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APH- Hetaween!Hungary

Alternative title: Who Allowed You to Be So Pretty?

I DO NOT OWN THE LINEART. This is Himaruya's line work taken from here:… I assume that Hun is dressed as a countess/vampire? Either way I am in love with her outfit and I figured it would look nice in red and purple tones :)
Now I REALLY need to draw her with Vampire!France ;w;
Yes I know it's nowhere near Halloween OTL

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya!
Have a lovely day ~ ❤️
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Elizabeth Bathory the Blood Countess, the most prolific female murderer so far... (check out Guinness World Records!)…
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She looks adorably amazing! Good job! Clap 
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Is she that much of a lightweight for alcohol she has to throw it away? Well I can't talk, I CAN'T drink!

Impressive recolour
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That's chibi physics for you XD Thank you!
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did she dressed as Erzebeth Bathory? xD
very nice coloring! *w*
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You mean the Hungarian countess that murdered hundreds of girls? :o I could see that, but that seems a little violent even for Hungary XD 
Thank you, I'm glad you like the colors ^^
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welp...if there's a country (or more) to protect....we can slay like a man who were sent into jail for 10 times lifelong time for homicidal activites who just escaped

(that sentence, I'm not even sure if I write it down right... it's so late [here])
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when you mentioned a 'countess', my mind goes to the infamous evil countess Bathory immadiately. I can't help it x'D 
no prob!
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Just perfect! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
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Oh wow, this is gorgeous!!! :D
SmartasticalArt's avatar
Thank you so much! :3
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Wow she looks so beautiful!!!

hahaha never it's too late/early for Halloween
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Ah thank you :D
True, true =w= I'm always in the Halloween spirit tbh XD
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You're welcome! :D
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Cute and scary x33, I loved the dress that you drawed!
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Thank you! :)
(though I didn't draw the dress, Hima did. I just colored it ^^; )
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(ORL, I forgot, now I remember xP) Still you have done an awesome work ;3 
God may bless you a lot nvn
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OMG she looks fantastic :0
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She looks lovely! :D
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