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May 27, 2011
Li'l Trekkies - TNG Amigurumi by ~smapte might just be the most adorable crew of highly trained space explorers this galaxy has ever seen. Look at Q's hat! Look at it!
Featured by godofodd
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Li'l Trekkies - TNG Amigurumi

By smapte
Freehand custom crochet of Star Trek: The Next Generation characters.

L to R: Picard, Riker, Data, Geordi, Worf, Dr Crusher, Wesley Crusher, Troi, Guinan, Q
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Can I get the patterns please?

SpaceKadettin's avatar
omg! they are perfect! :heart:
Shinobi-Of-Ookami's avatar
So ridiculously cute! :lovesquee: 
They must have taken you forever to make (but it was totally worth it!)
cpgeek's avatar
Wow, these are all AMAZING!  I think Worf, Guinan, Q, and Beverly especially stand out as being phenomenal!
Eariell's avatar
I love them! :D
Unfortunately I just started with crocheting and I've never made an Amigurumi.
Do you've got a pattern for them? Maybe I can try to make an Amigurumi with the TNG crew :)
twistedyarncrafts's avatar
these are so cool. do you have patterns available for these ?
Z-Z-Boomslang's avatar
Are you selling these??? They're SO adorable! <3
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
These are all just too cute!
ZaMonk's avatar
You sir are awesome
witwitch's avatar
I love this, and the only thing that could make it better is if Wesley was forgotten. Because I hate Wesley.

Everyone looks so amazing and recognizable! :heart:
Moogiesgirl77's avatar
Ooh, they're so cute, thank you! :D
nemnem96's avatar
RIKER !!! ^.^ 
Muggle-Angel's avatar
Is it just me, or does Counselor Troy look like Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time!?!
Ulla-Andy's avatar
these are amazing and so adorable!!
Moon-Crafter's avatar
taisetdanse's avatar
If you're never gonna sell these, do you have a pattern? I just really need to get my hands on a crocheted Geordi...
fullmetaldalek's avatar
So this happens every time we press that button?
SANTARII's avatar
bbshrimp's avatar
So. Beautiful. I adore Worf's little frowny face. ♥
*clutches heart* *dies from overdose of cute* Wil Wheaton HIMSELF wants these!!!
BarbaryCorsair's avatar
I request Ds9 & TOS....and some tribbles....
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