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Black Imaginary Angel Forms





FINALLY. Done and finished.
Took almost this week to do it.

Recording the coloring for this was an ass.
The program I used often jacked up the recording and didn't even render properly and won't play.
In short... Only Kyosuu's "Innocent Soul" form was able to be recorded with the FULL coloring process... (Minus Yue and her sword, I didn't add that.)
So for all the other ones, I just slowly showed each layer already done and finished one at a time.

No matter, what's done and done.
I wasn't going to delete the layers I finished and record back every frickin' thing AGAIN. >_>
Fuck it. I've been in a fuckin' bad mood this entire week when trying to finish this.
All the lag of the program, the bad rendering, the impatient people, the family issues, FUCK IT ALL.

Just enjoy the picture, BUT HEED MY WARNING


Original Concept:
Well, not much to say. We all know what she looks like originally.
And Stardust beside her always.

"Innocent Soul" Form:
She's a bit more...girly I suppose. Not that much of a tomboy compared to the "Original."
She wears a short white dress with a belt that holds the hem of her signature tattered tail.
She stills wears stockings. Truthfully, she doesn't like having her legs looking bare.
Her partner is a female Black Raven named "Yuugure", or in short (Chinese term) "Yue."
Yuugure (夕暮れ) = "twilight" / Yue (月) = "moon"
Yue can transform into Kyosuu's sword as seen beside her IS Form.

"BRS: The Game" Form:
She looks pretty normal really.
Just the same kind of boots from her IS form and same stockings from her Original.
She wears a midriff shirt with a knee-length sleeveless coat. And a skirt.
Very short gloves and a band each around her shoulder (Purachina influence heh~).
At the very least, I plan for this outfit to be easy to move around in. So it's the simplest of them all.
She still uses Stardust~

Insane Form:
I'll be honest, I've had this image for quite a while for her form. Just tinkered it here and there.
In this form, HER PIGTAILS ARE STRANGELY GONE. Her base hair is fine as is though~
But the reasons why I removed her pigtails for this form was because it was clashing with her wings. Didn't want too much detail back there so I removed them for this case. But the way her wings fall greatly substitute for the pigtails~ :3
Top was an idea from both BGS and IBRS. The rest all just came to mind.
And obviously, SHE HAS WINGS~ But they're black and bandaged up here and there. BUT SHE CAN STILL FLY.
Her gloves extend longer than her fingers, so it makes it look like she has claws. (Bird Claws~)
She still wields Stardust. Nothing different on that.
I wonder what would cause her to take in this form... >3>


Black Imaginary Angel / Kyosuu (c) Smartanimegirl
Yuugure / Yue (c) Smartanimegirl

DRAWING (c) Smartanimegirl

Chain Brushes were downloaded from Obsidian Dawn
Checkered BG was found on Google
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© 2012 - 2022 Smartanimegirl
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I love clothes so much =w=
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This is really good onee-chan~! <33 > u <
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Never steal sempai's art. Or else INSANE!Kyosuu will claw you to bits. |D
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Oh cool. love the designs