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Haunted Villain Portraits

My Take on the Haunted Mansion Haunted Portraits with the Disney Villains...
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Gaston in his boxers lol.
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No one rocks boxers like Gaston.

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Who is the fourth and second? I like your Ursula!
KINGKAIJU5's avatar
The 2nd is lady medusa from the Rescuers and the 4th is Hades from Hercules
Nice picture. Though I think it would've been funny if the candle was lumierre
Michaelsar's avatar
Brutus and Neros as the alligator was a nice touch.
I like these better than the official pins Disney put out! Great job ! :-)
smallvillereject's avatar
Thanks! Yea I don't really like their pins for them either :\
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This is really, really nicely thought out, nicely executed (heh, heh) and hilarious. 
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Thank you SO much! :}
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I'm literally dying (no pun intended) of laughter here. Little Leo 
Do you sell some of your art? i would LOVE to frame this and hang them in my dining room. Im a huge Ursula fan so i fell in love with this idea! 
smallvillereject's avatar
No, I don't sell any art. My art is constantly stolen so I don't really post new work anymore either...sorry
the1cutemetalchick's avatar
HAHAHAHAHAHA hades going T_T
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Nice work! Love the Haunted Mansion portraits and like your Villains take Clap
BaratheThornNinja's avatar
I LOLed at Gaston's underwear.
leeleecalgirl's avatar
lol so awesome ^w^
princessofDisney27's avatar
omg! this is perfect! :D
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