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I must be killing you guys on what my RWBY OC team looks like, am I?
GOOD.  I'm actually testing your patience and you should know how I am with impatient people.
So if you "roar" at me in the comments, you failed the test.
Failure to also miss reading descriptions is part of the test~


There's actually a good explanation for why I did this card arrangement.
In my art class, we actually have to make a deck of cards. o3o
Not the whole thing.  You can do the Four of a Kind (with Joker to have the complete 5 card) or a whole family suit.
I'm going to do a whole family suit.  Of Spades because in class, I designed each suit and I like how my Spade looked.  It looks similarly to D's weapon actually.

"If you're doing a whole family suit, what part will each member have?"
D will be the Ace, lol. =u="  She is the Leader after all.  Figured why not?
R will be the King.  M will be the Queen.  E is the Jack.
I'm in need of a Joker card, and that will be their emblems~

Oh, if any wonder why M's position is different from everyone else, it's because I wanted to get her long hair.
If I followed like the others, her hair would get chopped out. ._."

AAAAANND~  If some of you noticed, these poses are different from the banner one.
I did mention I was going to update it once I gave them different poses with their weaponry~ >3>
Speaking of weaponry, R and E have their weaponry shown just a bit.

Let me finish my art project and I'll get to updating the banner and hopefully get to show you guys the whole team's identity.


Character copyrights, just read the names on each one.
Artwork is done by me


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this is freaking awesome
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Is it supposed to be like this or onee is gonna add more to look like the actual deck?
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It won't look like this.  No letters nor the watermark of course lol.
It will change to have the suit I designed and have the Royal lettering.
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Why Spade though? Aren't they all Dust-users, which is close to Diamond?
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The Diamond design I drew, I didn't really like it. >^>
naimazai's avatar, may I use the Diamond instead~? :3
Smartanimegirl's avatar
Of course~ o3o
Wait, for when I do your team? XD
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Yeup. And when you feel like it~ :D
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I may not put the diamond lol.  I'll just do what I did here. XD
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