, as a hobby photographer, I submitted a photo to a photography platform, it became clear that I had a lot more eye for the art form than I thought myself.
Shortly afterwards I was presented with the photo in SHOOT magazine. So I bought myself a new camera and became very passionate.

After an inspiring trip to Israel, I decided to go for a master's degree program, so I could learn all aspects in photography.
A year later, in 2015 and on the advice of my mentor, I brought smartiepix online, in order to have my own platform to challenge myself within the training.
This resulted in more creativity in my pictures and half a year later I installed a photo studio. The photographer in me was really born now!
Now almost 3 years in I became more serious and professional in my work, what has lead me to work for clients too.
I'm an allround photographer, I do portraits, events, scenery and landscapes.
I do like manipulated photography and some of my works are related to that section.
So I hope you will follow me up here a bit. I support also every other artist, because art is in everything and everyone!

Peace and love with a slice of darkness!

Marino aka smartiepix

Wanna hear my music too? My dj-sets are here:


No journal entries yet.


Secret Key Activator
The Sri Yantra symbol is a mystical diagram, sacred geometrical art and a symbol of divine balance.
Studied by sages for millennia, it is assumed that the image is the key to the universe.
The single focal point of the image can be used as a door to other dimensions that connects all microcosmic and macrocosmic phenomena, and therefore becomes the spiritual speaker between all life, from every sparke of stardust to the divine mentalities between atoms. The study of the Sri Yantra, and the mastery of its secrets, can transfer the science of creation (whatever you want), and of destruction (which you do not want to).

Symbol and colors made in PS and Wacom. 
Model: my chum 😁 Mathias Derudder
Language of the Birds - The Green Language
In the Land of Symbols there is a language spoken by the birds, it is known as the divine tool to other dimensions or "The Green Language".

Do you remember the last time you listened to the birds?
That tweeting song, the sound of relaxation, a sign of spring, or the early alarm clock of nature.
Every kind sings another song and every kind has its own looks, tools and purposes.
A lot of them fly, some swim and others like to be just like us... with two feet on the ground. 
When we listen well, we hear varied calls.
Their singing, or their language, is in direct connection with its environment.
The environment responds back in certain ways.
It could be a call from another bird, a dog barking, a change in weather or just the announcement of a sunset.
To the trained ear it is a language, just like ours, that conveys valuable patterns, tones and information.
They like to twitter about everything, even in a symbolic way, just like humans do.
Their often symbolic way of presenting, like color and movement is adapted  to the calls or their environment.
But for birds, Nature itself is experienced from a totally different perspective than ours.
For them, Nature, in many forms, communicates, reflects and is connected as a whole.
It is not only a source for food or energy, like we tend to see it.
It is a chain of information, life and possibilities.
Nesting themselves in it, own all possible evolutions and become the all-is possible, is like a cocoon to their future existence..
The better they nest, or adapt, the better they live. 
If we look further, we discover a lot of symbolic meanings in them.
Seeing the symbolism in birds, is seeing symbolism in Nature and see the symbolism in the All.
By recognizing the Green Language, or learning it, we are reconnected to the true aspects of our environment.
We resonate better within the matrix model of Nature, in which we all live in.
When we are 'in harmony' or resonating with Nature, we're not only bringing a kind of magic into life, but also an effortless stream of synchronicity. 
The better that synchronicity, the stronger and broader the evolution and perception of our own lives, with variations in unprecedented universal possibilities. 
So the language of the birds, or Green Language, isn't only bird-songs or presentation.
It's a kind of tool and symbolic knowledge whispered by Nature itself.
Learning to accept Nature gives us insight into the relationships between the wonders of her creation.
With this language, mystics promise, we can understand ourselves and our world better, and thereby live in the most optimal and limitless possibilities.
We would be able to restore the miserable state of Nature and transform it into an unprecedented Paradise.

"The Green Language" is now on display in the beautiful Blinkhuis in the medieval city center of Ghent.
This work is inspired by the literary work of Farid ud-Din Attar and the paintings of Habiballah or Sava (1590-1610).
This manuscript "The Conference of the Birds" is an introduction to the "Green Language" or the symbolic "Language of the Birds".
Just like in the original story, the Hop of Hoopoe (top right) leads the birds, each representing a human characteristic, to the path of enlightenment.
It is a symbolic work in which I used The Golden Mean of the Square and an ancient square Yantra-model, as an instrument to determine the placement of the birds.
The Golden Ratio of that flat square is presented in a 4-D tesseract, however placed here in a manipulated (flat) picture. 
You can find some information about this in the video.
In terms of content, it is a bridge between different religions that warns us, via symbolism, about the coming climate change and how people react.
You can view an explanation of the symbolism of the birds, character, place and objects during the work on site.

All stocks are provided and legally licensed by Adobe Stock.
You can buy or try them out if you have an Adobe membership.
You can find the links here:………………………

Some pictures of birds are coming from my own photo-collections.
Male model is my best buddy and partner Mathias.
All blending is made in Adobe PS with a Wacom-desktop.
Zoom-in to see details and links to the different stories.

