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Fun Tip Friday #28


Here's the finished product:

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arg i try this every day and it never comes out right :/
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awww. Hmm I pressed the thin piece of green clay onto the surface pretty hard and then i also texture it kinda hard with the foil, then scrape it off wit hthe knife. Don't care too much about how each piece looks cause it's random. Just make different sizes. Also, make sure the clay is THIN. I hope it helps >.< good luck!!
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I love your tips! For a bloody beginner like me they're invaluable <3 (Although my stuff is a much larger scale, I make props for BJDs and they're more like 1/3 than 1/12. Oh well, beginner friendly, huh?)
SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
Yup! All my tutorials should work for any size =]. Making props for BJD's is so cool!
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This is great! Thank you.
SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
you're welcome! Glad you like it! =]
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What type of clay do you use? I've tried the whole mini cakes and stuff but the clay i had was so hard to work! It would take me forever just to roll it out flat. I used Fimo clay stuff is horrible
SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
Your clay might have dried out. I use polymer clay and fimo is one of the brands I use. I also use Premo.
10stanford's avatar
It's not dried out. It's like that when I get it out and its so hard to make it manage-able. The only thing i could really make was a cake
SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
aww weird =\. I hope you find clay that's easier to use!
10stanford's avatar
Lol I just looked at the clay i used. Had it all packed away it was called Kato polyclay! Sooo I'm going to look into trying Fimo and the Premo
SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
ohhh I see. Maybe that explains why the consistency is different =]. I hope you find some of that clay! :D
10stanford's avatar
I did and I made a black forest cake today. I was doing the happy dance the whole time! Tomorrow I plan on attempting your koi pond video!
SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
OOOH I'm so happy you liked it! Good luck! I wanna see your finished piece! :D
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Amazing work!!
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DarkAnimeAddiction's avatar
I love seeing your work. Tis most amazing.
I keep meaning to try clay one day. One day...
SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
thanks! you should! it's fun! :D
DarkAnimeAddiction's avatar
I'll get around to it.
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Oh my god, that looks so cool! :D
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