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Deathy Hallows II Poster Mosai

To Celebrate Harry Potter's Last movie, I've made mosaics of the movie posters and uploading one every day until the movie is in theatres.

You have to click on the download button to see the FULLLLLLLLL effect, it looks grainy now, but it's actually comprised of tiny screenshots from earlier movies.

Poster I: [link]
Poster II: [link]
Sorry I missed two Days. I promise to go over an extra two days
Poster III [link]
Poster IV [link]
Poster V [link]
Poster VI [link]
Poster VII [link]
Poster VIII [link]
Poster IX [link]
Poster X [link]
Poster XI [link]
Poster XII [link]
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why did'nt you make a only snape one?? =[ but they are super good btw!!
smallrinilady's avatar
i did, just didn't post it i guess.
I'll post up one next week
just for you.
anniekun93's avatar
OMG!!!!!!!! you have just made my month!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!! you are very good at making these images!!! YOU ROCK lol thank you soo much again! i cant wait to see it!! =D
keenanmaree's avatar
Woah. These are awesome.
clairissazeniarosele's avatar
That's amazing! O.O
I love it!
Dreamgifter's avatar
Wow...just wow. This makes my head spin! This is awesome, just freaking fantastic :) :tighthug: :+favlove:
Violin-poet's avatar
Wow, that is insanely amazing.
sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l's avatar
You are my f@cking hero... This is the shit
Dogmatil's avatar
This is just brilliant!!!
InfiniteNosferatu's avatar
Harrygirls93's avatar
berquinn's avatar
I am actually gaping at my laptop screen! THis is by far the COOLEST thing I have ever seen on dA!! :clap: you are amazing! And I would order a giant poster of this for sure :)
smallrinilady's avatar
~cough~ let me know
Goldfog's avatar
IT'S THE MOST AMAZING THING EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eyepopping:

Art-By-Avalbane's avatar
:iconwowplz: DAMN! That is impressive! And I like that it's Harry and Sev and the quote! :heart: Very well done! Is there an original of this poster that WB put out? I haven't seen one of just Harry and Sev.
smallrinilady's avatar
yea the image (including quotes) is part of the original poster. Look around online you'll find it
Art-By-Avalbane's avatar
AWESOME! Thank you! :D
jinchuurikininja's avatar
That is....amazing. Wow. I'm impressed.
Evaliir's avatar
Brilliant! I love the fact that you have a pic of harry's eye in his eye. Great job!
smallrinilady's avatar
lol, i didn't do that on purpose but great that you like it
Betty81's avatar
thats amazing :#1:
JealaTriumph's avatar
Holy crap. This is amazing!
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