Mantiq al-Tayr
Fox And The City
I am sometimes a fox and sometimes a lion.
I am sometimes seen and sometimes unseen.
I am sometimes here and sometimes away.

The whole secret of how to survive life is to know when to be the one or the other.

All stocks are provided and legally licensed by Adobe Stock.
You can buy or try them out if you have an Adobe membership.
You can find the links here:……………
The Fall of Feel-Good Marketing.
Is that possible ... marketing that gives you a real good feeling?

Many people feel a bit uncomfortable when they see marketing, others can’t do without or just see it as a joke. Some, then, have a real dislike. A common thought is when you come across an annoying advertising technique or slogan and notice that it is re-used over and over again, and it keeps on working, even after a long time. Continuing with the offer at the local supermarket.
"Just take that ordinary powder, the laundry is not whiter than it was 30 years ago!"
A woman shouting between the store shelves, while her husband is scratching his hair, looking at a rack full of detergent.
Image-building, the possession of a strong logo whether or not linked to a mascot or slogan. There is nothing wrong with that, right?
Of course not, throughout human evolution and every civilization animals have taken an important place in the visual culture or perception of our human existence. But what is interesting is how we associate ourselves with the ethics of animals that we perform as a kind of mascot. In the commercial world, today and in the past century, these are mainly brand mascots. Brand mascots are anthropomorphic marketing. This means that the use of an animal in a campaign must contain very strong human characteristics in order to have a sense of connection. Combined with the innocence of that animal you can more easily recommend a product. The cute polar bears who recommend ice cream products or drink coke on Christmas days are fun to watch but the cultural significance of such an animal is currently changing dramatically. When we think of a polar bear, then there is a double train of thought. On the one hand there is the image of the cheerful polar bear from advertisements and the entertainment world, the other has a lot to do with melting polar ice and has since 2008 the status: 'threatened with extinction'. In the meantime it has even become the ultimate 'poster type of climate change', to the annoyance of climate deniers or skeptics.  
After a series of complaints about ethics and incomes in anthropomorphic marketing, a well-known cola brand decided to create a fund with the WWF, in which part of the marketing income goes to awareness-raising politics. In this way to avoid image damage of the brand or legal complaints in the future. Their dream is to buy a last piece of protected area to provide polar bears a free habitat. Unfortunately, much of the money is spent on research, ice models, population studies and lobbying with the government. The question is rightly asked here whether the cola brand does enough to buy off its debt, since the enormous revenue from those marketing campaigns and the little that is being spent on such projects. But actually, it is not about that. There is little time and the effectiveness of this method proves few services. What would help is a more fair distribution of user rights to a protected species in large marketing campaigns. Just like that happens with a campaign model in human form. Brands such as Lacoste have understood this message and already have a role in investing in the Everglades Foundation, in order to support and protect their mascot, the American crocodile, for future generations. This is a clear signal to more symbolic value of their logo.

How should we look at the cultural value, heritage and future of the polar bear?

The question of how we deal with the polar bear's future policy, but also of all other endangered species, lies not only in the responsibilities that we have to assume in the West, but also beyond. Terrifying images of a polar bear that serves as an attraction in a window of a shop in China, or 4 female polar bears in a circus in Russia, crated with strange muzzles, who have to perform the most derogatory acts, they are still poppin up in newsfeeds or posts. It remains sad to see how animals are transported, locked up and deployed in appalling conditions. For any purpose whatsoever. Even when it’s a subliminal reason for survival, money or fame. But happily ever after, also there the public opinion and perception is changing. There are 2 groups: those who reject it more and more and those who not really care. From anonymous recordings of a circus with a polar bear act in Russia, you clearly notice people in the audience stare more at their mobile phones than to the performance, uncomfortably looking around or lying half asleep, while the polar bears, clearly under stress, suffer in the most unnatural poses. But just like in this example, there is for us also a kind of saturation in perception. We have already passed so many red lines if we look at the state of the environment itself. After yet another disappointing report we like to scroll or zap further, we are more interested in the more fun or exciting topics. The North Pole or polar bears ... that is still far away from here!

And yet…
Marketing and products are changing, whether from a more ecological point of view or not. The flashy products that mainly promote an external experience are making place for products with more conscious content, trackable origin or certain ethics. For example, the message of brand mascots in the bio or vegan shop usually have a completely different meaning then commercial brands in mainstream supermarkets. The influence of this, even if it is a certain group of people, ultimately returns in redefining the cultural value towards animals. It is therefore quite possible that in the future we will attach more value to what a logo and their products stand in a socio-ecological context than the article itself. You can already see a conscious shift to products in that niche market at major brands and department stores. Feel-good marketing therefore seems to grow more from a kind of capitalist pop art-like detail to a more conscious socio-ecological fact. Let us be happy about that progress, it benefits the awareness of certain topics in a certain way. More public awareness and rightful use of symbolism in marketing could be one of the keys or tools needed to progress in certain solutions of certain global issues. At the end who wouldn’t like a really cool brand that serves a real balance and concern between nature and human needs.

I would …

All stocks are provided and legally licensed by Adobe Stock.
You can buy or try them out if you have an Adobe membership.
You can find the links here:……………………

Some detail images comes from my own stock collection.

