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Movie7 Prof McGonagall mosaic

To Celebrate Harry Potter's Last movie, I've made mosaics of the movie posters and uploading one every day until the movie is in theatres.

You have to click on the download button to see the FULLLLLLLLL effect, it looks grainy now, but it's actually comprised of tiny screenshots from earlier movies.

Poster I: [link]
Poster II: [link]
Sorry I missed two Days. I promise to go over an extra two days
Poster III [link]
Poster IV [link]
Poster V [link]
Poster VI [link]
Poster VII [link]
Poster VIII [link]
Poster IX [link]
Poster X [link]
Poster XI [link]
Poster XII [link]
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this must've taken you a lot of time! omg this is glorious!
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your welcome!
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Aha. I had seen this before, now that I have an account I can fave it! Amazing job!! :wow:
Lucony's avatar
Nothing to add..
smallrinilady's avatar
no clue how to respond
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Passin's avatar
Absolutely amazing. When I first saw it, I thought it was a photo, but it's so much more.
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yea some people wanted to complain about my ugly pixel art at first ~giggle~
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Oh ... dear ... Merlin!! *_________________* AWESOME!!
otaviocoati5's avatar
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDING ME?? O.O it's just perfect. Congratulations
invadertak1999's avatar
I loved this scene! "I've always wanted to use that spell!"
smallrinilady's avatar
Me too! makes me ~giggle~
invadertak1999's avatar
I know! How she does that little giggle there always makes me laugh!:D
Breakaway95's avatar
i have seen to others pics like this made by you, and i've gotta say.
angelakiKa's avatar
It's like....uhmm.... WOW!!!!! Wish I had your patience :worship:
OrangeCrush1066's avatar
McGonagall is amazing. That must have taken a ton of work! Go you!
DesignbyKatt's avatar
one of my fav parts :P
Lokita-Naky's avatar
Insanly amazing!!!!
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