No animals were harmed during the proces of this picture. ;-)
Finding Home... under the Moon.
Or ...
How does our understandings of ”feels like home" evolves in an open and modern world that has become so busy, mobile and location independent?

Is ”home” a kind of sleep-eat-stock-place or a mini-world of love, growth and happiness?
Is it a place, a city, a country, a feeling? Or is it preferred as a community, a memory, a certainty for the future? The way we look at it is very personal and can be different for each one of us.
The urge to create our own home from our personal canvas is to search for the place where we at least can be ourselves. A place where inner peace answers the soul. It is a quest and at the same time a safe haven to the meaning of our personal existence. Ultimately it is a sense of familiarity, being able to be who we want to be... it is a state of being.
Our dearest home lies within ourselves, in everything we know and accept. Our home is here, but also there as everywhere. Places where we return to, sometimes unexpectedly, often happens because the positive memory is answering our desires in certain perspectives.
There is no limit, neither in place nor in time. The concept of our home, as a given, is just as mobile and independent as the world has become itself. The old times where people kept promise to their church or their community, as the corner stone of their homes, are long gone. Once again, like the ancient nomads, we’re on the move. But our personal canvas to the outside world has changed dramatically. By this we tend to forget that every living being is on that same quest.
And yet we like to say it… there is no better place than home.
Returning home is like watching the full moon during a cozy summer night. The moment and feeling is elusive and uncatchable but at the same time so recognizable and safe, that it is the only place we would want to be forever.

All stocks are provided and legally licensed by Adobe Stock.
You can buy or try them out if you have an Adobe membership.
You can find the links here:……………

Also some stocks from Shutterstock:………

Some material came from my own photographs.
Evolution of Virtue, Altruism and Shame.
A new beginning and the end of humanity as we used to know it.

"Evolution of virtue, altruism and shame."

Or how the symbolism of the white dove transcends spirituality and makes place for survival in the Anthropocene Era.

The necessary blessings by God the Father has been banished to the history lesson.
How great the admiration is for the iconography of our grandmasters, the symbolism touches rather the heart than the building stone.
Gradually, churches are becoming museum pieces and "faith" is an app on the smartphone.
A.I. makes its appearance at Silicon Valley and is already being hailed as the new Messiah.
Heaven and Hell do not exist anymore, at least not in their original form.
It has become a merging experience of the daily world around us, we flush away the erratic news report with the next takeaway coffee.
We live from a safe cocoon, the virtue of a warm nest, what is happening outside is tomorrow's concern.
Every life on earth is henceforth estimated in a digital value, specific to its zeitgeist.
Gradually everything in the world has a copy in the digital data.
The throne no longer belongs to a King or State, but to the Magi of the digital world in numbers.
As hope disappears in the old order, a new pact is created for future generations.
Are we going to perfection of things we already know, coupled to our personal ease in an ecological-moral-social consciousness?
Or will we take iconic selfies on Mars at the statue of Ellon Musk?
One thing is certain, A.I. is already accepted as a handy tool for our own evolution and the use of it is no longer fiction.
How important will it be to teach and learn A.I. an acceptable symbolism for the inner-language this being will create amongst its own evolution and consciousness? 
An attempt, with or without A.I., to save ourselves and the raw materials and life on earth, seems to be the mission of the next Era.
Trans-humanism and Homo-Spaciens, no matter how crazy or strange they may sound, are now in the nest.
The symbolism that this new order will provide and use lays in the lap of our artistic history.

All stocks were provided and legally licensed by Adobe Stock.
You can buy or try them out if you have an Adobe membership.
You can find the links here:……………

Smokes, lights and some other dirt bags are made by PNG of photographs I took myself or are painted by hand on a Wacom Cintiq.

 © All rights reserved, all belong to original owner.
Transition of the Electric Sun
Waiting for the Sunrise.
At this place - it's midsummer in the Provence, France - the woods are waking up, stretching out their thirsty branches. 
Whilst the morning fog is refreshing their leaves by draping a soft wet blanket around them.
The Sun is moving up like a big fire ball foretelling Nature it's gonna be a hot Summer's Day.
Running down the rabbit hole
This picture was taken with an iphone and manipulated in Photoshop.
Normally I don't work on pictures that comes from my iphone, but I was wondered what I could do because I allways work with RAW material from a full frame DSLR and those files are much bigger, more content and details to work with.
But after all any image can be manipulated, but I was surprised that even with a photo from an (older) phone I can create a lovely idea for a new picture. :) (Smile) 

Picture: iphone 5
Model: my dearest friend Mathias :-)
Place: At the beach in early spring, Knokke, Belgium
Effect: Photoshop, Polar Coordinates
Although I had some doubts first to participate on DA, I have to admit that it is nice to hang around here so now and then.
Sharing my own work and that of others is a special thing.
It is fun, finally meeting some new people where I can share some thoughts and art with.
I'm still checking out some things here, like in which groups I have to join or where I should submit my works.
Everyone is welcome here and if you think I should come to your page, do not hesitate to ask, even for Llama.
It's a nice way of viewing things.

Greetz, Marino aka smartiepix 



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